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Heo Young Saeng Talks About Solo Album and SS501 110620

These are such nice words coming from such a nice person from such a nice KPOP boy group. Haha! I'm talking about our prince, Young Saeng and SS501. Read the article, please. It will give a smile on your face :)

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Heo YoungSaeng “SS501 Discord? We Don’t Even Use the Word ‘Disband’ Among Ourselves”

Heo YoungSaeng returned as solo. He was a member of 5-member group SS501 until last year and has debuted as a solo singer. Ending their contract with agency DSP Media, the members each move to a new agency, Heo YoungSaeng and Kim KyuJong settled in B2M Entertainment which houses Lee Hyori.

The first harvest is mini album ‘Let It Go’. It was his solo debut album, however it was delayed as he fractured and tore the ligament of back of his right hand during the dance practice in April, the album released thereafter became even more precious.

Same title album name and title song was very well received. Breaking the prediction that having a beautiful voice, he should traditionally be choosing a ballad song, he returned with a mid-tempo dance song and was ranked in the top ranks in various online music sites, and in addition he was also one of the candidates for the 1st place in KBS 2TV music program ‘Music Bank’ on 20-May.

Through his title song ‘Let It Go’, Heo YoungSaeng transformed into a cold guy who is indifferent to love. On 16-June, we met with the solo singer in Kuki Media office at SangAm-dong, Seoul.

“The goal for this album is to publise my name. People know me as a member of SS501, but they don’t know who is Heo YoungSaeng (laughs). With the mind to let others know my name, I emptied my greed released the album, I am happy yet bewildered to be receiving so much love which was unexpected. When I was one of the candidate for the 1st place, I was also surprised.”

The dance song was chosen as his title song in order for him to show his other type of attraction. “I was wondering what image is the best to make my debut as a solo singer, and I came upon this song ‘Let It Go’. I also thought that ballad would suit me better but at the moment I heard the song, I thought that it isn’t a bad idea to show another side of me. I prepared to my best in order to hear people say ‘Heo YoungSaeng suits such a song well too’.”

Heo YoungSaeng is the 3rd member out of SS501 to have his solo debut, after Park JungMin and Kim HyungJun. About the comparisons with the 2 members who debuted before him, he said drawing a line “This is not a competition among SS501 members but a fight against myself.”

“I never thought of competing against SS501 members. It is not a comparative advantage with SS501 but I think it is more important to release an album that satisfies me. Even though I did my best for this album, but there are still a lot of disappointments like something were undone yet. I am very thankful to SS501 members who come personally to support and sent encouraging messages to me during my first performance.”

Even though SS501 members are each in different agencies, they are still in close relationship with each other. Though they are separated now, rest assured and look forward to the day where 5 of them to come back together again. For the day to come, members will definitely not use the word ‘disband’.

“A lot of people said things such as ‘One of the member was in disagreement’ ‘Someone betrayed another’. The rumor that everyone was close with each other but due to disagreement, the team was broken, is untrue. But we are not able to explain each and everything....I feel really frustrated and regretful but in a way,
I think that the misunderstanding will be cleared if next time the 5 of us come back together in one place, and I am waiting for it. For that day to come, all the members never say the word ‘disband’. We all have our own situations where it didn’t turn out as expected, so we couldn’t release an album or hold a concert immediately now. But we will work hard to be the SS501 who will do our best to entertain our fans in whichever place each of us are in (laughs).”

Heo YoungSaeng successfully made his first step as a solo singer. Owing to the fans’ love, he has planned to engage into producing his next album immediately. He will be coming back to his fans with an official album about end of this year. What would his music style next time, we are looking forward to his next transformation.

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[Photos] Park Jung Min - JN Cosmetic CF Shooting

I am speechless. Kekeke~

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[Photos] Kyu Jong - Musical Goong Site Update

Kyu Jong's performance for Musical Goong is tonight! 

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[News] Kim Hyun Joong's Height Controversy

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Kim HyunJoong ”Height is 181cm.. Foot is Thick, Can’t Use Heel Inserts”

Idol group SS501 member Kim HyunJoong explained with regards to his height controversy.

His agency told StarNews on 8-June “(Kim) HyunJoong said that his height is 181cm.”

He said “HyunJoong’s top of the feet is thick therefore he couldn’t use heel inserts.”

Regarding that his height was stated as 182cm in his official profile in websites, the agency replied “It was the information from the previous agency so we don’t know why it was so. His height of 181cm is correct.”

When being questioned if Yoo JaeSuk used heel inserts during the broadcast at that time, he responded “We didn’t check with Yoo JaeSuk’s agency so we do not know.”

Kim HyunJoong was surrounded by height controversy when an online community posted a post title ‘Seems like Kim HyunJoong lied about his height’.

In the post, a photo of Kim HyunJoong in SBS ‘Sunday is Good – Running Man’ broadcasted on 5-June was included. In the photo, Kim HyunJoong looks almost the same height as 175cm Yoo JaeSuk, driving a controversy about his height.

[News] Kim Hyun Joong's Drinking Capacity

Hyun Joong is a fast and heavy drinker huh. I just hope he'd do exactly what he says he will and that's fixing his habit.

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Kim HyunJoong Reveals Drinking Capacity, “12 Bottles of Soju with 2 SS501 members?”

Kim HyunJoong held his first mini album ‘Break Down’ showcase on 7-June at JangChoong stadium and kicks off his comeback in the music scene. On that day, Park KyungLim was the host for the mini fan meeting, and in the section ‘We Know Kim HyunJoong’SS501members Heo YoungSaeng and Kim KyuJong shared their frank talk.

At Park KyungLim’s question about Kim HyunJoong’s drinking capacity, he replied “Kim KyuJong can drink very well, and Heo YoungSaeng certainly can drink well too. If the 3 of us drink together, we can drink about 12 bottles in total.” Shocking the audience with his words.

There were endless stories about Kim HyunJoong’s drinking. Heo YoungSaeng and Kim KyuJong even exposed Kim HyunJoong’s drinking habits “He drinks very fast”. Both of them laughed and said“HyunJoong will not be interested in a girl if she can’t drink.”

In addition, Heo YoungSaeng said “He drank 2~3 bottles in 30 minutes”, and Kim HyunJoong defended “I don’t have time and I want to play, and because I want to forget about the things I want to forget, so I drank fast. I am trying my best to fix this habit.”

-rest omitted cos it’s repetitive of the other news trans-

[News] Park Jung Min in KIMCHI Performance, Jakarta

I have read this article and man~ I nod and smile to every word I see. The reporter has said it all. Everything that our sexy charisma have is expressed here. Aeyo~ this made my day.^^

Source: Sports Hankook
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(From Stephanie : Please leave the credits remain intact when reposting)

Park Jungmin, Radiating His Powerful Male Charisma in KIMCHI Performance Jakarta

Singer Park Jungmin have once again proven his stand as a Hallyu Star. 

On 5th of June in Indonesia, SS501 member Park Jungmin made his performance on KIMCHI (Korean Idols Music Concert Hosted Indonesia), with a huge success in return.

Park Jungmin is recently promoting his special limited edition album in Japan, which has received many popularities. He is also recognized by Indonesian fans as the representative of Korean idol singer. Hankook Sports will revealed Park Jungmin as a Hallyu Star and tidbits of his performance!

#Thank you for coming!~
Before the KIMCHI performance, Park Jungmin have attended the press conference. When he saw the media rushing to arrive, he didn't seem to be agitated at all. Instead, he went towards the MC holding a glass of water, as if asking 'Do you want a glass of water?'

#Perfect example of 8fool!
The media have focus a lot on Park Jungmin's action on the stage. With a smiling expression on his face while tilted his head to a side, he looked just as cute as the bridegroom.

#The mass attention from the media!
Many of the local Indonesian reporters have came to see Park Jungmin. Park Jungmin posed a different poses for every camera, the poses with high spirits have made many memorable experience.

#The sad emotions~
The smile on Park Jungmin's face was gone. In return, there was tears of pains flowing from his big eyes. He have melted many fans' heart using a melancholic vocal when singing. Many female fans felt like protecting him who looked so fragile.

#Radiating the male charisma!
Park Jungmin have once again performed a lively performance on stage. He used a more powerful vocal instead of the melancholic vocal before this to control the stage. You can feel his male charisma from the clench of his fist. Park Jungmin held his right hands high up in the air during the dance along with his dancers, have made many audiences to jin in the fun too.

#Put the hands around the waist!
During the dance performance on stage, Park Jungmin have put his hands around a female dancer's waist. The waist following the beat, along with the eyes slowly turning towards the floor, it have turned on the atmosphere! Many of the female fans have also let out many jealousy screams below the stage.

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[Video/HD] Hyun Joong's Solo Comeback on M! Countdown 110609

Here are the vids on last night's show! Man~ Hyun Joong's so hot and smexy! Whew~ Make sure you have your fans with you and your air conditioners turned on when you watch this. Kyaa~*

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DJ Jun on Music High - SS501 6th Anniversary 110608

Another sweet greeting from our Baby for SS501's 6th Anniversary. He's so hyped that morning, right? Keke~ I'll add the cut vids for when he danced to "Warning" and two more! The full show is here too ^^

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[News] Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Kim Hyung Jun "SS501 6th Anniversary Like a Dream""

Aww. Happy 6th Anniversary SS501! Though, I too late to greet them here in my blog. Keke~ I greeted them in Twitter anyway so, I'm satisfied :D

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SS501 Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong and Kim HyungJun expressed their feelings on their 6th year of debut.

Heo YoungSaeng said through his own twitter on 8-June at about 2am “Today is SS501 6th anniversary! Time flies. Memories of us crying because we realized our dreams 6 years ago. Even though we cried while saying ‘it’s great’, let’s strive on since we’ve realized the dream! SS501! Don’t forget the meaning of our group name everyone”

Their group name ‘SS501’ stands for ‘Super star, 5 members always together as 1’.

Kim KyuJong also expressed his thoughts through his twitter “Time flies, our debut, our excitedness and nervousness on 8th June 2005, it feels like it was just yesterday that we cried, and flew by so quickly. 501! Really thank you. Thanks to pretties too! SS501 Hurray!”

Kim HyungJun also wrote his thoughts down “8th June 2005, and today. I hope that in the future we will only be filled with better things and supporting and loving each other. SS501 Hwaiting. Thank you to everyone and I love you”

SS501 debuted on 8-June-2005 with 5 members, Kim HyunJoong, Heo YoungSaeng, Park JungMin, Kim KyuJong and Kim HyungJun, and released their first single ‘1st SS501’.

Fans responded “I will continue to support you in the future too”, “Happy 6th anniversary”, “I love you oppa-deul”, etc.

SS501 is currently engaged in their individual activities such as radio DJ, musical actor, actor, etc. 

[News] Kim Hyun Joong's Solo Comeback on M! Countdown 110609

"Has anyone watched Hyun Joong's live performance on M! Countdown today?" <<< NO ONE will ever ask this kind of question because all of us have surely giggled and screamed the whole time we were watching Leader's comeback performance. He performed THREE SONGS! How great is that?! Kim Hyun Joong BREAK DOWN solo comeback DAEBAK!!



After being known as the leader of SS501, and then as an actor, since debuting some six years ago, Kim Hyun Joong is ready to embark on a new path as a solo singer.

Having released his solo mini-album “Break Down” earlier this week, Hyun Joong becomes the fourth SS501 member to do so with Kim Kyu Jong the only one not to have released a solo album.

His title track, “Break Down“, was composed by Steven Lee and is classified as a ’south urban dance track’ which combines powerful electric brass and synth sounds to create an energetic track right from its beginning phases, and has a dynamic choreography to ensure a strong performance.
He also performed “Please“, which is a pop R&B track, featuring a beautiful piano melody and a heavy orchestra arrangement that brings out the sadness of the lyrics and “Let Me Go” as well.



Kim Hyunjoong released his first solo mini-album titled "Please" last week on June 7th, and now the leader of SS501 made his comeback to the M! Countdown stage tonight. The singer released two very different tracks and music videos titled "Break Down" and "Please" and has performed both in his three-track comeback stage tonight.

Kim Hyunjoong had an extravagant entrance with his opening song "Let Me Go". Demonstrating multiple sides to his artistry, fans caught a glimpse of the softer and more emotional side in his performance of "Please", while his "Break Down" performance showcased his hard-hitting up-tempo side. Earlier this week, the singer had his showcase in Seoul and was met with great success as fans witnessed his long-awaited return to the stage.

Tonight's comeback stage proved to be another success for Kim Hyunjoong.

[News] Hyun Joong Really 'Swore' at SS501 Members?

Hahaha. It's a misunderstanding!! He was startled! XDD

Credit: SSTV
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[News] Kim HyunJoong Really ‘Swore’ at SS501 Members?

Singer Kim HyunJoong exposed that he swore at the members duringSS501 days.

Kim HyunJoong held his first mini album ‘Break Down’ showcase on 7-June at JangChoong stadium and kicks off his comeback in the music scene. On that day, Park KyungLim was the host for the mini fan meeting, and truthful conversation was shared with Heo YoungSaeng and Kim KyuJong.

On that day, when talking about ‘Kim HyunJoong’s crucial weakness’, Kim KyuJong said that he is scared of insects, “Last time at a filming site, I caught a dragonfly and placed it at Kim HyunJoong’s shoulder and I suddenly got swore at by him.”

With this, “I swore because I was really surprised by it. I scolded numbers and even nephew. At that time I scolded ‘nephew crayon eighteen color*’.” Kim HyunJoong said making everyone laugh.

*those are like...put into a different way here, but in Korean, they’re foul words for swearing at people..

Besides this, Heo YoungSaeng and Kim KyuJong were being asked‘The first place that Kim HyunJoong looks in a woman’, ‘What he does when it’s time to quit’, ‘Biggest weapon of Kim HyunJoong’, etc.

[Article] Hyun Joong Talks About Trainee Days

Aww~ I just love how Hyun Joong as well as the boys, talk about SS501 and the good old days. ^^ This was from last night's Golden Fishery :D


[NEWS] Kim Hyun Joong Talks About Trainee Days

On June 8th, Kim Hyun Joong guested on MBC’s “Knee-Drop Guru” and talked about his training period before his debut with SS501.

He began by describing the strict environment of his former label, DSP Media: “It’s a company that makes you fend for yourself. As a trainee, I’d clean up the recording room in the morning and run 20 laps around the field. Every day, they’d add another lap until I reached 40. We also had to eat fast.”

He continued, “When we were being trained in singing, eight of us would be in one small room and had to sing together. It was hard to concentrate on what you were singing.”

MC Kang Ho Dong commented, “Your CEO at the time is known for being quite the scary man.” Kim Hyun Joong replied, “He was hard, but we said everything we wanted to. Even if he said, ‘What do you mean you need dancers, it’s just extra expenses,’ we would still say that we needed dancer hyungs and he’d listen and comply. He was like a father, and he would call me son. He thought cutely of me.”

When asked about SS501’s rivals at the time of their debut, he mused, “We were half confident in our ability to stand on equal footing with TVXQ. We thought of sneakily going from behind and then bursting out in front. It wasn’t necessarily a plan, but just the atmosphere at the time. The public naturally set it up like that for us.”

Reflecting back to his debut on June 8th, 2005, Kim Hyun Joong concluded, “After our first broadcast, I teared up. I think it’s because of that sense of achievement and because I remembered everything we had gone through as trainees.”

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[MV] Kim Hyun Joong "PLEASE"

This song is stuck in my head. But the MV, really, I bet many girls are furious with Hyun Joong leading lady here. The bed scene!! Aaah~~ *faints*

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[MV] Kim Hyun Joong "BREAK DOWN"

The official music video is out pretties!! Have you watched it? NOT YET?! OMG you should totally watch it RIGHT NOW. Hyun Joong is, kyaaaaa~* I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO DESCRIBE IT. So hot. Wheew~~ The hip thrust, EPIC >__< Please watch the MV on Hyun Joong's official channel on YT.^^

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I'M BACK! :)

Hello everyone! Some of you might be wondering where I was these past few days because I'm not updating and posting anymore. Well, this will be a great way to explain it. At first, the real reason was that our very poor connection won't cooperate with me. I've been opening this, but I can't post. Connection is too slow. I gave up. I told myself I would post something first, like an excuse entry for being hiatus for a while, but again, the connection failed on me. So, I just went hiatus without letting readers know. If you follow me on Twitter, @rayeyxoxo , you would see that I told everyone about this. When I was about to end the hiatus, I got busy. Like, SUPER BUSY. I'm an incoming college freshman that's why there are so many stuff I needed to prepare. I had no time to post an update. So, I planned on re-opening this blog yesterday, KIM HYUN JOONG's birthday. But forgive my lazy brain. I was watching videos I missed yesterday. Kekeke~ 





PS: Today is the official release of Leader's solo album, BREAK DOWN. The MV is also out. Please support him by buying the songs, music videos, and the album LEGALLY. ^__^