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'Cafe In' Performance Dates

Here is a message from about the musical 'Caffeine' starring our very own Baby, Kim Hyung Jun.  

Hello, Caffeine is the musical

November 24th marks the beginning of the performance schedule

Chapter annual ball: White Rock Hall
Performance Dates: Wed, November 24, 2010 ~ Sun January 23, 2011
Performance Time: Weekdays, 20:00 / Sat 16:00, 19:00 / Sunday and Holidays 15:00, 18:00 / No Mon performances
Ticket price: R seat 66,000 won / S 55,000
Cast: Kim Hyung Joon (SS501), sinuijeong
Tel: 02) 3273-2223
Thank you
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I'm not sure if the translation is correct. Just look it up on the musical's website. 

Flash Pics of Hyung Jun's Musical 'Cafe In'

Musical Cafe In official website has put up a flash intro of Hyung Jun. Prettyboy has screencaped these and shared them on their web.
ahhh…so the Musical is called Cafe In and not Caffeine. heh By the way the tickets for Hyung Jun’s debut night 24 Nov are out on sale. Go to the official musical website for details. Tickets are priced at 66,000 won and 55,000 won

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SS501 Kim Hyung Jun Sheds IDOL Image, emitting 'Scent of Mature Man'

Declaring going into solo activities, Kim Hyung Jun transforms from IDOL into a mature man.
From SS501 youngest member to commencing on solo activities, Kim Hyung Jun recently unveiled a totally different chic and mature masculinity side of him through CJ Premium TV magazine Hello Magazine October’s issue.

As opposed to his cheerful image as the group’s magnae, Kim Hyung Jun in this pictorial, presented a serious yet chic expressions and poses. Because of his new image, during the photoshoot, Photographer Park Jung Min unreservedly praised that, “Did many photoshoots with Kim Hyung Jun previously, but in this photoshoot, his eye expressions alone already show a very different sense of depth. Used to be the Idol Magnae, but now he carries himself as a man with a charismatic presence.”
In an interview conducted together with this photoshoot, Kim Hyung Jun expressed that, “SS501 has absolutely not disbanded.”   Although each of us has started solo activities to gain experience in our own ways, we are like batters holding baseball bats standing on the home plate, always a team, so hope everyone can keep on cheering for us.
On the other hand, Kim Hyung Jun is now a permanent MC on MBC Every1 “Midnight Idol” The Omnibus drama “Superstar” that was filmed last year will be broadcasted  this month, and at the same time he is preparing to film in a new drama.
** batter/home plate are all terms used in Baseball.

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 Baby looks serious in these photos.He's casting a new image for himself but he will still be our forever Maknae.  

Hyung Jun Recording School Song for 'Yona School'

Friends of (departed) Park YongHa gathered together again.

(Departed) Park YongHa’s friends celebrated the opening of Yona School and recorded the school song on 29-Sep in a recording studio in ChungDam-dong. Kim HyungJun (SS501), Eru, Lyn, Park HyoShin, Lee JaeJin (FT Island), Song SeungHyun, Park SiYeon, JaeRimLee, participated in the recording of the school song. Composer Hwang SaeJun whom (departed) Park YongHa has worked together for his Japanese album, took charge of the composing and production process.

The singers who took part in the recording said “Remembering how much love he has for Africa Child’s Yona School, we put our congratulatory and our yearning for him in the song. Congratulations for having a new school for the children living in poverty areas.”
This contents will be broadcasted on 22-Oct, at 8.50pm through SBS ‘Hope TV – part 3’.

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Can't wait to hear this song. I bet it's beautiful (:

Hyung Jun's 'OhBamAh' Ep2 Preview

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Kim Hyung Jun JP site's Notice on Musical "Caffeine"

Repost with full credits.

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On the coming 24 November, Kim Hyung Jun is confirmed to cast in the Korean’s musical [Caffeine]!!
Tomorrow at 7pm at our official website, there will be a FC pre-sale for the musical tour.
▼ Tour Name
Official viewing tour for Musical [Caffeine] starring Kim Hyung Jun in Seoul
▼ Tour Features
1.More information about seats for the performance will be announced, which includes front row seats
2. Opportunity to meet Kim Hyung Jun for handshakes
3.Visit to Kim Hyung Jun’s new agency (S-Plus I think)
4. Caffeine’s Official Goods / Merchandise
① Kim Hyung Jun’s autographed posters
② 10 sets of paper cups (??? I dont know why either)
Musical [Caffeine] is Kim Hyung Jun’s first musical challenge, we will be providing lots of support.
Hence for his Japan Official Fanclub, we will offer a variety of events.
Let us all prepare to embark for Korea ! !
We welcome as many applications as possible from fans.
More details will be announced tomorrow at 7pm here at our official fanclub website. Thank you.

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