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Hyung Jun January 2011 Desktop Calendar

It is the photo I am seeing every single day when opening my computer xD

Thanks to JJUNAWAY for this. 


[Eng Sub] Hyun Joong Cameo Cut From Dream High Ep 1

Is it me or is Hyun Joong and BYJ look so much alike? Haha!

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[Video] Kyu Jong and Young Saeng Summer Love DVD Invite

In this video, Kyu and YS is in Cebu, herein the Philippines!! TSPH... notice the Pinoy-ish background? Haha! They shoot this in Cebu last December 2010. Remember they went there for something.. I don't know xP

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SS501 Heart is Still in One Body 110105

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English translation:
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[News][2011.01.05] 'Good competition' SS501 thou not in same management company, heart is still in one body
"Regarding SS501 album and other members, first will wait until personal activity has completed, next year will start to plan for new album", "We still wish to release a SS501 album", "Although signing to different management agencies, but SS501 has not disband"

These are words from SS501 five members after signing on separately with different management agencies. Their management agencies expressed although group acitivities were temporary stop, but the friendship among group members have continued like before. Not only this, Kim HyungJun also went to Park JungMin MV filming site to support him, maintaining each others strong friendship while starting on a good competition.

Kim Hyun Joong started off his activity as actor in 'Naughty Kiss' last year. During the Christmas Eve, he revealed in his official website: "Next year (2011) will released new album, please keep in anticipation", this has also given the sign that he will come back as a singer.

Park Jung Min who will release his new album will hold his first showcase and fan meeting at 7pm, 22 Jan, at Children Grand Park Dome Big Hall. Tickets were sold out within 10mins during pre-sale, showing a success start for his solo activity.

Kim Hyung Jun reborn as a musical actor. In musical 'Cafe-In' he acted as double role, as flirty sommelier and novice barista, gaining good review from media and fans. Recently, together with his brother Kim Kibum (U-KISS), they started a character design and media development company.

Signing on to same agencies' Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong held their fan meeting last year end at SangMyung University Big Hall, officially started off their activity. Both of them plan to hold their fan meeting at Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and other Asian countries.

Top Ten Korean Stories in 2010 110105

Credits:Manila Bulletin
Taken From: Daily Kpopnews

The Korean entertainment in 2010 was marked by the surge of the popularity of K-pop and Korean films advancing in the international arena. However, the K-pop music scene was rocked by controversies, including the issues surrounding popular boy bands TVXQ, 2PM and SS501.
Under The Cut.

Here are the top 10 stories that have made significant impact in the Korean entertainment last year. 

1. TVXQ/JYJ - The controversy involving top K-pop boy band TVXQ started in 2009 and continued in 2010. After Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun and Youngwoong Jaejoong sued SM Entertainment to void their exclusive contracts with the agency in 2009, the three focused on their career in Japan and established their own group, JYJ. But after a successful run in Japan, Avex, JYJ’s Japanese agency, announced in September that it would stop JYJ’s activities in Japan. JYJ then released their first English album, “The Beginning,” in October and embarked on a world tour including performing in the United States. SM Entertainment, on the other hand, announced that the remaining members of TVXQ, Yunho and Changmin, would be coming back and the two would use the name TVXQ, a move that did not sit well with some fans. While the idea of uniting all the members of TVXQ is now elusive, fans are hoping that one day, TVXQ will be back with the original five members performing as one.

2. Jay Park and 2PM - Another controversy that rocked the K-pop industry was the ouster of rapper and bboy Jay Park (aka Park Jaebum) as leader of boy band 2PM. On February 25, JYP Entertainment announced that it was terminating Jay from 2PM. This angered fans who wanted the agency to explain the real reason it decided to oust Jay. A conference between JYP representatives, 2PM members and fans was held on Feb. 27, where 2PM members admitted that they all agreed to terminate Jay from the group. In March, Jay posted a viral video on YouTube that started his trek back to the K-pop industry. In April, Jay announced that he would be starring in “Hype Nation,” his first movie. With the help of many people, including Ned Sherman, who became Jay’s lawyer for his activities, Jay successfully came back to South Korea in June and launched his solo career. Despite parting ways with 2PM, Jay repeatedly said that he still loves 2PM members.

3. SS501 - Another boy band that was involved in controversy was SS501, headed by popular actor and singer Kim Hyun Joong. When the boy band’s contract with DSP Entertainment expired in June, members signed up with different agencies. Kim Hyun Joong signed up with KeyEast Entertainment. This worried fans who feared that SS501 would be headed for disbandment. However, the members assured that SS501 will continue as a boy band.

4. K-pop invades Japan - More K-pop groups debuted in the lucrative Japanese music market. Several years ago, TVXQ and BoA paved the way for the entry of K-pop music in Japan. Big Bang has also become popular there. In 2010, Girls Generation, KARA and 2PM also debuted in Japan while FT Island debuted as a mainstream group.

5. Scandals - From drugs and gambling to alleged evasion of enlisting in the Korean military, Korean stars were involved last year in different scandals and controversies. Entertainer Shin Jung Hwan is now living outside Korea after becoming news fodder for allegedly failing to pay his gambling debt in Cebu. Rapper MC Mong is now on trial for allegedly having his teeth pulled out in order to dodge military service. Actor Kim Sung-Min was arrested for possession of methamphetamine. Rapper Crown J was also charged with allegedly using marijuana while he was in the US. Super Junior member Kangin was fined for drunk driving, an incident that prompted him to enlist in the army. Singer Lee Hyori was also involved in a controversy when it was found that some tracks from her 2010 album, “H-Logic,” were plagiarized. The album composer was eventually charged and convicted by a court and was sentenced to imprisonment.

6. K-pop’s popularity surges in the Philippines - 2010 marked the debut of different K-pop acts in the Philippines. SHINee started the trend in 2009 when the group performed at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Super Junior included the Philippines in its Super Show 2 Asia Tour. Pop star Rain, BEAST, FT Island, 4Minute, Kim Hyun Joong and U-Kiss also visited the country. The popularity of K-pop also resulted in brisk K-pop album sales in the Philippines.

7. Rain’s lawsuit and acquittal - Asian pop star Rain was again swept in a controversy when a Korean-American businessman sued the singer for fraud and breach of contract in the US. Concert promoter Andrew Kim filed a case against Rain to claim $2 million, including $150,000 in alleged gambling debt. The singer and his agency, J. Tune Entertainment, vehemently denied the charges. On the other hand, Rain won a lawsuit last December against an investor regarding his concert in Hawaii in 2007. A Seoul court ordered the businessman to pay Rain close to $900,000.

8. Girls Generation dominates K-pop industry - Nine-member Girls Generation dominated the K-pop industry in 2010 based on album sales and popularity. The girl group won the grand prize in the 25th Golden Disk Awards in addition to numerous awards it received in 2010. Online music site Monkey3 cited Girl Generation’s “Oh” as the No. 1 Best Song in 2010. Hanteo, another online music site, bestowed the 2010 Best Singer Award to Girls Generation. The pop group also became successful in Japan, winning the Best New Artist award in the 52nd Japan Record Awards.

9. Hangeng wins lawsuit vs SM Entertainment - It took one year before this Super Junior member achieved his goal to be free from the clutches of SM Entertainment. Last December, the Seoul Central District Court annulled Hangeng’s contracts with SM Entertainment, paving way for the Chinese member of Super Junior to chart to his solo career.

10. Tablo and the Stanford University issue - Hip-hop singer Tablo was swept in a controversy when netizens accused him of faking his Stanford University degree. The online attacks lasted for months. Despite that, the university had issued certifications to prove that the singer was indeed a Stanford graduate. The controversy prompted Tablo to bring a camera crew to Stanford to interview officials and prove once and for all that the allegations were all lies. A police investigation cleared Tablo, and 14 persons were charged with maligning the singer.

SS501 Tweets 110105

I regret the day not being online and not opening my Twitter account~ and that was YESTERDAY >.< Young Saeng tweeted a lot... and photos too. Just waited for the translation to see them. :))

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=Actor_ParkJiBin =
2010.01.05 @ 11:29PM
@mystyle1103 와 나빴다.....angry.gif. 형이 좀 알려줘 멋있어지는방법을 ㅋㅋㅋ
@mystyle1103 Wah you're bad......angry.gif Hyung please tell me, the method to becoming handsome kekeke

2010.01.05 @ 11:28PM
@mystyle1103 난 이제 생각도 안나~~~그냥 90년대 노래 들으면 좋을 뿐이고~~ㅋㅋ
@mystyle1103 I dont even think of it now~~~Just that it feels good when I listen to songs from the 90s~~ keke

2010.01.05 @ 11:25PM
@mystyle1103 핸드폰으로 그렸는게 이렇게 잘그려???? 헐...
@mystyle1103 Drawing this nice with a handphone???? Hur...

2010.01.05 @ 11:02PM
@mystyle1103 못믿겟어요!!!!!!거짓말!!!!!!!
@mystyle1103 I don't believe!!!!!!!!! Lie!!!!!!!!!

2010.01.05 @ 10:43PM
@mystyle1103 형 저 리메이크디싱 나왔어용 들어봐주셔요 ㅋㅋ
@mystyle1103 Hyung, my remakedising is out, please listen to it keke
*XiaoChu: not too sure what is remakedising, remake a song?

2010.01.05 @ 10:40PM
새해복많이받으세요 Happy new year 톝?あけましておめでとうございます톝?㎒乐좮 สวัสดีปีใหม่!
*Happy new year in Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Thai

2010.01.05 @ 10:35PM
@onestarL ㅋㅋ 이상하게 올리고 싶네~~ㅡㅡ
@onestarL keke Funnily I wanted to upload them~~ --

2010.01.05 @ 10:35PM
@mystyle1103 형오늘사진달리는날??ㅋㅋ
@mystyle1103 Hyung, today is a day to show photos??keke

2010.01.05 @ 10:33PM
'영생이형 멋있어!!' 하면서 쬐그만하고 귀여웠던 녀석이.. 이제는 좀 컸다고ㅡㅡ 목소리도 변하고~키도 안클거 같던 녀석이 키도크고ㅡㅡ 근데 왜 멋이 없을까...ㅋㅋㅋ
Saying 'YoungSaeng hyung, you're handsome!!' and stopping there, the cute little guy then.. Is now a little bigger -- Voice also changed~ the guy who didnt seem like he will grow any taller has grown taller -- but why is he not handsome... kekeke

2010.01.05 @ 10:26PM
@Steven_Lee_ 우리 한참 일본활동 시작할때였는데 ㅋㅋㅋ
@Steven_Lee_ It was when we started our Japanese activities for awhile already keke

2010.01.05 @ 10:26PM
모두들 믿겨지지 않겠지만~ 이그림이 내가 핸드폰으로 그린거라면 믿우시겠습니까?!ㅋㅋ 캬~잘그렸어!!못그렷다고 생각이들어도 속으로만 생각해주기!!!!^^
Even though everyone cannot believe this~ Would you believe if I tell you that I drew this picture with a handphone?!keke Kya~Nicely drawn!! Even if you think it is not nicely drawn, please keep that thought to yourself!!!!^^

2010.01.05 @ 10:25PM
@mystyle1103 규종이가 팬들막는 모습이 상상이 안가는데 -_-; ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아 웃김 대박~
@mystyle1103 I cannot imagine how KyuJong looks when he is blocking the fans -_-; kekekekekeke Ah, funny, DaeBak~

2010.01.05 @ 10:23PM
@Steven_Lee_ ㅋㅋ아무래도 뉴스에인기는 대단하더군요 ㅋㅋ그때 규종이가 팬들막고 나랑 코야마랑 같이 뛰고 ㅋㅋ 대박......!
@Steven_Lee_ keke Anyways, NEWS popularity is really great keke That time, KyuJong blocked the fans while Koyama and I ran together keke Daebak......!

2010.01.05 @ 10:20PM
@mystyle1103 ㅋㅋㅋ 니들이 팬들을 따돌려? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 사진 좋은데~
@mystyle1103 kekeke You guys shake off the fans? kekekekekekeke photo is good though~

2010.01.05 @ 10:17PM
@Kangseokkyu ㅋㅋ가끔은 옛날생각에... 우울해져요ㅠㅠ
@Kangseokkyu Sometime when thinking back on those old days... will become depressed ㅠㅠ

2010.01.05 @ 10:18PM
마지막으로 일본의 news멤버인 코야마군!!ㅋ말이 안통해서 답답했는데 규종이랑 나를 숙소까지 데려다주고 고마운친구 ㅋ 우리는 이친구의 팬들을 따돌려주고~ㅋㅋ이때가 3년전인가?흠,지금은 연락 안되겠지?!ㅡㅡ
Lastly, Japan NEWS member Koyama!! Ke had language barrier and was frustrating but he's a friend I'm grateful to cos he even sent KyuJong and me back to our dorm ke we shake off this friend's fans~ keke was this 3 years ago? Hmm won't be able to contact him now isn't it?!ㅡㅡ

2010.01.05 @ 10:13PM
@mystyle1103 괜찮다~~~~ㅋㅋ지금도 모 ~~훌룡하지~~나도 방부제좀줘~~ㅋㅋ
@mystyle1103 It's okay~~~~keke Well now you're~~ still superb~~ please also give me some preservatives too~~keke

2010.01.05 @ 10:12PM
@mystyle1103 어.. 형준이는 마이크도 안차고 있네.. ㅋ
@mystyle1103 uh.. HyungJun didnt even put on his mic.. ke

2010.01.05 @ 10:14PM
태국에서 찍엇던 셀카라는것 밖에..ㅋㅋ 이때만 해도 셀카찍는거 좋아했는데~이젠 귀찮네ㅡㅡ
This is a selca taken when I was in Thailand.. Keke I enjoyed taking selca during that time~ now it's annoying --

2010.01.05 @ 10:13PM
사진정리하다 발견한사진중 하나 ㅋㅋ 이때가 언제냐~~~~~~ㅋ
Was going through my photos, one of which I've discovered keke when was this~~~~~~ke

2010.01.05 @ 10:10PM
캬~~추억의 사진!! 20살 꽃다운 나이였는데ㅡㅡ
Kya~~ photo of memory!! I was flower-like 20 years old then --