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Park Jung Min's Solo Album Release Date

from: Royal Avenue

[Video] Kim Hyung Jun Leaving Musical 'Cafe In' Venue 101126

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2011 Kyu Jong and Young Saeng Calendar

Yaaa! Yes, it's for sale. ((: CLICK HERE if you want to buy one but I'm not quite sure how to navigate this. Anyway, just try. Keke~

Great Chance to see Jung Min's Photos and Videos

Source : @DrMyStar Tweets
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Great chance to see JM's photos and videos

Jung Min's agent, CNR's Vice President saw the Twitter enthusiasm
with @DrMystar and other JM fans while doing "Kizuna" event.
This time, the Vice President propose to us this great project!!
"Why not be friends with me on Facebook!!"

People who wants to be friends with CNR's vice president,
please promise these rules.


1.You need follow @DrMyStar
2.You must promise NOT to re-post any data you saw on the vice president's Facebook.
All the documents and media files that the vice president shows up are prohibited to repost anywhere!!!
For example, blog ,HP and so on.
If you want to share these files, you can introduce these steps to your friend too!
*some media files are never shared by anywhere even on official site.

::How to apply::

1.Follow @DrMyStar
2.Reply to DrMyStar with the message that you want to apply number.
You can use this text.
"I'll promise to obey the rules. please give me a number"
3.Wait until DrMyStar will DM you later.
4.If you get DM from DrMyStar, send friend request to the vice president on Facebook.

::What you need to write to the vice president::

1.Followed DrMyStar already.
2.Promise NOT to repost any data to anywhere.
3.The number you got from DrMyStar

**important request**
@DrMyStar will do this work one by one.
Please wait DrMyStar's DM patiently ^ ^

Kyu Jong and Young Saeng AND Story in Hongkong Ticket Details

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HKTripleS will organize the ticket purchase for Kyu's and Saeng's Fan Meeting.
This will include those from mainland China and all overseas.

Detail of the ticket purchase will be announced soon. Thank you for your kind attention.

*~Fan Meeting details~*
Source: ELF ASIA

"KyuJong & YoungSaeng AND Story in Hong Kong"
Date: January 8, 2011 (Saturday)
Ticket price: HK$980, HK$780, HK$480
Time: 07:00 pm
Venue: AsiaWorld-Expo, Runway 11
Date of public sale to be announced later.

SS501 Tweets 101126


2010-11-26 @ 6:56pm
오늘도 열심히 해봅시다.

2010-11-26 @ 1:36pm
Ss501의 김형준 선배님과 함께한 뮤지컬 <카페인> OST "LOVE IS"가 나왔어요! 많은사랑부탁드려요~ --

2010-11-26 @ 1:01pm
@HyungJun87 넹 횽님

2010-11-26 @ 12:22pm
@HyungJun87 @90KKB HNB company 화이링~!!
@HyungJun87 @90KKB HNB company Hwaiting~!!
2010-11-26 @ 12:20pm
"@musicalcafein: 뮤지컬 <카페인> OST "LOVE IS"가 크리스마스에 어울리는 발라드 버전으로 새롭게 탄생했습니다. 많은 사랑 부탁드립니다.

2010-11-26 @ 12:19pm
@90KKB 아우야 너도 힘내서 사업 번창하자꾸나

2010-11-26 @ 10:47am
26일(금) 김형준씨와 슈퍼스타K 2 김소정씨가 함께 부른 <카페인> OST 'Love is'가 각 음원사이트에 공개됩니다. 많은 사랑 부탁 드려요

2010-11-26 @ 10:43am
@HyungJun87 형님 뮤지컬 좋다고 호평이 가득하던데요

2010-11-26 @ 10:43am
@HyungJun87 쪼꼬야!!오빠야!!!
@HyungJun87 Choco yh!! Oppa ya!!!
2010-11-26 @ 10:14am
오늘 김형준&신의정 페어 첫 공연입니다~^^ 응원해주세요!!!

2010-11-26 @ 1:59am v
@mystyle1103 몰라 ㅠ 힘들다 ㅋㅋ
@mystyle1103 Don't know ㅠ So tough keke
2010-11-26 @ 12:21am
@zakkykim @HyungJun87 ㅎㅎ화이팅!! 형준이 최고!!
@zakkykim @HyungJun87 heehee Hwaiting!! HyungJun is the best!!

Kim Hyun Joong explained "Album production... Bae Yong Joon to introduce Park Jin Young? There's no plans to meet" 101126

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Chinese to English translation:

[News][2010.11.26] Kim Hyun Joong explained "Album production... Bae Yong Joon to introduce Park Jin Young? There's no plans to meet" 
 The rumour about Kim Hyun Joong meeting Park Jin Young privately for production of his new album is not true.

Recently a media mentioned that Kim Hyun Joong might be co-operate with Park Jin Young for his new album schedule to be released next year via the introduction of Bae Yong Joon. In this regard, Kim Hyun Joong's agency has strongly denied about it.

Kim Hyun Joong's agency revealed via news on 26 November, "Actually Bae Yong Joon jokingly mentioned that he wanted to introduce Park Jin Young to work with Kim Hyun Joong, just like normally when telling friend you want to introduce him to a blind date." to this they explained.

Following that the related personnel also mentioned "Park Jin Young and Kim Hyun Joong has not even met and has no future plans to meet" and "actually both of their music style are different and also they are not familiar with each other, from what we see now the possibility of co-operation is very low."

Bae Yong Joon and Park Jin Young is in the midst of co-producing youth drama 'Dream High', working diligently under the same boat.

More HIGHCUT Photos of Kim hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong collaborating with JYP is Just a Rumor

Source: TV Daily
courtesy of VITALWARNING / AllKPop

Kim Hyun Joong clarifies rumours about working with JYP for solo album
  Despite rumors spreading about SS501′s leader Kim Hyun Joong collaborating with JYPE’s head producer, Park Jin Young, for his solo album next year, the singer has come forth to deny all rumors and confirm that no collaboration has been set to concrete just yet.

“Initial reports about Kim Hyun Joong in the middle of album works with Park Jin Young are wrong. I think what Bae Yong Joon said about wanting to introduce Kim Hyun Joong to Park Jin Young was misinterpreted,” confirmed the singer’s agency, KeyEast.

The rumors about JYP and Kim Hyun Joong working on his album together raised even more interest because of the fact that JYP Entertainment and Key East are collaborating on producing the upcoming KBS 2TV drama, ‘Dream High’. However, KeyEast later clarified, “He hasn’t even met with Park Jin Young yet, and we have not made any special plans regarding that matter.”
Kim Hyun Joong’s solo album, to be concentrated in the dance genre, has already received a track to use back in July 2010. It was reported that the production of his new album will be done jointly by producers from Europe and America.

During a recent interview with TV Daily, Kim Hyun Joong expressed, “I want to become a Hallyu Star that has the capability to dance, sing and act. Since I already act and sing, my type of Hallyu will become a new kind of Hallyu.”

Little Yonsama Kim Hyun Joong to join hand with JYP Park JinYoung? 101126

Chinese Translation: yotao @
English Translation:

Originated from group SS501's Kim HyunJoong due to his schedule to release new solo album in next year has try to privately contacted JYP Park JinYoung, the outcome henceforth is noteworthy.

Kim HyunJoong's agency main owner Bae YongJun has built the bridge for the meeting between both of them, this has received much attention. After Kim HyunJoong confided to Bae YongJun that he was struggling with the direction of his solo album, Bae YongJun immediately decided to introduce Park JinYoung to co-operate with Kim HyunJoong. Currently Bae YongJun and Park JinYoung are jointly producing drama 'Dream High'.

In the recent media interview, Kim HyunJoong said: "Currently is troubled over the new album's direction. Other than in the area of dance music, I would like to challenge different music style which has not been tried in our country. When I told my thoughts to YongJun-hyeong, YongJun-hyeong offered to introduce Park JinYoung to work together with me."

Hallyu star Kim HyunJoong who is hot in all area 'holding hands' with Park JinYoung who is renown as 'Hallyu star maker', giving others boundless imagination, definitely will create explosive effects. Park JinYoung has produced Wonder Girls and 2PM's album, making them into South Korea top Hallyu star ranking.

Kim HyunJoong explained his brief thoughts towards his new album next year. "Mainly will comprise of dance music. Starting from July has already received around 5 songs from Europe and United States. The production and choreographed is expected to be planned in United States." he revealed.

Funny Pic of Hyung Jun with 'Cafe In' Actress

Kim Hyung Jun to sing a duet with Kim So Jung 101126

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11/26 [news] Photo of SuperstarK 2 Kim SoJung, Kim HyungJun at OST Recording Studio Released 'Brother & Sister Confirmation'
SuperstarK 2 Kim SoJung and SS501 Kim HyungJun worked with each other through OST.

Kim SoJung recently participated in the recording production of 'LOVE IS' the OST of musical 'Cafe-in' which Kim HyungJun appears in. Both of them took photos at the recording studio and they look like brother and sister.

Kim SoJung and Kim HyungJun came dressed in plain comfortable clothes, putting up a nice V, making the fans envious.

Kim SoJung and kim HyungJun's 'Cafe-in' OST 'LOVE IS' will be out on sale on 26th.

[AUDIO] Kim Hyung Jun Sings Cafe In OST "Love Is"

Video Credit: poohlhl@YT

Kim Hyung Jun Speaks about first Performance for Musical 'Cafe In' 101126

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[News][2010.11.26] Kim Hyung-jun speaks about 1st performance for "Cafe In" 
 SS501 member Kim Hyung-jun posted an update on his official Twitter site today about his thoughts on his first performance for musical "Cafe In."

Kim wrote "I felt nervous and a lot of pressure since this was first attempt at a musical role. I worked really hard as a new actor and I was really happy to see the audience enjoying the show. I will work harder to become a better musical actor."

The show's producer SH CREATIVE WORKS explained that the efforts Kim has put into his role showed during opening night and added that local fans as well as international fans from Japan, China and Taiwan came to cheer on the actor for his first performance.

Kim will play the double role of sommelier Jimin and Jung-min in the musical, a love story about a sommelier and a barista whose ex-lovers get married as soon as they break up with them, produced by actor Kang Ji-hwan.

"Cafe In," which raised its curtains on November 24, will show at the Baekam Art Hall in Seoul till January 23.

News From Kim Hyun Joong 101124

Kim Hyung Joong returned to MBC's "Mischievous Kiss", one year after "Boys over Flowers", but he received a poor review with disappointing one digit viewing rates. Expections were high because it was the first work since he moved to Bae Yong Joon's management company, Keyeast.

"When the viewing rate was low after the first episode aired, Yong Joon hyung sent me a text message saying, "it hit rock bottom, so I think it'll go up. Don't think about the viewing rates too much." I think it was a good experience because the rate continues to fluctuate. I learned how to cope with difficulties and I experienced that "When God closes one door, He opens another.". I hoped that it would be recognized in foreign contries some day, if not in Korea. I don't want to regret it."

Bae Yong Joon is a great senior for him, like a role model, and they have very good chemistry between them.
"There were plenty of rumors after my contract with DST Entertainment ended. Actually, I wanted to go to Yong Joon hyong's management compnay, but I couldn't speak to him frankly. One day, I talked to him about my problem with the management company. He said that He wanted to meet me to introduce me to the owner of his management company. And the CEO came with the contract. (laugh) So, I was glad."

Eng Trans: Suehan @Suehan's BYJ Blog

SS501 Tweets 101125

 English Translation: xiaochu @
2010-11-25 @ 11:19pm
@mystyle1103 It clashes with the day that my stuffs coming from USA T T Have a good fan meeting... heehee Come over once keke

2010-11-25 @ 11:18pm
Everyone~ Have been doing good right? Now the weather has become winter so it became cold~ So flaunt the passionate red color~ this is to show to oppa my pretty image, please be careful of catching the flu everyone~ I am Fashinistar~^^ bowow

2010-11-25 @ 11:17pm
@HyungJun87 I will go and watch!!!
2010-11-25 @ 11:14pm
@zakkykim Yo-oo~
2010-11-25 @ 10:45pm
@HyungJun87 Mr Actor HyungJun, you've worked hard today too. See you tomorrow~

2010-11-25 @ 10:37pm
@HyungJun87 Hwaiting Kim Haeng Jyun!!!

2010-11-25 @ 10:37pm
I was worried and nervous and burdened as this is my first time challenging on Musical play. I worked very hard and work even harder with the attitude of a rookie actor, and seeing that the audience enjoying themselves, I felt very happy~I will work even harder in the future and become the Kim HyungJun who gets recongition.

2010-11-25 @ 9:19pm
@jjjjjin2yo Who!!!!!?
*in reply to =jjjjjin2yo= (2010-11-25 @ 8:16pm)
So (you are) getting sick. . of me. . .. ..

2010-11-25 @ 9:19pm
@woosangil Why~~~??
*in reply to =woosangil= (2010-11-25 @ 7:33pm) :
Was going to go to Korea on 1-Dec, but couldn't go due to some matters TT TT

2010-11-25 @ 7:20pm
DooDoong!! Must do it tomorrow morning. At midnight of 26th (Fri), OST 'Love is' sung by Kim HyungJun who acts as JiMin & JungMin, together with Superstar K 2 Kim SoJung, will be released in various music sites. Please give lots of love for it~