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SS501 (Pronounced “Double - S - 5-0-1” or in Korean “Touble - S~eu - O-Gong-Il”) is a 5 member vocal group under Daeseong (DSP) Entertainment. They debuted in June 2005 with their first single ‘경고 (Warning)’, recieving a lot of positive feedback even before its release. They followed up in late 2005 with their second single titled “Snow Prince” that thrust them into national and international success.

Since then, SS501 has transformed themselves into more than just an average boyband; the group between all members have worked in various fields in the entertainment industry. SS501 has participated as whole or individually in many CFs (commercials), TV Dramas,, Variety shows, as well as handling various MC jobs in a variety of popular shows, DJing and VJing also is something familiar to many of the members. Written by Genesis at Soompi forums.Their success in other fields of the industry does not stop there; their unique voices attracted some to the point in which they were casted as voiceovers for an animated movie. Members such as Kim Hyeonjung and Pak Jungmin have been chosen as lead actors in a major musical ‘Grease’ and a popular Drama entitled ‘Boys Over Flowers’ in late 2008; a drama famous for its previous Taiwanese and Japanese counterparts.

SS501 had to suspend activities for the greater part of the 2006 year due to member Heo Yeongsaeng’s vocal chord surgery in which he needed time to fully recover from,. They continued holding fanmeets however, and in mid-late 2oo6 the group would hold their first ever Concert Tour, ‘Step Up’.
Following later that year they were able to finally release their first full-length album titled ‘ST.01. NOW’.

In 2007 the group would make its debut in Japan. They debuted with the releaseof their first single ‘Kokoro’, a single that was released in 5 different versions simutaneously,; one regular edition, and five limited editions that included a feature solo song by each member. Despite much critisism, the single debuted on the Oricon Charts (Japan’s largest music Chart) in the #5 position— the first of its kind, a foreign rookie group reaching a top 5 position at debut! They followed up with a second single entitled ‘Distance~君とのキョリ’’and a full-length self-titled Japanese album closly after which also reached top ten rankings within the first week of sales. Pak Jeongmin would earn himself a spot on a Japanese drama show; another first, for a member of a rookie Korean group to take part of something of this nature so quickly after entering the Japanese music scene. This was due to Jeongmin’s quick study, for his Japanese skills impressed many within such a short time frame.

After concentrating on their individual activities, the group made a comeback and released their second mini album titled Rebirth, with the limited edition being released on October 20, 2009 and the normal edition on 22 October. The limited special edition album included two posters and a 100 page photo diary. Their comeback song “Love Like This” was well received, winning two Music Bank awards and one Inkigayo Mutizen in November. The group ended promotions for the album on November 29, 2009.
On August 1, 2009, the group started their first Asia tour,] visiting Seoul, Tokyo, Taiwan, Shanghai, Thailand and Hong Kong and ended with two encore concerts in Seoul last February 27th and 28th.

23th of May, one of their mini-album tracks titled Love Ya! was leaked onto the radio - MBC’s Chin Chin(similar to the situation with Love Like This back in October). Not long afterwards, the teaser for the comeback track was released. On May 24th, 2010, due to the leaks, DSP Media decided to release SS501’s new mini-album Destination online, which contains six tracks in total, including the title track Love Ya, Let Me Be The One, Crazy 4 U and Forever (Lyrics by Young Saeng). The group had scheduled to make their comeback after 7 months on the 4th of June on KBS Music Bank and 5th of June on Music Core. They are planned to promote their song for 3 weeks.

SS501 continues to make their mark wherever they go. They had recieved not only great
success and followers in Korea, but largely in Japan, and all corners of Asia, not to mention
the large group of international fans that span all corners of the globe. SS501 has been
recieved well, and it is the hope of themselves and of their fans that they will continue
their climb in the musical industry and reach success as the 5 stars they are, and become
the one entity of greatness in the future they have strived for since debut.

Solo activities 2010-2011

Kim Hyun Joong had filmed a drama Playfull Kiss as Baek Seung Jo, the main male lead along with Jung So Min as Oh Ha Ni, the main female lead.
It had been confirmed that members, Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong will be holding fanmeetings in countries across Asia.

Park Jung Min's comeback solo album 'Not Alone' was originally supposed to be released on 25th November 2010, but due to North Korea attacking South Korea, CNR Media decided that the release should be postponed. The company is now planning to release the 'Not Alone' on 20th January 2011 to allow Park Jung Min to add more songs to the album. The original price for the album will be changed because of this. Park Jung Min was also involved in a musical 'Bonds Of Boys' in Japan as an exchange student from 18th November - 23rd November.

Kim Hyung Jun is currently in musical 'Cafe-In' in Korea from 24th November 2010 - 23 January 2011 as two characters: Ji Min and Jeong Min.

Although most of their music is composed by various people, the members of SS501 have also contributed to their albums. Kim Hyung Jun and his brother, Kim Ki Bum (U-KISS) composed, under the name "H&B", the songs: "Want It", "The One", "I AM", "Hey G". Kim hyung Jun also wrote the lyrics of the song "Obsess" in their Rebirth album. Heo Young Saeng composed his solo song "Is It Love?" and "Until Forever", one of the tracks in SS501's album Destination. Park Jung Min composed the song "Kiss" which is sung by Rainbow, he performed the song at their Persona concert.

  •  Step Up in Seoul, South Korea (2006)
  •  Step Up in Busan, South Korea (2006)
  •  Step Up in Daegu, South Korea (2006)
  •  Concert in Osaka, Japan (2006)
  •  Concert in Seoul, South Korea (2006)
  •  4th Annual Korean Music Festival in Los Angeles, California, USA (2006)
  •  Concert in Tokyo, Japan (2007)
  •  Concert in Shanghai, China (2008)
  •  Concert in Tokyo, Japan (2008)
  •  Concert in Osaka, Japan (2008)
  •  Victory Concert in Los Angeles, California, USA (2009)
  •  7th Annual Korean Music Festival in Los Angeles, California, USA (2009)
  •  1st Asia Tour Persona in Seoul, South Korea (2009)
  •  1st Asia Tour Persona in Tokyo, Japan (2009)
  •  1st Asia Tour Persona in Taipei, Taiwan (2009)
  •  1st Asia Tour Persona in Shanghai, China (2009)
  •  1st Asia Tour Persona in Hong Kong, China (2009)
  •  1st Asia Tour Persona in Bangkok, Thailand (2010)
  •  1st Asia Tour Persona Encore in Seoul, South Korea (2010)

SS501 Shows
  • M!Pick by M.Net - Documenting pre-debut and three months after debut
  • Thank You for Waking Us Up! - Documenting the sleeping habits of SS501 and the fun of waking them up
  • Thank You for Raising Me Up! (Sequel to Thank You for Waking Us Up!) - SS501 raising Daengee, an abandoned dog
  • SS501 KM Idol World - SS501 splits off into teams to complete challenges and missions with the people
  • SS501 The Mission by MNet Japan - SS501 go on missions not only to learn Japanese, but to capture the heart of Japanese fans
  • SS501 in USA - SS501 travels to California and Nevada for a photo shoot
  • SS501 Japan Making the Band
  • SS501 in Osaka - SS501 performing in Japan
  • SS501 SOS by M.Net - SS501 helping people with serious problems as they unravel the mystery and investigate behind every story
  • SS501 Stalker by M.Net - SS501 has a stalker on their hands that seem to know their every move
  • Wonderful Day - SS501 spends a day out in the park playing games and having fun
  • Infinity Challenge - A sports competition that puts SS501 against the MC's of the show
  • Reds Go Together - Documenting SS501 during the World Cup
  • Boys Over Flowers (supporting lead: Kim Hyun Joong) (SS501 sub-unit cameo, episode 4)
  • Learn Korean with SS501! - A program behind the scenes SS501's book in Japan that taught the teachings of the Korean language
  • Heroine 6
  • Hanbok - A show where participants go against one another in a series of challenges
  • SS501 Romance Sky - SS501 are airline attendants for a day
  • SBS Chocolate - A talk show
  • SS501 Champagne - A talk show
  • SS501 Super Viking - SS501 (except Park Jung Min) competed in a physical challenge across an obstacle course
  • SS501 Real Story I Am - Arirang tribute to the SS501 story
  • School of Rock - SS501 visiting and performing in schools
  • Star Golden Bell - A variety show where different idols/stars come and answer questions through a series of games
  • Strong Heart - Idols/stars come and share their heartfelt stories
  • Let's Go to School with SS501
  • SS501 Sunny Side
  • Quiz! Sixth Sense - A show where participants are split into teams and endure games of questions and answers
  • Intimate Note 2 - A variety show along with their juniors, Kara
  • SS501 Big Mama - SS501 goes through a pregnancy training to find out how hard it is to be a pregnant mother.

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