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Park JungMin held new album fan meeting, fans not fearing of under zero degree temperature giving passionate support 110126

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[News][2011.01.26] Park JungMin held new album fan meeting, fans not fearing of under zero degree temperature giving passionate support
South Korea popular group SS501 member Park JungMin last saturday held his solo but not disband first solo fan meeting, on the day South Korea receive the first cold front making the weather to change to under zero degrees, lots of faithful fans not fearing of the low temperature waited and queueing at the event venue for few hours, just to meet their idol, while the kind Park JungMin also show his concern to fan queueing under the cold weather, specially requested his staff to distribute heat pack to each fans, making fans to felt touch and cried, kept saying the heat pack that the staff gave to fans not only warm everyone's body, even their heart felt so warm.

This fan meeting of Park JungMin in South Korea, has specially invited popular South Korea entertainment host Jung Joli* (*鄭茉莉, sorry I am not sure what is the correct romanization), at the same time also from SS501, having brotherly relationship with Park JungMin, another member Kim HyungJun specially rush over to Park JungMin's fan meeting right after the completion of his musical, giving Park JungMin who was making his first solo debut his cheer and support, making Park JungMin surprised and happy. His another SS501 member KyuJong although couldn't personally present, also specially send a message to cheer and support Park JungMin, making his local and oversea fans felt SS501 members strong friendship. After holding his South Korea fan meeting, Park JungMin immediately revealed that he wish to come to Taiwan to meet with his Taiwan fans, scheduled on 20 February Park JungMin will arrived in Taiwan to hold his solo fan meeting, the organizer Sony Music also revealed curently the Taiwan Park JungMin fan meeting is being closely planned, once finalize will immediately release related information, also hope that fan do not buy from unknown source and also don't listen to false rumour spreading on websites, all related information will be released from Sony Music Official Website

Park JungMin first solo debut from popular group SS501, releasing using his personal name, his first solo Mini Album 'Not Album' created warm response at the same time in whole Asia, other than releasing in Taiwan the same mini album which has received great attention in South Korea, in order to give exclusivity to Taiwan fans, South Korea side has agreed to allow Taiwan album to include special exclusive card stickers, there are total 4 different Park JungMin solo photo card sticker, each album will include one piece, making a lot of fans to say that no matter purchasing how many pieces also wanted to collect all 4 photo even before the album sales. Also, fans who purchase this Taiwan edition Mini Album earlier would have chance to win a big poster, it is definitely worth its value.

Starting from Taiwan time 7pm, 26 January for 3 days, the solo song 'Not Alone' will start broadcast at Hit FM. This powerful music MV will also first broadcast on 27 - 29 January in Channel [V], fans who want to see Park JungMin's breakthrough in terms of music and visual, do not miss this opportunity and stay tune to the above channels.

[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong Japanese Calendar 2011

HANDSOOOOOOOOOOOME LEADER!!! *speechless* Too stunning for words!!

Credit: KHJ Baidu

Kim Hyun Joong – [Playful Kiss Making] Exclusive Broadcast by Mnet Japan beginning 6 March

Credit + (chi trans) PhikaQ@HJC + (eng trans)

[Info] Kim Hyun Joong – [Playful Kiss Making] Exclusive Broadcast by Mnet Japan beginning 6 March 

Weekday from 11:30am to 12noon, 30minutes each 

Tuesday late night from 4am to 4.30am
Saturday afternoon from 2pm to 2.30pm Performers: Kim Hyun Joong, Jung So Min, Lee Tae Sung, Jung Hye Young, Lee Si Young
Youth No.1 Hanryu Star Kim Hyun Joong’s makeup-less face disclosure
Being the leader of popular group SS501 and as actor who is actively engaged Hanryu Star: Kim Hyun Joong’s first leading male actor in TV drama ‘Playful Kiss Making Of’ will be exclusively broadcast
In this program will see a totally different Kim Hyun Joong apart from TV shows!

There’s Kim Hyun Joong in serious acting and also in relaxing mode, there’s even Hyun Joong in slight nature (*klmm – i think it’s referring to makeup-less Hyun Joong), his charm will be revealed through this program.

SS501's Park Jung Min Almost Debuted as a Super Junior Member

I remeber what Double HJ said about Jung Min's hair when they haven't debuted yet. I got the picture!! Haha! Here are some of JM's pre-debut photos!

Source: Allkpop

On January 27th, SS501’s Park Jung Min made a guest appearance on Mnet’s “Beatles Code“, through which he not only revealed some pre-debut photos, but he also shared a shocking pre-debut story as well.

He began, “I was scouted by an agency in the middle of the street when I was 13 years old. At the time, I was casted into both DSP Media and SM Entertainment.“

He continued, “I had to choose between one or the other. At the time, SM told me that they were preparing a new group, but that the group consisted of many members. Thinking about it now, it was probably Super Junior. I saw them rehearsing, too.”

When asked why he chose DSP Media over SM Entertainment, Park Jung Min answered, “I thought about wanting to see myself on TV and believed that I’d be able to debut faster through DSP Media, which was what influenced my decision.”

He then revealed various pictures from his pre-debut days. MC Yoon Jong Shin quickly spotted a CF Park Jung Min had done for condoms. He asked, ”Are you not embarrassed seeing it now?”

Park Jung Min confidently replied, “Not at all. It was an advertisement advocating a message of safe sex. I’m actually satisfied.”

[Video] Jung Min @ Mnet Wide Entertainment News

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[Video] Jung Min @ YStar News "Not Alone" FM Showcase

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[Video] Jung Min @ SBS Cult Two Show 110127

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DJ Jun Sings "I Love You" on Music High 110128

Soooo soulful. I just love it. I'm in love with you Junnie!!! Haha! 0:40 "Oh....very hot." Haha! I thing Hyung Jun likes the song. Usually he only sings few minutes of it. 5 minutes baby!! What!? Haha! Enjoy this 'cause I fell in love with Hyung Jun!!

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Hyung Jun's Message on JP Site

New phots as well!!

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Hello, I’m Kim Hyung Jun.
Today I’m having a photoshoot for a women’s magazine.

Musical Café-In performances have also ended smoothly
It is only a few days away before I meet everyone in Japan

Have also smoothly signed a deal with Avex
Only left with the official Japanese solo album activity…

Eum… my first target is
my album to enter the Oricon chart!!

JJUNAWAY everyone will give me a lot of support right?

Wish to meet everyone sooner.
Everyone is also thinking the same right? he he 

[Video] Hyung Jun MBC Progamer Ep2 Teaser

Haven't watch the first ep yet :( Keke~ But excited for the next! Haha!

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