Monday, January 9, 2012

[Video] Kyu Jong Cut in "Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil" Episodes 7 & 8

AND Kyu Jongie appeared on "Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil" last Saturday as well! Have you watched the 7th episode? Well, I have, but Kyu Jong's part only. I am still looking for the full ep vids. Let me tell you, Kyu Jong made my heart beat fast again even without doing anything. He's a natural in acting. I'd love to see him have more exposure on the drama. He made me smile just by walking, lifting those boxes, and talking, nothing more nothing less. *heart eyes* ♥___♥

PS: The vids are edited so give proper credits ;)

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[Video] "Glowing She" Episodes 1 & 2

So, "Glowing She" premiered last Saturday but I didn't get a chance to watch it live because of connection issues. It's just now that I get to watch it. I have watched the 3 minute teaser and replayed the part where there was the 'bed scene' because I was making sure that it really was Hyung Jun in there. Turns out, it really is him. Anyway, I am currently watching the first episode now. I usually wait for the subbed vids until I watch because basically, I can't understand a word they are saying. But this can't wait. It is Hyung Jun in a drama for crying out loud! Lol. Another reason why I planned on waiting for the subbed vids because I was still briefing myself about the bed scene. *sighs* I am one bitter Triple S. Haha! Here's my blog about "Glowing She". I love how the SS501 Double Gong lightstick appeared at the beginning of the show. I love So E Hyun's role in this drama, so enthusiastic it makes me want to run around circles while hopping with her. LOL. Hyung Jun was breathtaking. Remarkable acting. Awesome expressions. LOVE. ^__^

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[Article] Hyung Jun's Bed Scene in "Glowing She"

Well, I do not want to put it in a bad way but I was, admittedly, teary-eyed when I heard that it was really Hyung Jun in that scene. I couldn't believe it because there aren't any news about this and no one gave the fans a heads up, not even Hyung Jun himself. So until now, I still couldn't bring myself to smile every time I see photos or videos or even news about this. It is heartbreaking, in a fangirl way. Admit it or not, it really is considering the fact that I am a Hyung Jun biased and I have loved him ever since. But on the contrary, I heard his acting skills were remarkable! I still haven't watched the first two episodes yet but I am currently loading them right now. I thought of waiting for the subbed vids like what I do before but I couldn't find any and I couldn't wait any longer either. Kkk~ Anyway, here's an article about Hyung Jun's shocking 'bed scene' in the drama.

Source + Photos: Chosun via Naver

Kim Hyung Jun has a racy bed scene in ‘She’s Completely Insane’

SS501‘s maknae Kim Hyung Jun has made a complete transformation into an ‘adult idol’ for his KBS drama, ‘She’s Completely Insane‘!

The pilot episode aired on January 7th, and fans were in for a surprise with Kim Hyung Jun’s dramatic image change into the arrogant top star ‘Kangmin’. Unlike his sweet maknae image, he carried his character with a suave flair that fans weren’t quite accustomed to yet. Some scenes saw him holding back his anger with a glass of whiskey while others saw him reacting angrily to officials that make mistakes towards him.

The scene that caught the most attention, however, was one that required a bed scene between him and his CF partner, Song Hyo Bin. Although there wasn’t any exposure, the erotic atmosphere of the set was enough to show fans how much their maknae had grown.

His company explained, “The scene was one that was needed to progress the plot so we hope that people will just view it for what it is: acting.”

Viewers praised, “Kim Hyung Jun’s acting exceeded my expectations,” and “I think he’ll achieve more success as an actor.”