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[Info] Park Jung Min Mini Album, The, Park Jung Min

It's the new repackaged album!! :))

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Meet ‘Singer Park JungMin’ who is even more earnest with his first mini album!
Giving off Park JungMin’s Sweetchic charms, 40 pages photobook!!

On 3-Apr-2011, Park JungMin welcomes his own birthday by sending a gratitude love letter to fans, new song ‘As tears flow’ will be included in his first mini album [The, Park Jung Min] to be released. In Jan, putting aside the title of Asia’s best super idol SS501 for awhile, Park JungMin made a comeback with his own name ‘Park JungMin’ in Korea, and in the Asia regions, after the release of his first title song [Not Alone], and began the production for ‘As tears flow’ which is filled with his gratitute towards the great support and love received from fans.

Album also includes a new design flattering dance song ‘Go go (가라 가라)’ was produced by composer Kim DoHoon, who holds the transcripts of getting positions up in music charts, and composer PJ, who co produced with composer Lee JongHoon for Japan’s popular female idol group AKB48′s title song ‘Hoduwa Daiulrogu’ that was 1st on Oricon chart. It reflects his earnest efforts and diversity rather than just a mere attempt in his musicability.

Park JungMin, Sweetchic charms remained intact! – Photobook (40p)
A 40 paged photobook is also included. In it, you can feel him as a member of SS501 Park JungMin, not confined to just the the image shown in his solo first title song ‘Not Alone’, he also shows honestly, his various expressions and his handsomeness. 3-Apr, with his upcoming birthday, the specially produced [The, Park Jung Min] album and photobook will show his natural look with his daily life morning till night, a masculine and chic image of Park JungMin rather than a sweet Park JungMin, and showing various charms that was hidden in Park JungMin.

01. 눈물이 흐를 만큼
02. 가라 가라
03. Not Alone
04. 넌 알고 있니
05. 내 하루는 매일매일 크리스마스
06. 눈물이 흐를 만큼 (Inst.)
07. 가라 가라 (Inst.)

[MV] Park Jung Min "Like Tears Are Falling"

Omona~!! I love this song!! It's super cute. Its makes miss them even more! Haha. And the MV is oh so sweet :)) I miss seeing green lightsticks moving side by side there. This made me smile. ^___^

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

[Photo] Hyung Jun @ Seoul Fashion Week (Song Zio Homme)

And the media photos are here!! So many~~ Woot. Jung Min was there!!! Haha. 

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[Fan Photo + Fancam] Hyung Jun and Ki Bum @ Seoul Fashion Week (Song Zio Homme)

Awesome photos from Prettyboy ( again. Woot~~ Why must he wear sunglasses? Hahaha. He was there with his brother, Ki Bum. They looked handsome!!

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hyung Jun @ Synnara Record "My Girl" Fan Sign Event by eWooRaZil 110326

First day on Synnara Record...

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Hyung Jun @ Incheon "My Girl" Fan Signing Event 110327

Hyung Jun's fan signing events are everywhere. Yesterday he had it at Synnara record, today at Incheon. What's next? I'd pay to see him rest for a day within his solo activities. Haha. 

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[Video] Hyun Joong Recording Message to Asia Song "Hohoemi" by DATV

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[Audio] Park Jung Min on Radio 1003 110323

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Jung Min's Prank Call to Hyung Jun on ShimShim Tapa 110325

Oh no~ JM, you can't fool your closest buddy. Hahaha.

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[Visual Radio] Hyung Jun @ MBC FM 4U 110325

It's kinda blurry...

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[Video] Kim Hyung Jun @ KBS Music Bank 110325

I never get tired of oH! aH! Hahaha :))

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[Visual Radio] Hyung Jun @ Shim Shim Tapa Singing 'oH! aH!'and 'Girl' 110324

They are super right~ Record...Live... still the same. I can't find the difference. His voice is just so precise as the record. That's Hyung Jun for ya :))

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[DVD] Kyu Jong &Young Saeng Summer AND Love

Aw! OMG!! I lololove this! Hahaha. These two are just gorgeous... their face is like a sculpture perfectly made. Now I want the DVD :)) Thanks for sharing this! Hoped for English subs, though. Haha. 


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[DVD] Kyu Jong & Young Saeng SUMMER AND LOVE Making

NOTE: These videos are for entertainment only. Please support the boys by buying the original copy. Thank You!! Btw, they are super cute!! I want the DVD. Haha :))

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[Fancam] Hyung Jun @ Synnara Record Fan Sign by Prettyboy 110326

Aww... I bet Hyung Jun is super nice and humble. I hope to attend to one of his fan signing events one day :))

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Kim Hyung Jun, "Do not know SS501, can still become new fans of mine"

Very nice article.A must-read for all TrpleS out there. Sorry for late posting :))

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Solo Transformation, Kim Hyung Jun “Do not know SS501, can still become new fans of mine”

Singer Kim Hyung Jun (25) has transformed from the title of being SS501 Magnae to a solo singer. He had a very serious expression in his eyes. As what was said ‘even if (they are) not aware of my existence, I will still hold on to my position”. Although has changed from 5 persons standing together on the same stage to Kim Hyung Jun alone, he can still stand on the stage. To this, Kim Hyung Jun has an unique emotional response.
“First broadcast?” Right before the cameraman during the rehearsal focused on me, I was very nervous. “Have to work hard!”, I kept on trying to self hypnotize myself. I am already someone who is cut out for the stage, so once on the stage, I will naturally transform into someone different (Laughs) (crazynoona’s note: please, before anyone throw criticisms on him again, if you haven’t realise, he is JOKING!) I thought that my heart is going to jump out.”

The first mini album title track ‘oH! aH!” has a stylish rhythm that would leave a deep impression. Kim Hyung Jun expressed that, “it is most tough to find a style that is unique yet sophisticated.” “Took approximately 2 months before receiving the title track. The biggest worry was to decide which music style to adopt. Has thoughts that “have to do well now that I’m alone’ Before launching my solo, took a long time to make up my mind.”

2-3 weeks of solo activities will become very tiring. But I told myself, “No excuse not to do well because I’m alone.” “While performing solo activities will become very sensitive. Even little concerns can become a form of stress to me and make me place more determination in it. During SS501 time, even if I don’t do anything, nothing big will arise. But now if I still do not do anything, I will probably be cast aside.”

For his first solo album Kim Hyung Jun “will give about 80marks”. Because this is the music he has wanted to make, and it is the music he is satisfied with, as well as because the public’s response is still not bad. “Satisfied with the outcome. Been hearing things like ‘Kim Hyung Jun has changed a lot’, ‘is doing well even when alone’.  Having a solo album to this extent is considered as successful, isn’t it? (laughs)”

While everyone is preparing for group activities in the music show waiting rooms, I feel the absence of SS501. The fact that I feel alone even when it is crowded, it makes me feel even more empty and awkward.

“Doing Couple Dance with female dancers? Actually during SS501 activities I have already done it many times. Now that I have entered a mature age with my fans, we look like adults already. And now that I have received a lot of “stage recognition”, I will start carving a career like a man.”

Fans’ praises and encouragements are the main driving force behind Hyung Jun’s motivation. Since SS501 first debut stage, there is a portion of solid fans who have been always been staying by his side. Even for musical ‘Cafe-In’ which has enabled Hyung Jun to show a different type of charm, they were also there for him. Hyung Jun has “a huge majority of auntie fans.”

“Time is the most expensive thing. So I have thoughts of wanting to do better for those who have invested 6-7 years of their time paying attention to me and liking me. On the other hand, actually there are some people who do not know that I’m a member of SS501. Of course, I can only be here today because of SS501, but now I’m also a ‘solo singer Kim Hyung Jun yet also part of SS501.” I feel good when I hear such words.”
Kim Hyung Jun who has put in a lot of his own thoughts into lyrics composition and song writing expressed that, “wish to work alongside with Wheesung, Hwayobi, IU” and added, “have already been working with brother (Kim) Ki Bum on writing lyrics and songs” and literally can be called “brave brothers” but also wish to work on something with others.”

Kim Hyung Jun will be focusing on domestic activities until end March and initially had plans to invade into Japan in late April. However, due to the earthquake tradegy, has temprorarily put off the schedule. Domestic fans, therefore, can see more of Hyung Jun’s activities. Hyung Jun said that “Japanese earthquake is really startling” and that “comforting words alone are not even enough”, thereby expressing his concerns.

“I know it will not be easy to become producers like Park Jin Young, Lee Soo Man, Tony, but I only want to treat it as a challenge to myself. It will be good if only I can see little cute kids forming groups like SS501. Until now, I have many thoughts about the saying, “think this is all fated”. From now onwards, I will work hard and try to think and then achieve the goals of my life.”

Kim Hyun Joong @ FC Men Football Match 110326

Okay. Have you noticed something about Leader? Maybe you have, but I haven't yet! Just now!! HIS HAIR~!! Hahaha. I don't know le, but I think it's just not curled... Or maybe he had a haircut? Haha. Molla~ I'm not used to it :)) But still handsome, though.