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[Notice] S-Plus Notice on Hyung Jun's Secret Package 101221

[S-Plus Notice][2010.12.21][Secret Package] Notice about recorded song 'Girl''s name

Hi everybody. This is S-Plus Entertainment.
Very thankful for always giving artist Kim HyungJun love and support.

Next, about [Secret Package] recorded song 'Girl''s name change
Please note 'Girl' song name changes from previous 'Girls' change to 'Girl'

S-Plus Entertainment will always do our best for Kim HyungJun.
Thank You.

Original Korean Message

[공지][시크릿패키지] 수록곡 Girl의 제목에 대해 말씀드립니다.

안녕하세요. 에스플러스 엔터테인먼트입니다.
아 티스트 김형준씨에게 보내주시는 사랑과 응원에 늘 감사드립니다.

다름이 아닌 [시크릿패키지] 수록곡 Girl의 제목 표기에 대해 말씀드립니다.
Girl 제목은 이전의 Girls에서 Girl로 변경되었음을 안내해드립니다.

언제나 김형준씨를 위해 최선을 다하는 에스플러스가 되겠습니다.

SS501 Featured on Fans Magazine December 2010 Issue 8

Credit: annieyang + SS501 Baidu

Hyun Joong Official Mobile Site Blog - True Self of Hyun Joong

Source: KHJ Japan Official Mobile Site
Japanese Translation: miyo

English trans: I’mmisschievous

Staff secretly tells about at backstage!

True self of KHJ!

■Incident in Malaysia
2010/12/20 Keyeast SY

This is SY from Keyeast~ (o^▽^o)/
Today is the last day of THE FACE SHOP Asia Tour for Hyun Joong ,
Let me secretly tell you about what happened in Malaysia.
Staying long term overseas, together out with Hyun Joong who missed Korean food!
After his work schedule, headed to a Korean restaurant and ordered 3 bulgogi hotpot.

However before having this… The dish that line up first is…
Turns out to be Tteok bok ki!!!! (~ω~;)!!
Hyun Joong who loves it that much that he even introduced his tteokbokki recipe when he appeared in Japanese program!

Did Hyun Joong desire for tteokbokki reached even to Malaysia??
Thanks to this the whole group who thought of not eating tteokbokki for the time being end up eating it. +_+
(Hyun Joong was the only one eating tteokbokki with a smile on his whole face^^;; )
If there is an ambassador for it, how about Hyun Joong as the tteokbokki ambassador~^^;;
(It was later that we realized the reason for tteokbokki ordered was due to the translator who made a small mistake of interpreting wrongly. laughs)

On a change of topic, this Saturday is Christmas
(am I the only sort of feeling sad… but I won’t be defeated!! >~<)
From the beginning of December, there is a small Christmas tree placed at the entrance of Keyeast.
To let everyone have a feel of such atmosphere at Keyeast together~ have uploaded a photo of it.

Because my feelings and mental age is of a child~ ^^
I’m seriously troubled whether I should put my letter to God of Universe and a big sock under the tree.
How about everyone do it together?? (laughs)

Merry Christmas~★
See you again in the next staff blog~

P/S: i love tteokbukgi tooo……everytime i’m craving for something spicy, i’ll think of tteokbukgi…its a delicious spicy fave korean dish…from now on i’ll think of hyun joong when i eat it…at least we’re both have something in common..*wink2*

[Notice] KeyEast Notice to Hyun Joong's Fans 101222

Credit : + (Eng.Translation) Ode@Blogspot
Please Repost with Full Credits

Hello, this is Keyeast here.
Guess you must be having your warm year ends now, aren't you.
With regards to the articles which came out in the morning, we've received much enquiries and concerns about it, thus we're here to deliver our speech to you.

For now, we're aware that many fans are concerned about Hyun Joong ssi's health issues; ever since drama [Playful Kiss] ended, Kim Hyun Joong ssi has not been able to rest for a heave and had been busy digesting his domestic and overseas schedules, which was why fatigue took a toll on his health. Because of that, he is now taking a rest after completing all his originally scheduled schedules, and has now taken a turn for the better thanks to everyone's genuine and sincere worries. After Kim Hyun Joong ssi takes ample rest, he will be back to greet you all with a healthy temperament, and we too, will be beside him giving our best.

Thanks to all fans' support and for being by us all the while, overseas schedules such as the Tokyo Dome Smile Project event as well as the Yahoo Asia Buzz Award Ceremony was thus able to successfully end off. Kim Hyun Joong ssi has had received equal love from fans in our country and overseas, he's been very much encouraged by all of you wherein he had a chance to personally meet you all. Really thank you to you all for always giving him your unhesitated support.

Without few days left to the end of 2010, here's hoping that all of you will weave warm memories with people who are precious to you for the remaining period.
Thank you.


~~ Original Hangul Message ~~

안녕하세요. 키이스트입니다.
따뜻한 연말 보내고 계신지요.
오늘 오전 기사와 관련하여 팬 여러분들의 문의와 염려가 많으신 듯 하여 안내 말씀 드립니다.

현 재 많은 팬 여러분들께서 현중씨의 건강을 걱정하고 계신 것으로 알고 있는데요,
김현중씨는 드라마 <장난스런 키스> 마무리 이후 쉴 틈 없이 국내외 스케쥴을 소화하다 보니 피로가 누적된 상태입니다.
때문에 예정되어 있던 모든 스케쥴을 마무리 하고 휴식을 취하고 있으며, 여러분들의 진심 어린 걱정 덕분에 많이 호전된 상태입니다.
김현중씨가 충분한 휴식을 취한 뒤 건강한 모습으로 인사드릴 수 있도록 저희도 옆에서 최선을 다하겠습니다.

팬 여러분들께서 항상 마음으로 함께 해주시고 응원해주신 덕분에 도쿄돔 미소프로젝트 행사를 비롯하여 야후 아시아 버즈 어워드 시상식 참석 등 해외 스케쥴을 무사히 잘 치를 수 있었습니다.
김현중씨는 국내뿐 아니라 해외에서도 한결 같은 사랑을 보내주시는 팬 여러분들을 직접 만나면서 큰 힘을 얻었습니다.
항상 아낌없는 성원 보내주셔서 정말 감사합니다.

얼마 남지 않은 2010년, 소중한 분들과 함께 따뜻한 추억 만드시기를 기원합니다.

키이스트 올림

Park Jung Min's NG Cut Scene @ Japanese Fanmeeting 101223

Video Credit: 3kimheopark4Jangki @ YT

[Notice] Park Jung Min's 'Not Alone' Valentine Special on JP Site

Chinese translation: 楓落縹緲 @
English translation:
Please repost with full credit

In the next year 20 January to be released in South Korea’s ‘Not Alone’ will comprise of 3 solo song. JungMin will release the song list with Japan fans soon.

Hyogo Performance
Date: 2011.02.13 (Sunday)
Venue: Kobe International House
※Direct all queries in this website, no answering of question on site
Time: 17:30 (Open) / 18:00 (Start)
Contact Kyodo Osaka キョードー大阪:06-7732-8888

Tokyo Performance
Date: 2011.2.14 (Monday)
Venue: Shinbuya C.C.Lemon Hall
※Direct all queries in this website, no answering of question on site
Time: 18:30 (Open) / 19:00 (Start)
Contact: Hotstuff ホットスタッフ

Ticket price: 8,800 yen (Tentative, Seated, Include tax)
※ Above 3 years old need to purchase ticket
※ Each ticket included 630 yen tax
※ According to paying mode, handling charges will be different
Please refer to [Ticket Payment Mode] for more details

[Ticket Payment Mode]
1. Credit Card: No handling charges
2. Bank transfer: Each ticket will be charged handling charges

*Ticket amount: Limit to maximum 4 per person per session
※Park JungMin Japan Official Fanclub member has priority to purchase
※Maximum purchase for both performances: 8 tickets

*How to purchase ticket: Please confirm in Japan Official Website
* Pre-order period
2010.12.27 (Monday) 15:00 ~ 2011.01.04 (Tuesday) 23:59 End
※Not according to first come first serve, if exceed the amount will be selected based on draw
The above information are subjected to change without prior notice. Please note.
Once pre-order started, will inform via NEWS and mail, please wait patiently.

Park JungMin, Japan Photobook Sale Commemoration Fan Sign Event ‘Crowded’


SS501 Park JungMin, Japan Photobook Sale Commemoration Fan Sign Event ‘Crowded’

On 21-Dec, with an upcoming fan meeting in Japan, SS501 Park JungMin’s photobook publication commemoration fan sign event was held at Shinjuku ‘Fukuya Book Store’.

Park JungMin’s photobook publication commemoration fan sign event is limited to 400 people, with about 4,000 applicants for this event, the ratio is high at 10:1, and recorded for the first time a sold-out of the limited edition photobook. With the high interest as such, the traffic around Shinjuku ‘Fukuya Book Store’ was paralyzed on the day when the fan sign event was held.

Park JungMin’s photobook, which was being published first in Japan, made it to the news with his collaboration with some of the best staffs in Japan. With ZARD, Yoshikawa Kooji, Hiroseae Ryoko, Fukada Kyoko, Matsushita Nao, Miyazaki Aoi, and for the photo shoot with the best photographer Hosono JinJu and Shimizu Amiko who is currently the hair make up artist for Ayase Haruka, producing hand in hand with the best professionals in Japan and filling it with the best quality.

Meanwhile, after finishing the fan sign event, Park JungMin will complete his schedule for fan meeting in Osaka on 22-Dec and Tokyo on 23-Dec before returning back.

Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

[Photo] Hallyu Fan Site Update on Park Jung Min's Korea Fan Meeting

Reposted on SS501 Baidu

Hello Asian Exclusive Interview with Kyu Jong and Young Saeng

Hello Asian Tape36 Exclusive Interview with KyuJong YoungSaeng  

Video Credit: myhelloasian @ YT

Young Saeng Talked About the Mistake in Fan Meeting in Seoul

Reposted on

It just reminds me of the 1st FM in Korea. I performed a dance of another singer, suddenly the special costume was torn apart

So I was so embarrassed, thinking What should I do? Should I stop?……No, I must go on as a professional. I changed the mistake, although it wasn’t mine, into a more fascinating performance….as a professional

Q: Did fans notice the mistake? 
A: Yes, all the fans saw it. They felt sorry and worried, but saw me trying my best till the end, attracted to me again, and screamed more loudly
Q. How you start playing baseball with the baseball team?
A: A friend of mine, very close, older than me, is playing baseball. He asked Do you like baseball? Yes, I do! So I joined the team

- about album and others in next year

Q. About album and others in next year
A: Kyu said YS’s preparing for a great solo album and also has a special plan to show up as an actor

Q. About twitter, are they answering twitter with fans?
A: Yes, I saw the mentions from fans. But written in English…..for those I can understand, I read them, H-mmmm……for those I can’t understand, I just pass

Q. About practicing speak Thai language
A: We know we have to practice hard, but to be honest, we just learned a few words before shooting. We appreciate your compliment on our pronunciation. We’re gonna study hard

Q. The last question, greeting our King
A: For celebration of the King’s birthday, we are wearing this bracelet to honor him. Celebrating with all our heart, we wish him healthy for all ages. We will pray for his health

P.S. Behind the scene, the recording microphone is wireless microphone and clipping on his shirt but the one in YS hand is fake and YS always play with it.

Park Jung Min's Christmas Photos

Credit: + 00lanse@SS501 Baidu

[Photo] Kim Hyung Jun - December 2010 Wallpaper

Credit: Kim Hyung Jun Japan FC
Reposted on Pretty Boy + SS501 Baidu

SS501 Tweets 101221

Credits : xiaochu @

2010-12-21 @ 11:57pm
@HyungJun87 Are you living well,,kekeke

2010-12-21 @ 11:18pm
Here is Osaka!!!
Eng translations by

2010-12-21 @ 10:21pm
@JungMin0403 Yea, I heard about it even if you didn’t tell me! Will go with DongDongJu~~ Thankyou~~

2010-12-21 @ 10:19pm
@WarrenBONBOO Hyung, comeback is in January!!^^* I’m happy since we’re doing it together! I pestered (them) that I want to do with hyung~^^

2010-12-21 @ 10:18pm
@Moonjunwon Yah, there is no reply when you start conversation by discretely asking people to treat meals??

2010-12-21 @ 10:18pm
@JungMin0403 Have you made a comeback? I did well because you showed concern for it!!

2010-12-21 @ 10:17pm
@HyungJun87 It is not a lie alright? Gave my mother and sister the tickets and they went to watch your musical!!^^ Full of praises!!
*this is in reply to HyungJun who said he has given out the free tix to someone else and asked if he should lie..

2010-12-21 @ 10:13pm
@2kjdream You are near to gorilla sleep.gif+
*that’s in reply to KyuJong who laughed at him about carrot cake

2010-12-21 @ 10:12pm
@Steven_Lee_ Hyung ah ya!!!^^ I wrote ‘I followed you!!!’ TT TT it was in my draft TT TT I written that long ago!!^^ Miss you ^^ Miss you

2010-12-21 @ 10:11pm
@WarrenBONBOO Hyung ah ya!!! How is the conference for Korea fan meeting???^.^*

2010-12-21 @ 10:02pm
@JungMin0403 Thanks oppa~^^* Will do well for the schedule and oppa must also take care of your health too~! heehee Hwaiting!

2010-12-21 @ 9:53pm
@gyuri88 Ung!! I’m in Japan^^ Keep it up and do well for the radio, let’s meet even in Japan^^ You’re so busy so should take care of your health~!^^ Strength !!!

2010-12-21 @ 9:50pm
To those who have a husband, I hope you don’t let them know of my hand (^∇^)
*Because it is a hugging fanmeeting*

Eng translations by

2010-12-21 @ 9:43pm
@JungMin0403 heeheehee I forgot about that TT hee Oppa is going to Japan~?^^ When are you coming back~

2010-12-21 @ 9:41pm
Tomo-chan who worked hard and Ranka-chan is sleeping… or rather they’re dying!!! (~_~;)
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2010-12-21 @ 9:33pm
Today’s words!!!! I will hug you until your ribs are broken!!! (*☻-☻*)
Eng translations by

2010-12-21 @ 9:31pm
The sign meeting finished and now I am riding a bullet train to Osaka!! (^人^)Those who came to the sign meeting!!! Thank you (^ー^) Everyone in Osaka, wait for me!!!!
Eng translations by

2010-12-21 @ 9:26pm
@JungMin0403 Let’s meet let’s meet!! @gyuri88

2010-12-21 @ 9:26pm
@gyuri88 When doing with oppa, ‘Please also listen to ShimShimTaPa’!! Should have done that too!!!^^ Thank you for the one week~~!!^^ Tell Dong that (i will be doing) suprise attack!!
*in reply to =gyuri88= (2010-12-21 @ 12:09am)
ShimShimTaPa with Dong oppa who returned after a week!! It has started, please listen to 95.9~>_<

2010-12-21 @ 8:17pm
Taking time off the busy schedule… Over here is Bulgogi XXXX, will eat it well^^

2010-12-21 @ 5:39pm
RT @HyungJun87: Just for today only! Special Christmas & New Year Event has started. Please write in the official homepage about the wish that you must accomplish in the new year 2011!

2010-12-21 @ 5:38pm
Just for today only! Special Christmas & New Year Event has started. Please write in the official homepage about the wish that you must accomplish in the new year 2011!

2010-12-21 @ 11:59am
@orangeheejin What is this!! This is not the result I have wished for!

2010-12-21 @ 10:45am
@seanalexander23 haha ^^ sun is verry slow….. ^^ i hope u too!! merrychristmas~~ ^^ see u in L.A !!!|~

2010-12-21 @ 10:37am
@2kjdream haha it’s still raining! Where is that sun you sent? Maybe it’s stuck in the mail. smile.gif I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

2010-12-21 @ 10:18am
I wanna learn Eng ..!! but eng is soooo difficult!! plz tell me eng!! know!! ^^ KOREA is cold.. upcoming Christmas!! merry christmas~~^^

2010-12-21 @ 9:45am
@Steven_Lee_ Good Morning!! steven^^!! miss u ma bro ¤Ð Even now i want to go L.A!!!!!!!!!