Sunday, March 20, 2011

Park Jung Min vs. Kim Hyung Jun on Wide Entertainment News Music

As rivals? Never gonna happen :))

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Kim Hyung Jun on 'Quiz That Changes the World' 110320

So darn cute!!^^ Hyung Jun really makes himself busy by appearing to various TV shows to promote his song nae? But doing it real good...I love it he says 'Oh!Ah!' then after looking a the reactions of people he says Oah!! Haha. I miss his laugh!! xD I think I saw Park Kyung Lim there? Haha :))

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Kim Hyung Jun Fan Signing Event 110319

Fan signing. Lalala~^^

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Park Jung Min on Entertainment Celebrity News

Kekekekeke~~ Jung Min!! ^_^
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Kim Hyung Jun @ Sponge 110318

Hyung Jun is everywhere~~ chincha!! Haha. Enjoy this loooong video :))

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Kim Hyung Jun @ KBS Entertainment Time - Star Life Theater Stalker Ep1

 Why do these boys get handsome and handsome and gorgeous but still cute every time i see them?! Hahaha!! So cute :))

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[Fancams] Jung Min @ "Not Alone" Fan Signing Event 110319

Jung Min!! Again~ with the cuteness!! It's driving me nuts!!^^ Hahaha! xD Favorite fancam is from freakin' cute! :))

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[Fancams] Jung Min @ Singapore "Not Alone" Press Conference 110318

Jung Min is just precious. He's so gorgeous and cute at the same time. Keke~ Thanks so much to TripleS in Singapore who shared with us their clips of JM in SG.