Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kim Hyung Jun Debut on M! Countdown 110310


After releasing his album earlier this week, SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun begun his promotions as a a solo artist on this week’s M! Countdown.

By joining forces with Korea’s hit producer, E-TRIBE, Kim Hyung Jun’s urban R&B track, “oH! aH!,” will certainly have fans exclaiming ‘ooh!‘ over the exciting serenade of love.

The song features the addictive ‘hook’ E-TRIBE is known for, mixed in with Kim Hyung Jun’s distinctive vocal color, which all come together for a charismatic R&B track that will leave listeners captivated from start to finish

[Snapshots + Video] Kim Hyung Jun Solo Debut Stage on M!Countdown 110310

Have you watched this? Well~~ I have! Haha. Live ye. Comeback is super awesome. Daebak!

Snapshots credits: @iamsom and @odefiveone on Twitter via TwitPic

Video Credit: @YT

[Live Streaming] M!Countdown

This is the live streaming for M!Countdown. Hyung Jun and many more are featured tonight 6pmKST. I'm posting it here for viewers who can't watch it live. At least you can watch it here! Haha. If you want, you can go straight to to watch it. Please watch out for Baby's comeback stage. VALID FOR THIS DAY ONLY!