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[Photos] Jung Min - "Love Song in August" Press Conference Photos

OMG Jung Min is so gorgeous. Pretty~~

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Heo Young Saeng - COLOR Magazine July 2011

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Heo YoungSaeng Yearnings~ that cannot be suppressed!

Everyone must have been missing Heo YoungSaeng! He returned to the scene recently, and released his very first mini album ‘Let It Go’as a solo singer, not only has he changed his image, he also sang songs which are of different genre from the past, bringing a whole new image to his fans. Our reporter in Korea, Michelle, had a private interview with him, giving everyone the most updated news about Heo YoungSaeng.

Q1. How do you feel after starting your activities as a solo singer? What are the differences as compared to when you have group activities as SS501?
A : In the beginning, I was very happy to see my own name ‘Heo YoungSaeng’ being printed on the album. However, since I’m not having activities with 5 members like during SS501 times, I have to handle everything on my own, naturally I have to undertake all the stress, so it is more tiring as compared to before, I feel like I am walking with difficulties alone.

Q2. Please introduce your album to Taiwan fans, and tell us which is your favorite song?
A : Overall, this album gives off the feeling of ‘Transformation of image’, I hope to give fans a whole new Heo YoungSaeng. Personally, I like ‘Out The Club’ from this album, because I like the title of this song very much, it is also the song that I likes to sing.

Q3. If you have a chance, do you wish to have a concert in Taiwan? If you are here on holliday, where would you like to go most? What would you like to eat most?
A : If I had a chance, I hope that I can have a concert in Taiwan, I really hope so! I sang mostly ballad songs during the concert in Taiwan last time. As compared to the other members of SS501 who sing more lively and energetic songs, I usually sing ballad songs, which seems like it is not being favored by fans as much. Next time when I go to Taiwan for concert, I will sing more energetic and rock songs, so I hope I can intergrate into the audience and play together with them. As to what I want to eat? I remember when I went to Taiwan as SS501, I ate steamed dimsum, drank bubble tea. If I go Taiwan again, I hope to eat more local delicacies, I am curious why Taiwan’s food culture is so rich? Because when I ate Chinese food in America, I feel that their cooking method is different, seems like the good in Taiwan are more delicious. I hope to go to Taiwan to find out the answer. If time permits, I want to find a place to relax, to take a good rest, eat some delicious food, and buy some things that I like.

Q4. Have you thought about acting in movies or dramas? What type of movie/drama and what roles do you want to act in?
A : I really want to act as the Hallyu star in drama ‘Secret Garden’, ‘Mischievous Kiss’ is also very interesting, it would have feel good to act in such interesting dramas. I also want to try to interesting roles like Nishikado or Domyozi in ‘Hana Yori Dango’. If I have a chance, I wish to act in Taiwanese dramas too.

Q5. Debuting as a solo singer this time, you must have been very stressed? How do you overcome these stresses?
A : Haha! I overcome stresses by eating spicy food, because I will perspire a lot after eating these spicy food, so the heat from the body will also be eliminated and have more vitality, thus having a feeling of overcoming the stresses. Or I will go KTV with my friends, emerged in the atmosphere there, be it singing ballad , hitting high notes, singing lively songs or rock songs, the feeling of being around with friends is very good, this is also a good way to overcome the stresses.

Hyung Jun Received Advanced Birthday Greetings from HK fans

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Kim Hyung Jun Fan Meeting, Received Advanced Birthday 
Greetings in Korean from Fans


Korean group SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun yesterday evening had a fan meeting and he signed autographs on posters for 800 fans. This attracted many fans to queue up early at the venue. Kim Hyung Jun whose birthday is on the 3rd next month, received birthday greetings from fans in Korean. He expressed that the birthday present he wishes for the most is to win the hearts of fans and to have his albums to be well supported and receive good sales.

P.S. The writer must be referring to fan signing and NOT fan meeting in this article. ^^

[News] Kim Hyung Jun Arrived in HK with a Friendly Attitude

Hey guys! Here's the first post for our Baby's fan meet in Hong Kong. The photos are super many so I'll have to save them first. Excited~

News: Sohu
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Kim Hyung Jun arrived in HK with a friendly attitude, fans chased cars despite the dangers 

Kim Hyung Jun was full of smiles when he arrived
in Hong Kong, delighting fans.

Kim Hyung Jun was surrounded by half a hundred fans,
fortunately he wasn’t shocked

According to the Hong Kong press, Korean popular boygroup memberSS501 arrived in Hong Kong yesterday, attracting more than half a hundred fans to welcome him at the airport, causing the scene to be chaotic, and some fans even ignored all dangers to chase after his car. Kim Hyung Jun was friendly throughout, he was greeting fans and his hands were full of gifts.

Nearly half a hundred fans welcomed him

Kim Hyung Jun arrived Hong Kong in the afternoon in order to attend the fansign yesterday evening as well as tonight’s fan meeting. Recently SS501 members are all actively developing themselves, after former member Park Jung Min’s arrival in Hong Kong, this time round is Kim Hyung Jun who comes to Hong Kong to meet his fans. Yesterday fans were already waiting early at the airport, as soon as Kim Hyung Jun stepped out of the immigration gates, fans immediately shouted his name; originally the organisers wanted to present flowers to him, but Kim Hyung Jun stepped out much faster to approach his fans to greet them, and only received the flowers later, thus delighting his fans immensely

Heavily surrounded while receiving gifts

Kim Hyung Jun was always heavily surrounded by fans, while he was on the escalator, there are fans on his side to present him gifts. After he boarded the car, there was even a crazy fan who threw herself to the glass windows and chase after the car, even the security guards were not able to stop her. This fan continued to chase after the car in order to see her idol one more time.

Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Hyun Joong, No.1 Ranking in 5 Asia Countries

I'm from the Philippines, by the way, and Hyun Joong's "Break Down" album sales here is really good. One record store here stated that "Break Down" holds the record for the highest album sale they ever had! And that's really a great achievement to Hyun Joong's mini album. It means that it's really successful and people actually wants to get a hold of it. Hahaha. Who still doesn't have KHJ's "Break Down"? Well, I have!! Bought it on the exact launching day of the album here. HAHA.

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Kim Hyun Joong, Being a Singer Conquer Asia... No.1 Ranking in 5 Asia Countries

Kim Hyun Joong as a solo singer, with high popularity surging thru Asia.

Kim Hyun Joong released his 1st solo mini album "BREAK DOWN" in Korea, this album broke the record of 10 million copies within 2 weeks which shows his exceptional high popularity. His title song "BREAK DOWN" was ranked No. 1 in various music charts, other songs in the album "PLEASE" and "KISS KISS" are also successfully in the charts of all music website ranking.

"BREAK DOWN" exceptional high popularity is surging thru Asia. Last week, at Japan's [ORICON Import Music CDs Segment], Taiwan [5 Music, G-Music], Philippines [Astro], Thailand [Channel V] and Hong Kong [KKbox] etc ranked 1st in all the most top Music website, shows and stations.

People from the music industry commented, "Having this successful results without any overseas promotions or activities, it is very noteworthy, "The whole of Asia is concerned and on the lookout for the directions of Korean Center Kim Hyun Joong's activities."

Kim Hyun Joong plans using this ultra-high heat, to start another frenzy in his domestic country. If you say Kim Hyun Joong in his title song "BREAK DOWN" is full of masculine beauty, with the next song"KISS KISS" he turns into romantic guy in a fast tempo dance song to seduce women's heart. The 1st performance for "KISS KISS" will be on [Mnet Count Down] stage to meet everyone.

On the other hand, after Kim Hyun Joong ends his "KISS KISS"activities, he will start his overseas activities in August.