Thursday, March 31, 2011

[Info] Park Jung Min Mini Album, The, Park Jung Min

It's the new repackaged album!! :))

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Meet ‘Singer Park JungMin’ who is even more earnest with his first mini album!
Giving off Park JungMin’s Sweetchic charms, 40 pages photobook!!

On 3-Apr-2011, Park JungMin welcomes his own birthday by sending a gratitude love letter to fans, new song ‘As tears flow’ will be included in his first mini album [The, Park Jung Min] to be released. In Jan, putting aside the title of Asia’s best super idol SS501 for awhile, Park JungMin made a comeback with his own name ‘Park JungMin’ in Korea, and in the Asia regions, after the release of his first title song [Not Alone], and began the production for ‘As tears flow’ which is filled with his gratitute towards the great support and love received from fans.

Album also includes a new design flattering dance song ‘Go go (가라 가라)’ was produced by composer Kim DoHoon, who holds the transcripts of getting positions up in music charts, and composer PJ, who co produced with composer Lee JongHoon for Japan’s popular female idol group AKB48′s title song ‘Hoduwa Daiulrogu’ that was 1st on Oricon chart. It reflects his earnest efforts and diversity rather than just a mere attempt in his musicability.

Park JungMin, Sweetchic charms remained intact! – Photobook (40p)
A 40 paged photobook is also included. In it, you can feel him as a member of SS501 Park JungMin, not confined to just the the image shown in his solo first title song ‘Not Alone’, he also shows honestly, his various expressions and his handsomeness. 3-Apr, with his upcoming birthday, the specially produced [The, Park Jung Min] album and photobook will show his natural look with his daily life morning till night, a masculine and chic image of Park JungMin rather than a sweet Park JungMin, and showing various charms that was hidden in Park JungMin.

01. 눈물이 흐를 만큼
02. 가라 가라
03. Not Alone
04. 넌 알고 있니
05. 내 하루는 매일매일 크리스마스
06. 눈물이 흐를 만큼 (Inst.)
07. 가라 가라 (Inst.)

[MV] Park Jung Min "Like Tears Are Falling"

Omona~!! I love this song!! It's super cute. Its makes miss them even more! Haha. And the MV is oh so sweet :)) I miss seeing green lightsticks moving side by side there. This made me smile. ^___^

Credit: @YT