Thursday, February 24, 2011

[Video] Jung Min @ M!Pick 110223

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[Video] Jung Min on ChannelV Taiwan FM 110223

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[Video] Hyung Jun MV Making

Handsome boy! Haha! Kinda reminds me of "Love like this" MV making.Hm. Keke~

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SS501 Kim Kyu Jong’s Birthday, Greetings From Fellow Artistes 110224

Happy birthday sweet Kyu!!

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To welcome idol group SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong’s birthday, fellow artistes and fans gave their congratulatory greetings.

Member Park Jung Min sent his greetings via twitter at around 12.30am KST “Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! I love Kyu Jong! Happy Birthday! (Birthday song tune)” in text. Followed by “Let’s work hard together this year, have a huge success which will shocked everyone! I love you!” not forgetting praising him.
Member Kim Hyung Jun also tweeted at around 2am “Happy Birthday! Kyu Jong, I love you. Come quick.” birthday greetings.

After which is a very close singer friend, Sim Eunjin also tweeted “Oh, Kyu Jong’s birthday! Happy Birthday!” joining in the congratulatory greetings.

Then all Kim Kyu Jong’s fanclub changed their fansite picture to “Kim Kyu Jong’s Birthday” etc. To commemorate his birthday card they start a blood donation campaign.

Fans sent congratulatory messages like “Sincerely congratulate the 25-year-old birthday!”, “Kyu mum, thank you for giving birth to such a great son”.

On the other hand Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng had their 1st fanmeeting in Seoul last December.  Now they are preparing for their solo activites.

The Unveiling Of Melo-drama (PIANISSIMO) Mystery Which Was Called "Super Star" Previously

Looking forward to this for sooooo long~~`

Source: newsdaily
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[News][2011.02.22] The Unveiling Of Melo-drama {PIANISSIMO} Mystery Which Was Called "Super Star" Previously
  A production by eight popular directors, starring over 30 K-wave stars with the topic: "Super Star" on publicity posters, is finally revealed as melo-drama "PIANISSIMO" which aroused heated discussions.

The drama which is making the asian fans excited "PIANISSIMO" which exudes "Come & Goes in Silence" as a theme for all the different love stories. The drama with a total of 8 episodes (Black City, Never Ending Love, Happy Fiction, Love is You, Neddlestick down Grape Prince (slam10: sorry, don't really how to translate this so I literally translate it), Mobius, Magic Hour and Meet), which are presented by the Hallyu stars and famous creative directors for the elements of the melo-drama.

The drama includes SS501 members Kim Kyu Jong, Kim Hyung Jun, Park Jung Min, singer Moon Hee Jun, Son Ho Young, Nam Gyu-ri, Tei, Bae Seul Ki, Seo Ji Young, Ex-member of Baby V.OX Shim Eun Jin, Kim EZ, Kong Hyun Joo, Hong Jong Oh, Park Ki Ung, Lee Tae Sung, Hong Soo Hyun, Won Jun Choi etc represented by 30 over korean stars. As they have singers participating, acting in this drama for the 1st time, so you will get a different feeling when watching this drama.

Recently, in a newcomer singer, Eiki, music mv "Tearing", they used the scenes from SS501 Kim Hyung Jun, Son Ho Young and Bae Seul Ki [Black City] which caused a topic.

Mainly with K-wave Music Artist acting in this Melo-drama estimated to break television drama's sterotypes at the same time inciting another K-wave. The programme is scheduled to meet fans early 2011.

SS501 Tweets on Kyu Jong's Birthday!! 110224

Today is Eternal Center, Kyu Jong's birthday. Tom and Jerry and also many other greeted him on Twitter. JM and Maknae so sweet~~ Happy birthday Kyu! Stay sweet and gorgeous as you are right now and before. Keke~

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2011-02-24 @ 6:13pm
@2kjdream 네형 ㅎㅎ 볼링도치고 맛난것도 먹어요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
@2kjdream Yes hyung heehee Go bowling and eat delicious stuffs too kekekekeke

2011-02-24 @ 5:48pm
@2kjdream 생일축하합니다|~~~빰빠레~~~~^^ㅋㅋ
@2kjdream Happy Birthday|~~~ Bbambbarae~~~~^^keke

2011-02-24 @ 4:47pm
@WarrenBONBOO ㅎㅎ 함께하나요오~?^^ 사무실로놀러가야하는데!! ㅎㅎ
@WarrenBONBOO heehee Shall we (eat) together~?^^ I should go visit you at your office!! heehee

2011-02-24 @ 3:32pm
@2kjdream @joker891219 규종아 준형아... 맛있는건 여럿이 먹어야 더 맛있을거 같애... ㅋ
@2kjdream @joker891219 KyuJong-ah JunHyung-ah... delicious things taste even better when eaten with many others... ke

2011-02-24 @ 3:08pm
@HyungJun87 쭌~~뭐 먹고싶은거있어????^0^*
@HyungJun87 Jjun~~ Is there anything you want to eat????^0^*

2011-02-24 @ 2:57pm
@2kjdream I'm great thank you! I wish I was there with you guys to celebrate! I gotta go to Korea sometime soon.

2011-02-24 @ 2:53pm
@skullhong ㅎㅎ 고마워!! 언제든 고맙지~~ 시간이뭐가중요해 ㅎㅎ 우리언제보나~ 볼링배워야하는데~~ 볼링맨!!!
@skullhong heehee thanks!! I'm thankful anytime~~ Timing is not of importance heehee When are we meeting~ I must learn to bowl~~ Bowling man!!!

2011-02-24 @ 2:52pm
@seanalexander23 thank u sean!!! so cute !! ~How r u today!~this weekend i'll meet steven and my friends~ invite you to Korea !!

2011-02-24 @ 2:42pm
규종이형생일축하해요^^ 문자는 새벽에보냇으니까 트위터는 좀 늦어도 되는거죠??ㅋㅋ
KyuJong hyung happy birthday^^ Because I sent you a text message in the (wee hours of) morning so it's fine that I'm alittle late in twitter right??keke

2011-02-24 @ 2:38pm
@2kjdream HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

2011-02-24 @ 1:40pm
@Joker891219 고마워!!!!!!^^ 조만간!!맛있는거먹으러가자구우우~~ 오늘날씨너무좋다~~~
@Joker891219 Thanks!!!!!!^^ Soon!! Let's go and eat something delicious~~ today's weather is very good~~~

2011-02-24 @ 1:07pm
규종이형 생일 축하드려요!!!!!
KyuJong hyung happy birthday!!!!!

2011-02-24 @ 12:10am
참!!! 오늘2월24일은 B2M 우리회사 길종화대표님의 생신(형은 자꾸 아직 생일이라 하시지만...) 생신입니다~ ㅎ 형~~축하드려요 !! !!!~
Well!! Today 24-Feb is our B2M Representative Gil JongHwa's birthday* (even though hyung kept saying it's still called birthday...) It's birthday*~hee Hyung~~ Happy birthday !! !!!~
*XiaoChu: Kyu used honorific form for birthday (생신). And so the representative is asking them not to use honorific form (생신) indicating he's not that old yet. We usually use honorific form for birthday for elders and parents

2011-02-24 @ 12:06pm
@eunjinsocial 아이쿠 ㅎㅎ 한번만 봐주세요오오오!!!^^ 오늘 날씨 너무좋네요~~ ㅎㅎ
@eunjinsocial Aigoo heehee Let me go for once!!!^^ Today's weather is very good~~heehee

2011-02-24 @ 11:01am
@2kjdream 생일인데 생일빵 맞아야되는거 아냐?ㅋㅋㅋ
@2kjdream It's your birthday, shouldn't you be smashed with birthday cake? kekeke

2011-02-24 @ 10:57am
아이쿠우우 한국에계신 팬분들 그리고 해외에계신 팬분들 감사합니다! 한분한분 고맙단 인사 못해드려서 죄송한마음뿐입니다 .. 정말감사합니다. 정말!!고마워요!!^^
Aigooo Thank you fans in Korea and overseas fans! I only have apologies that I am not able to thank you one by one .. Thank you very much. Really!! Thanks!!^^

2011-02-24 @ 10:29am
정말정말정말...!!감사합니다..^^ 맛있는 미역국 냠냠..!! 오늘은 2 월 24 일이래요!!!!!!!~~~
Really really really...!! Thank you..^^ Delicious seaweed soup* yum yum..!! Today is 24-February!!!!!!!~~~
*XiaoChu: They drink seaweed soup on birthdays!

2011-02-24 @ 3:17am
@2kjdream 언능자라 ㅋㅋㅋ
@2kjdream Quickly go sleep kekeke

2011-02-24 @ 3:05am
@2kjdream 그니깐~!!빨리보자궁~~^^
@2kjdream That's why~!! Let's meet soon~~^^

2011-02-24 @ 2:45am
@HyungJun87 엇갈리는 전화 ㅡㅡ; @2kjdream 생일 축하해 규종!!
@HyungJun87 Missing your calls - - ; @2kjdream Happy Birthday KyuJong!!

2/24/11 1:44 AM
@2kjdream 규종이 생일이였구나..생일 축하해..올핸 연기도 앨범도 모두 대박나자^^
@2kjdream So it's KyuJong's birthday.. Happy Birthday.. Hope your acting and album will all be a big success this year^^

2011-02-24 @ 2:42am
사랑하는 유리 규종이의 생일 진심으로 축하해요!!
My dear KyuJong, sincerely wishing you a happy birthday!!

2011-02-24 @ 2:41am
@HyungJun87 오잉 오늘은 라디오 생방 아녀?
@HyungJun87 Oing there is no live radio broadcast today?

2011-02-24 @ 2:34am
@HyungJun87 지금 잘꺼야!!ㅎ 잘자구!! 낼 콜미~~^^
@HyungJun87 I am going to sleep now!! hee I said I'm sleeping!! Call me tmr~~^^

2011-02-24 @ 2:17am
@2kjdream 해피벌쓰데이 규종, 사랑한다 어여들어가!
@2kjdream Happy Birthday KyuJong, I love you, quickly go back!

2011-02-24 @ 1:41am
@WarrenBONBOO 맨 브로~~ 형^^ 사무실로 놀러갈거에요!! 아시죠?! ㅎㅎ
@WarrenBONBOO Man Bro~~ Hyung^^ I will go visit at your office!! You know right?! heehee

2011-02-24 @ 1:41am
@eunjinsocial 누나아아~~ 우리 맛있는거 먹으러가야죠!!!!^^ ㅎㅎ 시간 너무빨라요 ㅠ 벌써 곧 3월!! ㅎ
@eunjinsocial Noonaaa~~ We must go and have something delicious!!!!^^ heehee Time really passes fast ㅠ Already coming to March!! hee

2011-02-24 @ 1:40am
@mjjoo0326 고마워요^^ 우우 언제나 화이팅!!! ㅎㅎ
@mjjoo0326 Thanks^^ Woowoo always hwaiting!!! heehehee

2011-02-24 @ 1:39am
@JungMin0403 말민!! 고마어 ㅎㅎ 아이고 ㅠ !! 전화통화가자꾸길어져 이제 답하네 ㅎㅎ 언능보자아아아!! 커피한잔의여유 가지자구!! ㅎ
@JungMin0403 Mal Min!! Thanks heehee Aigo ㅠ !! Our telephone convo always got on too long, so answer now heehee Let's meet soonnn!! Let's spare some time for a cup of coffee!! hee
*XiaoChu: The part about the phone call sound weird. I dont know if he had a typo or sth..Or simply that I cant understand.

2011-02-24 @ 1:25am
엇!!규종이 생일이구나!생축!!RT @JungMin0403: 생일축하합니다!! 생일축하합니당~~! 사랑하는 규종이!! 생일축하합니다!!^^ 올해 서로서로 열심히해서 다들 놀랠만큼 대박내자!! 싸랑한다~!
Uh!! So it's KyuJong's birthday!Happy birthday!!RT @JungMin0403: Happy Birthday!! Happy Birthday~~! My dearest KyuJong!! Happy Birthday!!^^ This year, let each and everyone of us work hard and have a huge success that will urprise others!! I love you~!

2011-02-24 @ 1:14am
@2kjdream 에이맨! 해피버쓰데이투유. 만땅 투유!~~~~
@2kjdream Ae man! Happy Birthday to you. Tanked up to you!~~~~
*XiaoChu: not too sure what he meant by tanked-up

2011-02-24 @ 12:49am
규종아~~생일축하해!! 꺄올~ 잇다가 노래불러줘야지 생일축하합니다~생일축하합니다~
KyuJong-ah~~Happy Birthday!! KkyaOl~ Later I should sing you a song, Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~


2011-02-24 @ 12:41am
@90KKB 진실은 다들 알아줄꺼니까, 내동생 화이팅
@90KKB Because everyone will know the truth, my brother Hwaiting


2011-02-24 @ 12:40am
진실은 다들 알아줄꺼니까, 멋지게살자 내동생
Because everyone will know the truth, let's live a wonderful life my brother


2011-02-24 @ 12:39am
@90KKB 살다보면 이런일 저런일 다있는거니까, 웃자우리^^ 사랑한다 동생
@90KKB Because in life, this and that thing do happen, let us laugh it off^^ I love you brother


2011-02-24 @ 12:38am
@90KKB 사랑하는 내동생아, 힘들겠지만 항상 너에겐 좋은사람들 좋은일들만 가득할거니까 걱정하지 않아도돼,
@90KKB My dear brother, even though it's tough but because you will always be filled with good people and good things, so it's fine if you don't worry too much,

2011-02-24 @ 12:34am
생일축하합니다!! 생일축하합니당~~! 사랑하는 규종이!! 생일축하합니다!!^^ 올해 서로서로 열심히해서 다들 놀랠만큼 대박내자!! 싸랑한다~!
Happy Birthday!! Happy Birthday~~! My dearest KyuJong!! Happy Birthday!!^^ This year, let each and everyone of us work hard and have a huge success that will urprise others!! I love you~!