Monday, June 20, 2011

Heo Young Saeng Talks About Solo Album and SS501 110620

These are such nice words coming from such a nice person from such a nice KPOP boy group. Haha! I'm talking about our prince, Young Saeng and SS501. Read the article, please. It will give a smile on your face :)

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Heo YoungSaeng “SS501 Discord? We Don’t Even Use the Word ‘Disband’ Among Ourselves”

Heo YoungSaeng returned as solo. He was a member of 5-member group SS501 until last year and has debuted as a solo singer. Ending their contract with agency DSP Media, the members each move to a new agency, Heo YoungSaeng and Kim KyuJong settled in B2M Entertainment which houses Lee Hyori.

The first harvest is mini album ‘Let It Go’. It was his solo debut album, however it was delayed as he fractured and tore the ligament of back of his right hand during the dance practice in April, the album released thereafter became even more precious.

Same title album name and title song was very well received. Breaking the prediction that having a beautiful voice, he should traditionally be choosing a ballad song, he returned with a mid-tempo dance song and was ranked in the top ranks in various online music sites, and in addition he was also one of the candidates for the 1st place in KBS 2TV music program ‘Music Bank’ on 20-May.

Through his title song ‘Let It Go’, Heo YoungSaeng transformed into a cold guy who is indifferent to love. On 16-June, we met with the solo singer in Kuki Media office at SangAm-dong, Seoul.

“The goal for this album is to publise my name. People know me as a member of SS501, but they don’t know who is Heo YoungSaeng (laughs). With the mind to let others know my name, I emptied my greed released the album, I am happy yet bewildered to be receiving so much love which was unexpected. When I was one of the candidate for the 1st place, I was also surprised.”

The dance song was chosen as his title song in order for him to show his other type of attraction. “I was wondering what image is the best to make my debut as a solo singer, and I came upon this song ‘Let It Go’. I also thought that ballad would suit me better but at the moment I heard the song, I thought that it isn’t a bad idea to show another side of me. I prepared to my best in order to hear people say ‘Heo YoungSaeng suits such a song well too’.”

Heo YoungSaeng is the 3rd member out of SS501 to have his solo debut, after Park JungMin and Kim HyungJun. About the comparisons with the 2 members who debuted before him, he said drawing a line “This is not a competition among SS501 members but a fight against myself.”

“I never thought of competing against SS501 members. It is not a comparative advantage with SS501 but I think it is more important to release an album that satisfies me. Even though I did my best for this album, but there are still a lot of disappointments like something were undone yet. I am very thankful to SS501 members who come personally to support and sent encouraging messages to me during my first performance.”

Even though SS501 members are each in different agencies, they are still in close relationship with each other. Though they are separated now, rest assured and look forward to the day where 5 of them to come back together again. For the day to come, members will definitely not use the word ‘disband’.

“A lot of people said things such as ‘One of the member was in disagreement’ ‘Someone betrayed another’. The rumor that everyone was close with each other but due to disagreement, the team was broken, is untrue. But we are not able to explain each and everything....I feel really frustrated and regretful but in a way,
I think that the misunderstanding will be cleared if next time the 5 of us come back together in one place, and I am waiting for it. For that day to come, all the members never say the word ‘disband’. We all have our own situations where it didn’t turn out as expected, so we couldn’t release an album or hold a concert immediately now. But we will work hard to be the SS501 who will do our best to entertain our fans in whichever place each of us are in (laughs).”

Heo YoungSaeng successfully made his first step as a solo singer. Owing to the fans’ love, he has planned to engage into producing his next album immediately. He will be coming back to his fans with an official album about end of this year. What would his music style next time, we are looking forward to his next transformation.