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Kyu Jong New Photos

Kyu Jongie looks so good in these photos. I'm excited for the promotion of Musical GOONG. Will prepare for it, just like Musical Cafe In. Haha. It's gonna be fun.^^

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Kim Hyung Jun's KISS Scene

*groans* Ki Bum ah, don't play tricks like this again...even though it's funny!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAA. I saw the article title on my dashboard. My heart was beating super loud but then I saw what it really was! Hahaha. This is so cute! Hyung Jun ah, you love kissing your daughter in public huh? :DD Ki Bum tweeted this photo of Hyung Jun and Choco yesterday. ^^

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Kibum: “Kim Hyung Jun’s kiss scene?”

Kibum’s real older brother Kim Hyung Jun’s kiss scene has been revealed to the public.

Kibum, who debuted with U-Kiss, published a photo on his twitter account on the 18th of May with the caption “BREAKING NEWS- Hyung Jun’s kiss scene with her exposed”.

However, SS501 Kim Hyung Jun did not have a kiss scene with a girl. Rather, it was a photo of his kiss “bo-bo” pose with a brown puppy. Fans who have been anticipating Kim Hyung Jun’s kiss scene were disappointed as a result.

Netizens commented about the photo, “What? You got me.” , “both the puppy and Hyung Jun are so cute”, “recently many celebrity twitter’s photos have fooled us” and “I’ve been fooled”.”

[Trans] Young Saeng's Live Chat at YOZM 110517

Okay~ who was present when YS held a live chat @ YOZM? I am not...But enjoyed reading Young Saeng's replies to fans!! Hahahahahahahaha. I literally rolled on the floor laughing because of this. It's UBER long but you'll enjoy reading .BELIEVE ME! Aaaaah~ Young Saeng ah, you answer weirdly. Did Hyun Joong took you with him to space? LOL Young Saeng = EPIC. XD

Source: mystyleys @ YOZM
Chinese translation: princessivy Y’summer @ 水之莲生许永生中文网
English translation: @reena29shadow on Twitter & rainaftershine


Fans:”Please tell me how to slim down”
YS:”You will slim down when you fall sick. Not that asking you to get sick. Health is more important”

Fans:”When was the first time that you cried?”
YS:”The day I was born”

Fans:”Can you shout “Baby~~~” when you grab number 1?”
YS:”If I can remember that when I got number 1″

Fans: “Will you feel lonely working alone? Like HJB and JM will, so I’m worried.”
YS:”Don’t have to worry~~ keke”

Fans”Oppa type something when you are here”
YS:”Haven’t I typed alot? Typed it with my painful hand. Aren’t I cool?”

Fan:”Why didn’t I get any reply no matter how many time I try? Please reply”

Fans:”Shades suits you well”
YS:”I knew it suits me all along”

”Can’t believe I’m leaving msg to u,I’m fan frm Arab. There r many Arabian love you. All e best & congrats”
YS:”That’s a long Eng sentence.”

Fan:”Oppa, why are you so charismatic?”
YS: ”I’m so amazing, what to do~ keke”

Fans:”You are not answering me”
YS:”Answer what!!!!!”

Fans:”Oppa don’t go on diet!!!!!!!!”
YS:”If I don’t go on diet, you want to play with a pig?”

Fans:”Ah hahahahahahaahahhaa”
YS:”Pwah hahahahahahahaha”

Fans:”How does it feel to see fans partnering up members?”

Fans:”Which song you like best in this album?”
YS:”Out The Club!!!”

Fan:”When oppa go on music show, who greeted you first?”
YS:”Infinite, they are very polite. Keke, and also BEAST.. keke”

Fans:”Because I really like you, I went to learn Korean~~ Korean language is very difficult”
YS:”I too feel that Korean is…. Difficult”

Fans:”What is TripleS to Heo Young Saeng?”
YS:”SS501 fans”

Fans:”If oppa come to Ilsan, come see me everyday?!!!!!!!!”
YS:”You…. Who are you!!”

Fans:”Oppa, you are really funny kekekekekeke”
YS:”You are even funnier!! Kekekekeke”

Fans:”Oppa, will you check fans mention(@)??”
YS:”Not often. Once in a while.”

Fans:”I want to see oppa scolding someone for once”
YS:”If I scold anyone, people will screencaps!”

Fans:”Oppa, you seems like you have no energy.”
YS:”You got it right!”

Fans:”Ah… Oppa have girlfriend?? That’s really big news.. kekeke”
YS:”I’m also normal human being…”

Fans:”Do you have plan for solo concert? If yes, who wld be guest?”
YS:”I’ll do it if there’s 10000 ppl attending. Special guest, Triple S!”

Fans:”We are SS501 fans~ We are from Peru! It’s a beautiful place”
YS:”I’m also from a very beautiful place!! Come and play~~ keke”

Fans:”Oppa!! You plan to get married at what age?”
YS:”Not getting married.. “

Fans:”I miss you”
YS:”Go search videos on internet… keke”

Fans:”Oppa, do you know that sometimes I miss you chubby cheek? Where have it gone to?”
YS:”I’ve sucked the chubby cheek in.. keke”

Fans: ”Words for your fans??”
YS: “Been…. Very thankful…”

Fans: “If oppa don’t call my name, I’ll go Hyun Joong oppa~ MiSung~~ Just once will do”
YS: “kekekekekekeke. I’m not calling”

Fans: “Are you nervous during your first come back stage?”
YS: “Of course~~~”

Fans: “Because of oppa, I quarreled with my mom! All opps’a fault!”
YS: “So….? What am I supposed to do?”

Fans:”Still have yet to receive any reply till now”
YS: “Have not received? My reply is not normal reply.”

Fans:” Marry me~~~~”
YS: “Don’t want…!!! Keke”

Fans: “I hurt my hand too. Give me hospitalization fee.”
YS: “I got no money”

Fans: “Young Saeng ah… How do you feel recently?”
YS: “Just…. Like that… keke”

Fans: “Smile for once on stage, chic guy~”
YS: “Because I’m nervous… Can I smile?”

Fans: “Reply… Seems like I’m not the chosen one”
YS: “You are the chosen one!!!”

Fans:”Oppa, pls call KyungHee once, If u do, u’ll get no.1 for MuBank”
YS:”KyungHee ah~ If I didn’t get no.1, u’ll be responsible for it?”

Fans:”Oppa, come baseball court to play baseball while having a fanmeet. With beer and fried chicken keke”
YS:”Right, beer is a must have!!”

Fans:”You like your fans? Or like your members?”
YS:”You like your mom? Or you like me?”

Fans:”What are you thinking about now? Me?”
YS:”Thinking about what are you all thinking”

Every fans that ask Young Saeng to go their country for event, he all replied with, unless you get me 5000 fans.

Fans: “Oppa, I cried because of you TT_____TT”
YS: “I smile because of you”

Fans: “I saw oppa many times, but oppa should be couldn’t remember me”
YS: “kekekekee I can recognize you if I see your face!!”

Fans: “Heo Young Saeng, bad guy!!! Kekeke”
YS: “You are bad women!!!! Ke”

Fans: “Oppa, tell us about your ideal type”
YS: “My ideal type is… woman!”

Fans: “Oppa, now… What do you wish from fans???”
YS: “Wish… that we will be united as one!! Keke”

Fans: “What can you hear now?”
YS: “My heartbeat? Doesn’t seems to be asking this… “

Fans: “Oppa, let’s go for a baseball game with me!! Friday!”
YS: “I need to go Music Bank”

Fans: “Gong YuJin!! If you call me, you will get No.1 on Music Bank!! Guaranteed!!”
YS: “Liar.”

Fans: “nuna~ fighting!! Just say it once and I won’t eat you”
YS: “Then you just eat me!!”

Fans: “Oppa you are evil, why did you steal my heart!”
YS: “So… bring me to the police station??”

Fans: “When are you coming to Japan again?”
YS: “When you all call for me together!!! I’ll go immediately!!!”

Fans: “Oppa, where are you now?”
YS: “In the office”

Fans:”Hello oppa~~ I’m Hong Kong fan! Let It Go daebak!! Fighting~ I love you!Hurry come to Hong Kong!”
YS:”Go Hong Kong for shopping? Keke”

Fans: “What are you doing after this session end?”
YS: “Going for radio show”

Fans:”Nuna ask what happen to the fats on stomach, what happen?”
YS:”Shed all the fats, shed it all”

Fans: “Please leave a message on your official website”
YS: “I will consider”

Fans:”What’s oppa criteria for replying and not replying?”
YS:”If I see it, I’ll reply, If I didn’t see, I’ll not reply”

Fans:”Where will you go if you have no work schedule?”

Fans:”Just got back from school.. I’ve been studying hard, praise me!!!”
YS: “Praise!!!”

Fans: “Oppa still have schedule after this?”
YS: “I’m a busy person”

Fans: “Oppa, are you good in English?”
YS: “No”

Fans:”Have you thought of coming back as Rock Saeng?”
YS:”Only thought about it in concert?”

Fans: “Oppa, please reply before you leave!”
YS: “501 mansae!!!”

English translation:
(I omitted fan’s name out)

Does everybody know that that we’re going to meet at 8:00PM (KST)? before we meet, i’ll give out a quiz. what song did I practice recently? I’m coming in few more minutes. so we’ll see you at 8:00PM (KST)

Hello~ i am Young Saeng~ Please give me more questions~ You won’t see me with so much words this frequently!! ^^ Start!!!

Fans: When do you think you really really become a sunbae?
YS: When hoobae singers say ‘hello sunbae-nim’?? keke

Fans: Why is it so lag here? I think i already know what’s Young Saeng oppa’s answer
YS: Is it very lag now? I don’t know~~ keke

Fans: I perspire now cause i wanna go to the toilet but because i wanna talk to Young Saeng oppa so i cannot go ㅠㅠ oppa come out ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
YS: Faster go and come back~~ You wil get sick like this~

Fans: Is your hand okay already?
YS: Its still painful… ㅠㅠ

Fans: I prepared my dinner as fast as i can. Young Saeng haven’t came out?
YS: I am here… ^^

Fans: What were you doing just now? You are late
YS: I was late -____-;;

Fans: Oppa, Oppa you know that you yourself is SS501 practice king?
YS: I heard this before… What does it actually mean? ㅠㅠ

Fans: Oppa, you must be the one who created the fan-chant!!!!!! keke
YS: Why must i create that? keke

Fans: Oppa, have you seen what fans reacted on your fanpage?
YS: Saw it!! keke

Fans: Are you choosing question?
YS: Please ask one!

Fans: How do you feel about becoming a bad boy?
YS: Happy happy~~ keke

Fans: You seems like you can get a #1?
YS: To obtain #1, i hope you can help me!!! keke

Fans: Are you nervous singing Rain’s ‘Love Song’?
YS: Absolutely nervous~~ But its interesting… although its a pity i don’t have any abs.. keke

Fans: Oppa, do you recently have a favourite girl group? kekekeke
YS: They are all pretty good ~~~~ keke

Fans: Not lonely? ㅠㅠㅠ You were always with the members when you go for recording, now you must be feeling lonely ㅠㅠ! Who do you always play with the last time? keke manager? Dancer??! keke
YS: Me.. and the other 2~~ (manager + dancers) keke

Fans: Can you gather all the fans in 10 years time to eat fried chicken and alcohol?
YS: 10 years time, i will be 36, i want to keep my mysterious image till the day i die..;; kekekekeke

Fans: Oppa i will come back after a game ^^
YS: Please go away safely…… -_____-

Fans: Oppa, you have a lot of fans in Indonesia, please say hi ^_^
YS: Hi~~~ ^_^

Fans: Oppa~ (I am) from Peru… We love you, please remember we love you
YS: Wahwoo! Peru~~~ Thank you!!

Fans: What song did oppa sing recently?? ㅠㅠ
YS: Let It Go!

Fans: What’s your feeling about Strong Heart cutting away your talk?
YS: I don’t really mind about it keke

Fans: Oppa, i am learning seriously but my results doesn’t improve ㅠㅠ What’s the reason? ㅠㅠ Please tell me a good way to learn~!!!
YS: I am bad in learning so i don’t know as well.. keke I already understand what i am good at since young… i have learn singing~ But… learning is really not so good… keke but i regretted as i aged!

Fans: Oppa~ I know you have been eating chicken since just now! keke
YS: Is it nice? keke

Fans: Oppa how am i? kekekekekekekeke
YS: Who are you??

Fans: Shy Heo Young Saeng
YS: What’s this? -____-

Fans: Oppa~~~ I love you!!! (saranghae)

Fans: Will you go to Taiwan?
YS: I wish to go!!

Fans: Hello! I am Singapore fan o(^_^)o
YS: I love you~~ so much!!

Fans: Ah oppa i am going crazy ㅠㅠㅠ I cannot revise because of oppa ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Oppa zzang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YS: Please calm down your brain… go and revise!! keke

Fans: Do you know that you have fans in Saudi Arabia?
YS: Wahwhoo~ Really? Thank you!!

Fans: Question! Now, fans… are woring hard, oppa did you see it? ㅠㅠ
YS: I saw it i saw it!! keke so thank you… i know more than 10k fans will come if i hold a concert!! GO GO!

Fans: Heo Young Saeng mansae! Heo Young Saeng mansae! Heo Young Saeng mansae! Oppa i shouted 3 mansae for you so please now shout XXX mansae t00!
YS: XXX mansae!

Fans: Oppa~~ I love you~~
YS: Ne~~ keke

Fans: mystyle youngsaeng-ssi, hello. When are you coming to China?
YS: If you can find me in China… Anytime~~ Keke

Fans: Oppa my leg hurts ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
YS: Should be hand hurts.. -____-

Fans: Young Saeng, who do you belong to? keke belong to millions? Everyone’s? Baby? kekeke
YS: I am myself… keke i don’t belong to anyone… ^^

Fans: What do you like to eat recently, i will buy for you
YS: I don’t have anything i will like to eat.. ㅠㅠ;; See i turned skinner keke but its better this way.

Fans: Oppa you know that oppa trained your fans well? Are you still training now?
YS: What did i train?

Fans: Young Saeng Oppa~ Let It Go album, which song do you like? (T/N: She typed hangul but the Chinese translator also doesn’t know what’s she is trying to say so yea :P)
YS: What are you talking? Say in Korean… keke

Fans: Young Saeng ah~ I am XXX~! I am from Iran ^^ You know you are my twins? Sorry, my Korean isn’t that good. Nice to meet you!
YS: Your Korean is very good~~ Except that i don’t understand a little. keke fighting!

Fans: Oppa, i met you when i was 17, now i am 23, its magical. Its really been a long time! Oppa!!!!!! We must be together forever~~ ^^
YS: Its… been so long uh.. keke

Fans: How many photos do you have in your phone now?
YS: I did not take any photos recently~~

Fans: When are you coming to Singapore??? Noona will buy all delicious food for you! ^^
YS: Going to Singapore… Let’s not talk about food, can you bring me 5000 fans? keke

Fans: Don’t fall sick, please be healthy.
YS: You too

Fans: Hello oppa~ :) Its raining here~ ><
YS: Raining… Yes.. what…;;

Fans: Oppa you became manlier after you lost weight, you are cute when you did not lost weight. I think that both are cute, its better when you are manlier… No matter what, its not good to your body if you are too skinny. Please do not not eat!
YS: Working really hard to lost weight.. keke

Fans: Oppa have you eaten?? Please do not forget to eat your meal.
YS: Ate already… keke

Fans: Is your hand okay?
YS: Not OK!!

Fans: The thing oppa recently concerned is??
YS: Let it go!!

Fans: Young Saeng ah~
YS: Why?

Fans: Oppa… i sing because i am not good in learning~!!!! But the first audition begin on 28th, what song should i sing???
YS: Keke you sing because you are not good in learning? This is not it… You should say you like singing so you started to sing. keke your strength is singing right~ fighting!!

Fans: Oppa, i am a die-hard fans for 6 years!!! Please let me have a thing to show-off when i go to school tomorrow kekekeke Oppa please stay at 20 years old okay?
YS: What stay at 20 years old?

Fans: Ah, i know you will not read it… indeed is chic man. TT
YS: I did not not read it, i didn’t saw it keke

Fans: When does this end?
YS: 9pm

Fans: Oppa~ Please call one time!!!!
YS: Call what?

Fans: Oppa please come to India
YS: I want to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fans: Who do you play with in the waiting room?
YS: Manager, dancers, hairdresser~~ I was playing with Eru hyung during Inkigayo, keke

Fans: I am feeling drowsy now cause i ate medicine, because of oppa i didn’t sleep and came online
YS: Faster go and sleep~~ keke you are still sick~

Fans: Is is true that Jungmin oppa hates carrot? He is lying right? kekekeke
YS: I am not sure about it…

Fans: There’s 30 minute left, why are you not talking to me? T_________T
YS: kekekekeke you only want to talk with me?

Fans: What nice programme are there recently?

Fans: I will bring a lot of friend and go out with you kekekekeke
YS: Really? Kekeke Are there really lots of people? 10?

Fans: I will always protect you… Fighting! (From green pea princess @ Malaysia)
YS: Yo Malaysia!!!! Thank you!

Fans: What game are you playing recently? T____T If you are free, elope with me? kekeke YS: Elope with me? -____-;; I am playing Starcraft2 recently.

Fans: Pleae use Japanese to reply for once!
YS: I can’t type Japanese keke

Fans: Oppa, when will the answer for the quiz come out?~ Please call XXX
YS: XXX!! I am not too sure when the answer will come out.

Fans: Young Saeng seems to be restless..;;
YS: You are right!

Fans: Ahh really~ Oppa you really want to be like this? I am going to get angry?! I am starving because of oppa! T.T
YS: What to do? ~~~~~~~

Fans: Oppa, did you watch any drama recently?
YS: I don’t really like to watch drama.

Fans: My heart beat is beating really fast
YS: Oh, be careful

Fans: Vietnam fans have been waiting for you
YS: Oh… is it so? Hahahahaha ^^

Fans: Can you reply this? T______T I already sent 10 messages but you haven’t reply me T_T
YS: What reply…

Fans: Oppa you have a sexy eyes
YS: Oh… you saw my eyes?

Fans: Have you went to I’ Park recently?
YS: No…

Fans: What do you think about the Arabian?
YS: What are you talking? keke

Fans: I just ate seasoned chicken~~ Oppa you don’t eat seasoned chicken anymore?
YS: Eat too much, sick of it.

Fans: Oppa, please call XXX one time!!! You must marry me if you don’t reply me ^^
Fans: XXX!!!! I don’t need to marry you like this already right? I am a bachelor.

Fans: Young Saeng oppa, can you call my name? My name is XXX >< Please!!!!

Fans: Oppa do you know my name? I know oppa name
YS: I dont know! keke

Fans: I am also a bachelor!!!!
YS: Concert (T/N: Not sure what’s this conversation about lol)

Fans: I hope my message is being picked and you reply me! ><
YS: Yeah! I picked it! keke

Fans: Honey~
YS: I am not your husband!

Fans: Oppa seems to be nervous during your dance in Inkigayo. Have you seen the support i gave? keke
YS: kekekekeke thanks! I didn’t really notice it~~ sorry~

Fans: Because oppa is relly happy every day, it seems like your second spring is coming T____T
YS: kekeke like this ah

Fans: My wedding is like normal, i only want a son and a daughter keke
YS: So greedy!!

Fans: Woah~ Its really honored to be online at the same time. honored honored
YS: honored!!!

Fans: What’s grandfather’s favourite money?
YS: Grandmother…. You don’t be like this!!!

Fans: Bad boy Heo Young Saeng, i dislocate my hand
YS: Please be careful

Fans: Oppa~ Please call me dearie for once ^^.. T_T
YS: You are too greedy~

Fans: Please don’t get married, please love green pea keke I will still be your fan even if i get married kekeke
YS: Kekeke find a good man~ ke

Fans: Oppa do you have a girlfriend? Till recently?
YS: I haven’t been in a relationship for 2 years already

Fans: Oppa why didn’t you use YOZM?
YS: Seldom~ keke

Fans: Are you nervous during the comeback?
YS: Of course~~

Fans: Oppa, why are you so chic? kekeke
YS: Chic!!! kekeke

Fans: Young Saeng ah, how are you feeling recently?
YS: Erm… So-so

Fans: Please smile on the stage for once, chic man
YS: Because i am nervous… can i smile?

Fans: Hello oppa ^^ I am Hong Kong fans! keke Let it Go daebak! Fighting! I love you, faster come to Hong Kong!!!~~ Kekeke
YS: Go to Hong Kong? Shopping? keke

Fans: Young Saeng ah~ Hate T_______T
YS: Why?

Fans: I felt like i am being kidnapped.. T___T
YS: Careful~

Fans: Oppa, are you tired? Your reply are so short kekekekeke, continue! Why like? kekekeke
YS: Weird person .. keke

Fans: What? Why didn’t you reply? Gone already? T____T Don’t go
YS: Byebye~

Fans: Oppa, you must really work hard T_T
YS: I know, of course

Fans: Do you have schedule after this?
YS: I am a very busy man

Fans: Oppa, is your English good? keke
YS: No

Fans: Have you ever thought of being Rock Saeng as comeback?
YS: Only during concert?

Fans: Oppa please reply before you go!!
YS: 501 mansae!!

Fans: Do you understand the fan-chant fans shouted for you?
YS: Of course!

Fans: Oppa, my friend said that i looks like Tanuki, oppa looks like otter, is this bonobono?
YS: What’s this? -____-

Fans: I only see you sweating during a concert
YS: I don’t sweat that much…;;

YS: I haven’t chat for a long time… there are still unanswered questions.. keke I had a happy time!!! Bye~