Monday, February 28, 2011

Jung Min Visits Hyung Jun on His MV FIlm Set

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SS501′s Park Jung Min has set out to support the group’s maknae, Kim Hyung Joon, as he prepares for his solo debut next month.

Kim Hyung Joon will be the second member of SS501 to officially make his solo debut. To cheer on his bandmate, Park Jung Min dropped by Kim’s film set with snacks in hand for the staff members.
Kim Hyung Joon’s representatives revealed, “Seeing the two of them together was very heartwarming. Park Jung Min was able to give a burst of energy to both Kim Hyung Joon and the staff members, who were all very tired from the late night filming.”

The star will release his solo album this March, which will be followed by a large-scale promotion cycle in Japan and the rest of Asia.

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