Hello! Konnichi Wa! Annyeonghasaeyo! Hi, I’m the creator of this blog… Call me rayeyxoxo. I created this blog because I’m a very big SS501 fan and, of course, also a Triple S from the Philippines~ Yeah.. I’m Pinoy. Now, what to tell about me? Hm…

I’ll let out the story of how I discovered these awesome boys. Please continue reading it because, MAYBE, it is a story that relates to you. You never know, right? Keke~ Well, I’ll tell mine, anyway. Haha! I just love sharing my thoughts about the boys (SS501). You can try doing it too. It feels so good especially when you find out that a lot of people feel the same way, same passion about them. They are just amazing J So, here goes.

It started last June 2010, when K-POP INVADED Asia, including here in the Philippines. I, for one, didn’t like it. At first, I thought they are so annoying. I don’t know why. *no offence…I have my own story :D* June, here in the Philippines, is the start of the new school year for students. I was about to enter the senior life – 4th year high school – back then. Of course, we see friends again after, say 2 months. After the dismissal, we went to computer shops. *it’s like our bonding time. Haha!* So, what do you do with computers at computer shops? è Internet surfing, of course! I was there, just checking my Facebook account, and watching some movie trailers at Youtube. Suddenly, my friend told me to watch “Sorry sorry” by Super Junior because he said that the MV was awesome. I was forced to watch it. But, it keeps on buffing and I don’t have any interest in it, anyway, so, I gave up. But, I saw on the recommended for you on the Youtube home, “Love like This” by SS501.

I then remembered… back in the summer break, I was watching one TV channel here called MYX. It’s a music channel, just like MTV and Channel V. It also has charts, countdowns, MV toppers, etc. Anyway, the daily top ten MVs was on air that time, and the heck with K-Pop~!!... almost all ten best MV of the day are K-Pop bands/groups. I was so furious back then *I used to hate K-Pop xP* But, I can still recall that one K-Pop boy group appealed to me… I just don’t know who they are. è

Back to the story è I became excited when I watched “Love like This” MV. The boys are so cute~!! Then, I started blabbing about them, how all the K-Pop artists is nothing when these guys are performing. The funny part is that Leader (Kim Hyun Joong), I didn’t like him much back when he was on Boy Over Flowers *of course everyone knows this show J* because he was sort of an antagonist-ish there. Haha! And I didn’t even know he was a singer!! Anyway, as I hit rewind over and over again on that particular MV, I started to realize that that IS Ji Hoo, Hyun Joong *I didn’t know his real name back then. I really AM an anti, aren’t I? xD*. His face and hair looked very different in the MV than of the usual. But, here’s the catch, I’m sure a majority of you came to love SS501 because of Hyun Joong who is in the hit TV drama Boys Over Flowers, I beg to differ! I was nagging my friend who’s close to me every time I watch “Love like This” MV because of a very good looking guy… and that was Kim Hyung Jun. Yes, Hyung Jun is my first SS501 love. Haha! I fell in love with his gorgeous eyes and his voice and, of course, his face!

At first, I didn’t care much. Yeah~ I really love people who have stunning and very beautiful eyes and smile, but, as I said, I hated K-POP then. My world turned upside down when one of my bestie’s *who’s, BTW, in love with Koreans* told me a little something about SS501. He showed me photos, and, at that time, they are still promoting their album ‘Destination’. Okay, SO… I GOT INTERESTED!! Who wouldn’t be???!! Haha! ANW, Hyung Jun really is the ONLY one I was interested in. And so, I watched some of their MVs. The second MV that I watched was ‘Snow Prince’ from their second mini album. I reaaaaalllly LOVED that one ‘cause not only Hyung Jun, but also ALL of them are so adorable and super cute!! That’s when I realized that… “Hey! I’m in love with these boys. What am I thinking!? I hate K-POP, but their exceptionalJ” Third MV of theirs I watched was ‘A song Calling for You’ Yaaaa!! A really really good MV! Haha. Suuuuper cute! Then came ‘Lucky Days’, ‘Deja Vu’, ‘U R Man’ and of course, the MV that made me decide to really BE a Triple S is ‘Love Ya’. I was really proud when I was already a fan when they released the ‘Let Me Be the One’ MV. That makes me love SS501 more… seeing what they do in ONE MV. I came to notice that they are very close with each other. I got interested A LOT MORE!

How to download videos from YouTube was the only thing I wanted to know then. I learned how to download videos because of SS501. Haha! *I know it sounds that I’m exaggerating about how I love them, but, IT’S TRUE!!* When they performed a sort of playing around-ish ‘Love Ya’ on Music Core, PrettyBoy (kimhyungjun.kr) had a fancam focusing on Hyung Jun only. It’s SO cute! He had a heart on the end. Haha! *Can’t explain it, just watch on YouTube! xD* I really wanted to have that vid. And so, I asked someone on how I can download it and save it to my computer. I learned, and now… I have at least 50 videos of SS501 stored in my computer AND in my hard drive. Haha! The first show I loved and laughed very hardly at was Park Kyung Lim’s “Thank You for Waking Me Up”. It was a show that was aired back in December 2006 up to January or February 2007 when Kyung Lim has to wake up the boys for their activities. Back in that time, SS501 members were still living in one dorm *that’s why it’s THAT exciting!! Heehee.^^* It’s really funny because fans can see other sides of the boys. You can see the links here in my blog in ‘VIDEOS’ J. It’s there!! Then, there were the activities in Japan shows, a lot, actually, the Mnet M! Picks vids, the ‘Thanks for Raising Me Up’*a somewhat season 2 to PKL’s show*, and so much more!! It’s very inspiring really, and hilarious!! SS501 is a lot of fun behind the cameras and even in front of cameras.

I got tired of the videos. I’m thinking on how I can get updates or something about SS501. and the only answer was~~~~ Websites. *What else!? xD* I googled it… one website and the first I got sources from is the Triple S Philippines forum (triplesph.com). At first, I was wondering… what is Triple S? Oh! Okay, Super Star Supporters! Haha! I decided to be an official member since the site is Pinoy, anyway. I research further and further and found out that SS501 is EVERYWHERE!! Haha! I’m not gonna name it one by one since the links to the websites are in this blog~~~ ‘LINKS’. I got excited… everyday I wanted to be OL because of them! Haaa!

Talk about my Twitter account. Well, I have been using Twitter for almost 2 years now. I registered last May 2009 and used it for a couple of months~~ at least 2-3 months only. J And stopped for a while because I can’t find the reason to continue using it since I got bored already. BUT!... when I knew SS501, I found reason to use Twitter again. *follow me @rayeyxoxo on Twitter!! xD* When I, after a year, opened my Twitter account again, I saw that Hyung Jun registered, too! I was SO happy!!*follow Hyung Jun @HyungJun87 on Twitter* Then, Jung Min got into Twitter too!! *follow Jung Min @JungMin0403 on Twitter* Then, Young Saeng and Kyu Jong followed!! Yeeep! *follow Young Saeng @mystyle1103 and Kyu Jong @2kjdream on Twitter* Unfortunately, Hyun Joong hasn’t been registered yet. But, hopefully in the near future!! We can have all five of them tweeting each other!! Haha! That would be so much fun! xD

Alright so… I have all the sources in the world that a TS need t have to survive in SS501 planet. Heehee J. But, I was thinking, every time I read news or articles about the boys, I don’t want to let it go~~ like, I want to keep them in one place where I can look at it from time to time. Then I have decided… it’s TIME to have a blog. And I ended up here!! *ssrayey501.blogspot.com was my first blog creation*

Now, I just want to share anything and everything about SS501. Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min, and Kim Hyung Jun are just five boys with wonderful personalities and spectacular talent that true a TRUE Triple S really understands. Words can’t really explain how wonderful and amazing these boys are and what they can become in the future. I’m OBSESS with them because LOVE LIKE THIS can NEVER AGAIN make my life a WASTELAND because they’re my EVERYTHING and my ONE AND ONLY. I really LOVE YA SS501!! YOU ARE MY HEAVEN! J

~~Yeah, I know, it’s SO long! But, SS501 IS EXCEPTIONAL~!! If you have read it, thanks a lot! I really appreciate you reading this VERY looooooooong ‘ABOUT ME’ page. Haha! It means so much! I hope this gave you inspiration to love SS501 more. But, if you didn’t, oh well, that’s okay but, they really are amazing. Read the BLOG RULES if you are not interested! Haha! xP Thanks for visiting my blog!!!:)


All the love from,
     RayeyXoXo / HyungXoXo