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Kim Hyung Jun Arrived Safely from Japan

OMO! Baby is always smiling in these photos. I bet he had a blast in Japan. He's blooming. He's so cute~!!

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[Casual Talk] Kim Hyung Jun

[Casual Talk] Kim Hyung Jun, “Troubled Heart BBeong”

SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun who is attempting to develop his solo career, upon seeing the reporter, greeted the reporter cheerfully with “Hey, Brother.” The reason why there was no nervousness even though it is their first encounter became obvious during the interview.
△Has a cheerful deposition? = People around me all said that I have a powerful affinity with people. If it is due to character differences that lead to awkwardness with people whom I work with, or simply because there are problems in getting along well, then I should try harder to be even friendlier.  Although previously I’m also like this, but recently I’m really blessed with happiness, so the more I should do it.

△Isn’t it stressful to go solo?= Actually to be honest,  there are frustrations during group activities too. Because of the way things are said or because of delicate situations such as “who can first grab the opportunity”, then one would have to make compromises or to give in,  although each of us having our own agenda. But that doesn’t mean that I dislike group activities, but it’s just that now I have the opportunity to do the things I want to do, so naturally become even more excited.
△What will happen to SS501 activity?=We are absolutely not disbanded. It is just that members now want to develop their own capabilities in various areas. Although belonging to different agencies, we will still help each other and show our greatest support for one another.  The various agencies have already promised their understanding and support if SS501 reunites again. Before we reach 30 years old, we will definitely reach our goal of getting a Daesung Award. Members’ plan to release album next year are not empty words. We will use actions to prove to everyone, and not disappoint all our fans.

△Preparing well for musical ‘Café In’? = Have already watched around 5 public performances. It would be a lie if I say I’m not worried about being 1 man with 2 roles. I’m used to holding soju glass so now feels awkward to have to hold wine glass because of my sommelier role in the story plot. As a singer, have to balance and coordinate between the stage and the musical, as well as singing and acting skills, but there are many differences between them too. I have also learned a lot from (Kang) Ji Hwan hyung who belongs to the same agency and would be starring in the Japanese performances of “Café In”.  Not only did he coach me in acting, but also gave a lot of help in everyday life.

△Idols’ acting skills are increasingly being challenged? = I’m well aware of the prejudice against actors who first debuted as singers. This is especially the case for musicals. However I am no longer hurt by such biasness. Because I have been well trained during group activities, so no matter what I will not be affected. But truly understand the harsh yet factual statement of “Cannot do without having acting abilities.” It is similar to the saying of, “If it is unavoidable, then try enjoying it”, will definitely not shy away when good opportunities are presented in front of me. Although I might not be acknowledged right away, but I will continue to work hard until I get everybody’s recognition. Because I’m a very greedy “Ambitious Idol”.

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Park Jung Min @ Green Hands Event 101030

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Hyung Jun Sing's 'Breathe' on Music High 101030

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Kim Hyung Jun on Park So Hyun's Love Game [101027]

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[PHOTO] Cafe In's Station Van

This is tweeted by musicalcafein @ Twitter. It's the musical's station van that will be traveling starting tomorrow in Seoul, Korea for the promotion of Hyung Jun's Musical, 'Cafe In'. It will travel all over the city. If you, by any chance, see the van pass by, just tweet it! Keke~ 

내일부터 정상 운행하는 카페인 레핑버스 작업모습이에요 내일부터는 시내 곳곳을 누빌 예정이랍니다

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Park Jung Min's Interview @ Japan BTS TV 101025

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Info on Park Jung Min's Solo fan Meeting on 101127

Park Jung Min's Fanmeeting on 27.11.10

Event Name: Asia Super Idol 2010 Park Jung Min Super Fan Meeting
Programs: Fan Meeting Showcase with Park Jung Min (Music & Talk)
Performer: Park Jung Min
Date: 27.11.2010 (Saturday) 8:00pm
Venue: Kyonggi University In Seoul
Ticket Price: 50 Members will be chosen to attend the event free of charge
Things to Note: Event will be carried out in Korean with Japanese Translations

Credits: + PJM IFC (Chi Trans) + Josie@501wangja (Eng Trans) +

Hyung Jun Admits that He's Worried But is More Relaxed These Days

[Star Interview] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun “Curious about Response to Expressions Acting”



“Because it’s musical, so I’m very worried, fortunately practise sessions have been rewarding. I’m more relaxed these days.”

First time stepping onto the musical stage. But had already seen through the nature of musicals. Although the songs are very important, but also have to focus on rhythm, acting and the expression of emotions. His pressure is on “how I’m going to convey my expressions to the audience who are sitting in the auditorium seats. I’m really looking forward to it.” SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun is already gradually growing to become an “actor” already.

From 24 November, Kim Hyung Jun will be taking musical as a special challenge. Musical is a domain that belongs not to the singers, but actors. Because of his appearance in the musical, the seating capacity has increased from a scale of 300-seats to 600-seats. “If I were to say that there is no psychological burden, I would be lying.” However Kim Hyung Jun has already immersed himself in the musical practice for almost two months, so sooner or later, he would be presenting a stage that is comparable to that of the Japan’s stage performed by the producer of this musical, who is also his senior in the same management company, Kang Ji Hwan.

“Musical phonation (or vocalisation) is really difficult. I have a lot of worries. But I thought I should just do things according to my own style. The feelings that are felt between lovers are something that is very natural. I really hope to be able to sing comfortably with my counterpart, as if (we are just) singing songs.”

Kim Hyung Jun said that, “Audiences are right in front and they can witness everything, this is really a very different experience. My expressions and other minute details will become the focus of everything” For this long-term performance, Kim Hyung Jun spent long hours every day managing his body, exercising regularly. In order to advance his musical stage, promotions have been carried out on various events.

“Feels the same like working for SS501’s activities. You reap what you sow. Put in my best efforts in the musical, so I hope to get good results. Will feel good because you gain as much as you put in. Now I can heave a sigh of relief and would be able to do whatever that pleases me.”
Kim Hyung Jun’s ambitions are starting to be realised. His motivation is also to have activities as an actor besides being a singer. Having singing activities as part of SS501, he also wants to challenge in various areas such as the musical stage and act in dramas.

“To me, SS501 is the best thing. Fortunately, early next year there will be a chance for all members to come together, I’m really looking forward to it. Although for the time being, I’m only carrying out solo activities, but I always believe that SS501 is my roots.”

The phrase that Kim Hyung Jun spurs himself with can also been seen on the wall scroll  at the interview site. “You always have to see things through to the end.” He expressed that he should never forget about this phrase even when he is enjoying what he is doing.

Source: Sports Hankook
Credit: Only Jun ( for Trans

Kim Hyun Joong "The First Love Story" 1st PREMIUM DVD + Photobook

2010.10.27 Wednesday
Kim Hyun Joong 1st PREMIUM DVD & Photo Book “The First Love Story”― Fan Meeting Report

Kim Hyun Joong 1st PREMIUM DVD&Photo Book ”The First Love Story” Fan Meeting was grandly held for 2 sessions, afternoon and evening on 11th October at Tokyo JCB Hall.
To Hyun Joong, this was his first solo event after moving to another management company and on this day at the venue, a lot of fans not only from Japan, Korea but also from other foreign countries who gathered before the fan meeting filled with excitement. 

Hyun Joong was very busy with the filming of drama “Playful Kiss”. He had took the morning flight to Japan on the very day, went straight to the venue without taking a break and went onto the stage to do a microphone check and rehearsed together with the dancers.
Been at JCB hall before during SS501 event, he was feeling very relax confirming the stage position and sound check. At the waiting room, took the meals provided by Sennohana who is also one of the sponsors and started preparation for the event.

There’s 2 sessions for the event, 2pm and 6pm. Both sessions was a sellout and before the event, the hall was filled with excitement.
For this event, this is the first time footages from 1st PREMIUM DVD&Photo Book”The First Love Story” released and to the fans, it is hard to take the eyes off from the contents.

 After the opening made the undisclosed footages from Bali and Lake Hamana, Hyun Joong appeared in the midst of huge applause and sang the ballad, “thank u”.
For the talk, after watching together with the fans the digest version of the making at “Bali Version” “Lake Hamana Version” and talk about the episodes related to the shooting.

On stage, the actual items such as jacket, Tshirt, guitar and the valuable ring provided by Andre Kim used during the shooting were introduced.
Moving from answering fan mail questions corner, to fans directly went on stage asking Hyun Joong questions corner, to present corner and following by celebrating the DVD production sales cake corner..

Hyun Joong having doubts at the 4 standing candles.
After muttering, “Why are there 4 candles?…”, as if something hits on him and he said this.
“First is actor, second is singer and then me and everyone” saying the meaning for the 4 candles instantaneously and blowout the candles.

After showing the digest version of the long interview at the pool side is the long awaited dance song “Please be nice to me” which a lot of fans were pleased by Hyun Joong.

Regarding how Hyun Joong treated his fans, he gave the fan service on this day. As promised at first the high touch corner starts and Hyun Joong himself decided to change it to a handshake session instead.

Calling out to each and every fan shaking their hands firmly and the fans answered with their cheer for him.
“Although activities of SS501 have not yet been decided, would surely want to reunite again.”
In the event on this day, this was what fans wanted to hear most and to hear from the voice they hoped for was the biggest reward which can’t be replaced by anything else.

Hyun Joong whose drama “Playful Kiss” first broadcast in Japan has been scheduled and the event in December at Tokyo Dome has been lined up.

The album will be released next year and also planning for a concert. It will be hard to keep one’s eyes off Hyun Joong’s future activities.

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SS501's Hyung Jun and U-KISS' Ki Bum together on 'OhBamAh'

Yeah! The super brothers of South Korea is together in a show. Keke~ I want to watch this episode. Aigoo.

Source: My Star News (MD Today)
Trans: Only Jun (
Photos: As tweet by @5bamah on Twitter

Real brothers SS501 Kim Hyung Jun and U-KISS Ki Bum appeared on the same variety show, and their fierce confrontation has become a hot topic.

 The reason why Kim Hyung Jun and Ki Bum did not meet at home but met at the variety show is because Kim Hyung Jun is the MC for MBC Every1 variety show [Midnight Idol] and the whole Idol group U-KISS has appeared as guests.
In [Midnight Idol] in which the MC team made up of Gayo seniors and Guest team made up of the junior singers would compete in various games, had their competition in the form of a sports meet for the first time. The two brothers, with Kim Hyung Jun in the senior team and Ki Bum in the junior team, would be having their first fierce confrontation in the comical game “Running Backwards” whereby they would be holding mirrors and running in a reverse manner.
With Ki Bum holding a large wall mirror and Hyung Jun holding a car’s rear mirror, they started their comical competition. However, because Hyung Jun made a foul during the competition by stepping on the line, Ki Bum emerged as the ultimate winner in the brothers’ showdown.
Despite being real brothers, these two people carried out their intense battle without giving way to each other, and their tense confrontation caused the cast at recording studio to burst out with laughter from time to time. Meanwhile, because of his showdown with his brother, the nervous Ki Bum started running forward immediately at the beginning of the “Running Backwards” game, revealing his comical side that does not pale in comparison to his elder brother Hyung Jun.
Additionally, U-KISS Soo Hyun who has attracted concerns over his looks which resemble Boom’s who is currently serving military service, also demonstrated how his carelessness surpasses that of Boom’s and his entertainment sense (ability) that is comparable to Boom’s.
Kim Hyung Jun and U-KISS Ki Bum Brothers’ showdown can be viewed on 28th, Thursday, at Midnight 12 am on MBC Every1 broadcast of [Midnight Idol].

SS501 Saitama Super Arena Special Concert [100425]

Well, this is from a DVD of SS501's Special Concert in Saitama Super Arena. Watch this and you'll be amazed by the power of TS! Really! It's so amazing and of course, SS501 is the greatest! They are the best concert performers. There are some awesome moments when all you want to do is cry because you miss them so much but, on the other hand, you'll die of laughing by seeing them perform on stage just having fun. they performed their old songs and the latest from their album 'Rebirth'. 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6
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Hyung Jun Will visit Kang Ji-hwan in Japan for 'Cafe In'


SS501 member Kim Hyung-joon will be visiting actor Kang Ji-hwan in Japan this week.
S-Plus Entertainment, in charge of managing both stars, announced that Kim decided to visit Kang on the set of the musical “Cafe In,” currently playing in Japan, on October 29 to better prepare himself before the show starring himself opens in Korea on November 24 at the Baekam Art Hall.

“The musical is going well in Japan and I was happy to hear that Kim will be visiting the country soon,” Kang was quoted as saying, adding that he hopes that watching him will help Kim to play the male lead in the Korea show.
In early October, it was announced that Kim will make his debut as a musical actor, playing the double role of Jimin and Jung-min in the year-end run of the musical.
“Kim is currently busy preparing for his role and training every day as well as participating in interviews to promote ‘Cafe In,’” an official from S-Plus explained.
“Cafe In,” which is produced by Kang Ji-hwan, is a love story between a sommelier and a barista whose ex-boyfriends get married to another woman as soon as they break up with her.
Kim, 23, made his debut as one of the members of the popular boy band SS501 in 2005. The group produced several hit songs such as “Warning,” “My Girl” and “Love Ya.”
He opened actor Song Seung-hun’s fan meeting in September as well as holding his first solo meet-and-greet in Singapore in August and in Taiwan over the weekend.

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Kim Hyung Jun Returns to Seoul from Taiwan

Well, Baby is looking handsome returning home from his successful fan meeting in Taiwan. Here are some photos and a video of him from the airport. Maknae is smexy! Keke~

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Kim Hyun Joong Back From Beijing 101025


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New Photos of Hyung Jun

Source: The Focus Daily
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[Video] UBN News Interview with Hyung Jun 101024

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Kim Hyun Joong at IM DAVID Winter Collection Photoshoot 101024

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Young Saeng at Friendly Baseball Game 101022

Wow! Saengie's been doing Baseball quite often now. He's pre occupied with sports. Wonder when he and Kyu be having an activity, maybe fan meetings? Keke~ Anyway, the Otter is enjoying h9imself so...

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Kim Hyung Jun in Various Taiwan News

Baby! Really! Haha. Even if he's out of town he still talks about SS501. After reading this on, I can't help but laughing. Being the youngest of the members, he acts really cute in complaining about the others members, especially his hyung, Kim Hyun Joong, about BULLYING. It's so funny. Keke~ Try reading it and see for yourself.

But for those who don't quite know SS501 yet and for those who are new TS, don't misunderstand, okay? Our SS501 only does that because they love each other. This really proves how strong their relationship is. Okay! Read the article. You'll laugh your butt off ((: 

Kim Hyung Jun Complains that Kim Hyun Joong Pull Pranks on Him Like A Mad Person

Idol Group SS501 Kim Hyung Jun came to Taiwan on 23rd to complain, jokingly said that members are all going into solo careers, although he feels lonesome, but he is happy that he no longer has to be bullied, “I’m the Magnae, everyone loves to bully me, especially Kim Hyun Joong, (doing it) like a mad person.”Soft Tender Looks, Wants to Act as A Baddie

With a handsome outer appearance and soft tender looks, resembling a “gigolo”, he is always being pranked in the group, “Kim Hyun Joong is always calling me Baby on the stage, or he would pull my pants down, or fool around wearing a towel with my face imprinted on it on his head. He is that crazy.” Although he may get upset at times, but after having meals together, everything would go back to normal.

Enduring all these bullying, he has now started his solo activities, and hopes to have a chance to act as a baddie, or a role that is manlier, with a condition of having action scenes, “I am already prepared to fight in order to release the many years of pent-up anger, haha!”Good looking Genes, Not Afraid of ComparisonMother who is a model, has passed down all her exquisite genes to him and his brother, Ki Bum, who is also a singer. The muddle-headed him smilingly stated that they are normally pre-occupied with their own stuff, he only realized (that Ki Bum is having a comeback) when Ki Bum has officially released a new CD.

Whether he is worried that his brother’s group, U-KISS, would surpass him? He replied calmly that, “It is true that they are very popular, but compared to me, they are quite a distance away.”

Credits: The China Times + Trans: Only Jun (

Kim Hyung Jun Jokingly Exposed Being Bullied in SS501, Jealous That His Pet is More Popular
SS501 Magnae Kim Hyung Jun becomes courageous enough to talk about everything when he comes alone! For his 24th evening First Taiwan Fan Meeting at Taiwan NUS Sports Center, he answered almost all questions posed to him during his interview with Taiwanese media. He even exposed that, “Because he is Magnae, so previously during group activities, he not only has to act as the peacemaker, but also was bullied”,
 he also revealed that it is true that SS501 has plans to come together next year, and currently all the relevant people are discussing about the most appropriate time to do so.

Since he has always been visiting together with his group, Kim Hyung Jun expressed that he is a little nervous to be coming alone, and had contacted his other group members before coming. With regards to him finally taking up acting, he hopes that he could act as a baddie in the future or a role that is more “MAN” (i.e. manlier role), and it would be best if it requires throwing punches. He even jokingly said that in the past, he u
 sed to be always bullied by everyone in SS501, especially by Kim Hyun Joong. Although they (i.e. all members) didn’t really literally fight, but there were times when they threw tantrums and hence he had to take up the role as a peacemaker since he is the magnae. Kim Hyung Jun smilingly said, “Everyone is very petty.”

When asked about his pet dog, Kim Hyung Jun jealously expressed that now everybody is only concerned about his dog, even gifts are all dog foods. He also jokingly
  put on a sad expression, and comically sends greetings to Taiwanese fans on behalf of his dog, hence showing his playful side. Regarding plans for the 5 members to come together, he expressed that although discussions are still going on, it would require a little more time, and it would be possible next year.

Credits: Taiwan Yahoo News + Trans: Only Jun (

Kim Hyung Jun Approaches Fans, Nags at Staff for Xiao Long BaoSS501 Kim Hyung Jun arrived in Taiwan today, almost 300 fans came to welcome him, and upon seeing how fans were supporting him passionately when he appeared, his mood became good, disregarding the staff surrounding him, he walked right straight to his fans to greet them, accepting their gifts and shook hands with fans.

After Kim Hyung Jun touched down in Taiwan, without even exchanging glances with the staff, he walked right straight to his fans and greeted everyone. He expressed that “Coming to Taiwan for this Fan Meeting, the objective is to interact more with the fans!” He is not only friendly, he also cares for his fans.

Different from the past, this time round, Kim Hyung Jun came to greet fans alone, he said, “Because I’m coming alone to Taiwan to greet fans in my own personal capacity, while looking forward to it, I’m also quite nervous.” However, he still emphasized that he really wishes to eat Xiao Long Bao, so wherever he goes, he keeps nagging at the staff with, “Xiao Long Bao! Xiao Long Bao!” Warner expressed that today they would try to think of a way to bring him to eat his dream Xiao Long Bao.

Credits: Taiwan Yahoo News + Trans: Only Jun (

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[Photo] Park Jung Min

Mal looks super cute in these photos. (:

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Kim Hyung Jun @ Seoul Fashion Week 101022

I was just thinking, what if I was there? I think I'll be screaming and will be totally out of control seeing Baby walking in a runway looking like that! When I saw these photos and video, I was like, "Wow! Baby, is that really you?" He's now a MAN! But the minute I saw Baby's smile, I thought, "Okay, he's still our Maknae"

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