Thursday, December 30, 2010

KyuJong & YoungSaeng AND Story in Manila Promotional Video

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We bet this video will surely excite all the SS501 fans in the Philippines!!! You wouldn't want to miss the chance of seeing and watching these 2 handsome idols' performance, right!?!?!


Go reserve your tickets now at and catch these 2 lovely princes LIVE IN MANILA!!!


Video Credit: GEPPInc @ YT

[Audio] Musical Cafe-In - 19/24 Dec 2010

I give many thankSS to crazynoona @ Only Jun ( for posting this one. Because lots of us are not able to see Hyung Jun perform live in the theater for Cafe-In. However, please bear with the owner of these sound recordings. Let us respect her conditions. I paste the text here from Only Jun regarding the downloading and the reposting of the sound recording. Please head out to KIMHYUNGJUN.NET to download the full version of the 19th and 24the December musical. Thank You :)) For the meantime, please enjoy this 32 minutes audio :))

I’m posting this only because I realise many fans couldn’t make it to Korea to watch the musical even though they would really wish to do so. And also we are always striving to share good things with fans! :) Hopefully the sound recording would encourage you to purchase the OST online or even buy the DVD when it is released because hearing only the wma file gives you half the fun!

 Download links for unprocessed raw files will be provided for both Hyung Jun’s Performance on 19 Dec 2010 (6pm) and 24 Dec 2010 (10pm). Youtube version is just Hyung Jun’s musical number cuts on 19 Dec.


Please DO NOT REPOST the download links to any fansites or blogs or upload it to any streaming media.  MP3 全属这网站所有,禁止转载!!!

Have your friends visit this page if they want to download.
On the 19th, he quickly inserted “Because I’m stupid” lyrics while pulling up the blinds and “U R MAN” lyrics while reading a book and waiting for his coffee. On the 24th, he inserted “U R MAN” and “SNOW PRINCE” lyrics while reading the book. Listen to the raw files and see if you are able to spot these! :)

Video Cedit: OnlyJun87 @ YT