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Hyung Jun's Call to Jung Min @ 'Narsha's Raise the Volume Up'

Okay~ so, this is what I am talking about on Twitter that can't load and that I wanted to watch it so badly. But now, thanks to Even if I can't watch it, Reading it IN ENGLISH is a lot easier. so much thankSS :))

Chinese Translation: + 唯心會記得 @ Kim HyungJun Baidu Tieba
Chinese to English translation:

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[Translation] HyungJun call in to JungMin's 'Narsha's Volume Up'
JM: Today there is message sent by someone
JM: 'Hyung, I am your royal fans (male fan)
Please tell me how to be sucessful~'
JM: Let me try to contact this friend
JM: Can't be he is not picking up right?
JM: Hello? Can you hear?
JM: Please introduce yourself
HJB: The call has connected?
JM: Of course it has been connect, it is on air now
HJB: Ah, cough cough, Hi everybody
JM: Em, Hi, I am JungMin, may I know who are you?
HJB: Me? I am 18th years old Kim CheolSu living in Suwon-si
JM: Oh Kim Cheol Su... CheolSu-ssi, very happy to know you
JM: Em, Hi!
JM: Oh, from the way you sound you seem like a shy person ah
HJB: Ah, it is because this is the first time calling you, so I will behave like this
JM: Oh! Is it?
JM: A person so shy can be a good musical actor?
HJB: Acting in a musical is my dream
JM: Em
HJB: Actually I had ever watch JungMin-hyung's musical
JM: Oh! Really?
HJB: Em, so I was really envy that JungMin-hyung have a chance to perform in musical
HJB: I wish to know how to perform better so I contact you
JM: Oh, that's why. Haha, you are a musical actor
JM: Then, other than me, what other musical actor do you like?
HJB: Park JungMin
JM: Hahahahaha.... (Laughly madly)
JM: You are way better than I have imagined, even know how to look at my eye signal (meaning he know how to flatter)
HJB: What?
JM: Seem like you are not a normal person
JM: How's you singing? What about acting?
JM: Acting, wanted to learn from hyung, singing... I think I sing better than you
JM: Hahahahahahahahahahaha (Laughing Madly)
JM: Is it? Then let us have a test!
HJB: It is on air now, is it alright?
JM: Em, if you can sing then just sing
HJB: Then I will really sing ok
JM: Em, please sing
HJB: Cough cough (HJB singing with a funny tone)
HJB: Hyung, I sing better than you right?
JM: Hahaha, after hearing your song, I think I almost can guess who are you
JM: You are HyungJun-ssi right?
HJB: Now then you know ah...
JM: Hahaha Hahaha
JM: Em, really is HyungJun right?
HJB: Hi!
JM: Em, please greet everybody
HJB: Em, really sorry today
HJB: I am SS501's Kim HyungJun
JM: Really gave me a shock

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