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[Photo] Kim Hyung Jun @ Twitter Interview

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SS501 Tweets 101208

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2010-12-08 @ 12:56pm
HyungJun87 It is snowing~ Very pretty!^^ Wah
2010-12-08 @ 3:15pm
JungMin0403 Mother Father

2010-12-08 @ 3:55pm
Steven_Lee_ @JungMin0403 Your drawing skills with rice noodles sauce is still the same as before kekeke
2010-12-08 @ 3:58pm
Steven_Lee_= Ah, proud of them!!! RT @allkpop SS501's Kyujong and Youngsaeng have successful fanmeeting

2010-12-08 @ 4:03pm
Steven_Lee_= Proud of them!!! RT @allkpop SS501's Kyujong and Youngsaeng have successful fanmeeting
2010-12-08 @ 4:06pm
Steven_Lee_ No, I'm not a big fan of allkpop, I just don't know where to read kpop related news. If you know anything better here, please let me know!
2010-12-08 @ 4:53pm
2kjdream @Steven_Lee_ Hyung..^^ hee It is snowing in Korea~ It's really pretty TT I don't know why but I felt sad and found myself in tears.. ah ah I miss you TT I am now spending time together with Taewan hyung and some other hyungs, it would be really nice if hyung is also here together with us..!!! TT

2010-12-08 @ 5:11pm
HyungJun87 11th performance of musical "Cafe in"! Let's run!

2010-12-08 @ 5:19pm
my7chan 11th performance of musical "Cafe in"! Let's run!

2010-12-08 @ 5:40pm
2kjdream Taking a stroll on a snowing day ^^ Ahyoo~~ Hands are cold hee !! good...!

2010-12-08 @ 5:51pm
Estella816 @HyungJun87 You should invite noona to go~

2010-12-08 @ 5:56pm
HyungJun87 @Estella816 Of course, noona! Please come if you are not busy

2010-12-08 @ 5:56pm
HyungJun87 @2kjdream Here is in front of praying mantis, your house!

2010-12-08 @ 6:07pm
PHOTOKARMA @2kjdream heeheehee Rain can be seen together!!!!

2010-12-08 @ 6:21pm
HyungJun87 @zakkykim Where is this~?
*in reply to =zakkykim= (2010-12-08 @ 6:19pm)
Though it's not shown in the photo, the lighting is good. A good season for residents.

2010-12-08 @ 6:22pm
zakkykim @HyungJun87 Boutique Monaco

2010-12-08 @ 6:24pm
Estella816 @HyungJun87 Yes~ I will go and support you very soon ^^ kiddo~ So you've been working hard

2010-12-08 @ 6:27pm
HyungJun87 @zakkykim I wanted to set up my office there^^ It's pretty

2010-12-08 @ 6:27pm
HyungJun87 @Estella816 Because I am the best! Hoo~ah! Noona, please tell me when you will come

2010-12-08 @ 6:28pm
zakkykim @HyungJun87 Why didn't you? Otherwise we will be able to meet often

2010-12-08 @ 6:32pm
HyungJun87 @zakkykim First of all, I should be going to see hyung

2010-12-08 @ 6:35pm
zakkykim @HyungJun87 Okay, any time

2010-12-08 @ 9:10pm
2kjdream Taking a stroll on a snowing day ^^ Ahyoo~~ Hands are cold hee !! good...!

2010-12-08 @ 9:13pm
2kjdream@HyungJun87 keke o o !! I am playing with the snow alone hee

2010-12-08 @ 9:14pm
2kjdream Eeeheehee Playing alone Woohaha It's funnn~~ I am still young heehee It's snow! [liezle : can't upload last photo]

2010-12-08 @ 9:37pm
KoJongHee @2kjdream Did it snow alot? Can't tell if it is snow or rain over here keke

2010-12-08 @ 9:37pm
HyungJun87 @2kjdream I am going too, where is it~

2010-12-08 @ 9:43pm
parkggang37 @2kjdream In a world of innocence of childhood keke It is noisy due to bus strikes in JeonJu T T It's been awhile since I took taxi to and fro for the whole day today T T It will make my day if it snows T T

2010-12-08 @ 10:02pm kkangjii @2kjdream Oppa, aren't you so adorable playing alone? kekekekekekeke

2010-12-08 @ 10:02pm
2kjdream @HyungJun87 heehee It has all ended~~

2010-12-08 @ 10:19pm
HyungJun87 @2kjdream Woosshi
*Sound of trying to hit someone

2010-12-08 @ 11:09pm
2kjdream @kkangjii Play with me... TT TT Heuk heuk hee Oppa is going Thailand tomorrow~ Let's meet after I return! Let's drink that which has the round thingy!!~~

2010-12-08 @ 11:09pm
2kjdream @parkggang37 Strive on!!~~ heehee I am leaving tomorrow so let's meet after I return!!~~

2010-12-08 @ 11:50pm
kkangjii @2kjdream Okayo Okayo! What's with the 'round thingy', so unsophisticated... It's bubble tea !! Aigo really!!!!!kekekeke

KyuJong & YoungSaeng AND Story in HongKong Promotional Video

Video Credit: iPROgilvy@YT

Date: Jan 8, 2011 (Sat)
Price: HK$980 / HK$780 / HK$480
Time: 07:00 pm
Venue: AsiaWorld-Expo, Runway 11
Hotline: 31 288 288; Online:

Kim Hyung Jun Gave his Mom a House for a Gift

Source: Sports World
Trans: Only Jun (

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun First Musical Challenge ‘Café In’

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun has always maintained a cute Magnae’s image. Kim Hyung Jun who took up the role of Magnae in the team, has won the unconditional love of many fans because of his lively ageyo looks. In actual fact, he is a star with another charming side. Said, “Hate embarrassing stuffs” showing his cute and friendliness like a Magnae, but on the other side, he also has a mature side. Especially like his ‘Ambitious Idol’ nickname, he has big dreams and has high hopes for his career. After going solo, through being a musical actor, MC, DJ, Kim Hyung Jun is staying busily active and is racing towards higher goals.

▲”Although stressful, it is a good opportunity”
Recently Kim Hyung Jun’s musical debut ‘Café In’ has officially shown on stage.  Simultaneously working as DJ for radio show ‘Kim Hyung Jun’s Music High’ as well as MC for cable channel ‘Midnight Idols’ in addition to his musical performances, but there are no traces of weary expressions on his face, he looked more cheerful than anyone else.

Meeting Kim Hyung Jun who was having musical practice, he expressed, “In the group when everyone is around, we shared the burden for everything, now I’m alone, feels very uneasy, and the stress have increased significantly. But my management is very thorough, and my talents are gradually being expanded. So this is a good opportunity.”

In ‘Café In’ that revolves around love story between the female barista protagonist and the male sommelier, Kim Hyung Jun 1 person will act 2 roles for his first musical challenge as the picky sommelier Ji Min and the gentleman Jeong Min.

Kim Hyung Jun expressed that “Singers and musical actors project their voices different, so had to do many vocal exercises.” Very thankful towards the senior who belongs to the same management company, and whom is also ‘Café In’ producer and the male lead for the Japanese performances, Kang Ji Hwan, learnt a lot of things from him.

”Giving the house to Mum as gift, very happy”
Kim Hyung Jun recently have become independent from the management company of SS501, and joined S Plus Entertainment to which Kang Ji Hwan belongs to. “Coming to this new company, many good things also followed”, and he revealed the truth about recently buying a new house.
As the eldest son Kim Hyung Jun stated, “Mum has been through a lot for the past 10 years. So from very young I have already hope to be able to quickly earn money to buy a house for Mum. Now I have finally bought the house that I had wanted to give away. Seeing how Mum is loving it, I also feel very happy.”

Also demonstrated his love for younger brother, U-KISS’s Ki Bum. “Brotherhood is really good. During that period of time Ki Bum also takes care of Mum thoroughly while having his own activities. Now being the eldest son also have to do my filial responsibilities well. “, thereby showing a deeply hidden aspect of the image of a eldest son that is different from being a Magnae.

Kim Hyung Jun’s target is to become a multi entertainer like Lee Seung Gi. Starting off as a singer, and expanding to become MC. DJ, musical actor, and after releasing a solo album between February and March next year, there would be plans to film in a drama.

Of course, even while having solo activities would not be absent from SS501 activities. Kim Hyung Jun expressed that, “when members were deciding their individual paths, the consensus was that the group existence is to be put as the top priority. It has been decided that in the first half of next year, SS501 album would be released and would hold concerts”, showing that love between them remains unchanged.

Kyu Jong & Young Saeng AND Story in HongKong Tickets Now Open for Sale

KyuJong and YoungSaeng AND their new story is starting now!

Ticket will officially on sale from 8 December.

TIcketing Purchase hotline: 31 288 288
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South Korea popular boy band SS501's member Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng's fan meeting 'KyuJong and YoungSaeng AND Story in Hong Kong', will be held on 8 January 2011 (Saturday), 7pm at AsiaWorld-Expo, Runway 11. Ticket for this acitivity will officially start selling from 8 Dec 2010 (Wednesday).

KyuJong and YoungSaeng Asia Tour fanmeeting will first start from Seoul and Bangkok, this hot wave will set foot on Hong Kong in the 3rd stop. To HongKong, Macau and China mainland's TripleS, especially KyuJong and YoungSaeng's fans, this fan meeting is definitely not to be missed. At that time, KyuJong and YoungSaeng will sing many songs and play games with fans, sharing a happy and fun moment. Their oversea tour and private life video clips will be played, from this will be able to see a completely new look of these 2 person.

Ticket price is HK$980, $790 and $480 (allocated seating). Those that purchase the HK$980 & $780 ticket before 20 Dec 2010 (Monday), 100 ticket holders will be able to get a chance to shake hand with YoungSaeng and KyuJong. Another 100 ticket holders will get both of their autographed poster 2 pieces. Each ticket will stand a chance, to show fairness. (1)

All ticket holders will receive specially design poster for Hong Kong fanmeeting 2 pieces.

(1) The organizer will pick the 200 ticket holders before the event, the result will be release on Singtao Newspaper and The Standard HK Newspaper and also Winners please arrive earlier at the event venue to receive the autograph poster. As for the lucky winner that win the chance for handshake, we will set a booth at the event venue to check the validity of the ticket, once the validity is confirmed, staff will arrange the winners to have the handshake event after the event. Each ticket only hold one chance to show fairness.

Credits: + Chinese to English translation:
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This is from the ticketing website:
  • No Age Limit
  • Marked Seating
  • Admit One Only
  • To avoid delays in entering the venue and to ensure an enjoyable experience, all ticket purchasers are recommended to pick up their tickets at any HK Ticketing's outlets prior to the show day.
  • For those who purchase HK$980 or HK$780 ticket on or before December 20 (Monday), 100 lucky fans will get a chance to win the Shakehand moment with the Two Princes or 100 winners will each get an autograph poster. Every ticket will only be entitled to one winning opportunity (Trade Promotion Competition Licence No.35232). Besides, every ticket will receive a poster which is specially designed for the KyuJong and YoungSaeng’s Hong Kong fan meeting.
  • The event organizer will draw 200 lucky seat numbers prior to the event, and the draw results will be published on Sing Tao Daily and The Standard on January 5, 2011 (Wednesday). The winners of autograph posters are advised to arrive early at the venue to collect the prize before the start of the event. For those winners who win the Shakehand moment with KyuJong and YoungSaeng, seat numbers will be verified at the registration booth before the start of the event. Arrangement will be made for the winners after the event.
# Special Airport Express same-day return fare Hong Kong Station ↔ AsiaWorld-Expo $52
# Smoking, outside food & beverage is prohibited in AsiaWorld-Expo.
# Unauthorized photography, filming and recording is prohibited in the performance venue. Cameras, audios & video recorders may not be allowed as per the organiser's request.

EXCLUSIVE KyuJong & YoungSaeng Cross! Started New Beginning with Asia Fan Meeting

Credits : (report) , (photos) B2M Ent + (English Translation) xiaochu @

[News][2010.12.08] EXCLUSIVE KyuJong & YoungSaeng Cross! Started New Beginning with Asia Fan Meeting

SS501 Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng promised a new start in front of their fans.

The both of them greeted their fans through 'KyuJong & YoungSaeng AND Story in Seoul' held on 4-Dec at Seoul SangMyeong University GyeDang Hall. This is their first event held under their new agency, their official appearance after 1 year.

When I saw them at the waiting room, I saw both of them having mixed feelings like they are debuting again. Their gratefulness towards fans who filled up all the seats, the excitement about standing on the stage which they yearned for, etc, all these were written on their faces. Guests who went their without prior notice, also surprised them. He is none other than Park JungMin. He supported them for their new beginning with a huge cake.

Sportshankook was there at the fan meeting which is filled with Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng's charisma.

#'Sweet' KyuJong
At the waiting room, Kim KyuJong shows a sweet expression and faces the camera. Mischievously squirting both his eyes.

# ‘Fresh’ YoungSaeng
This is one photo of Heo YoungSaeng in preparation before going on stage. Wanting to show his best image, he ‘clamped tight’ his lips and observed.

# Special guest
Park JungMin came to the waiting room without any prior notice. He came to encourage them in case both of them were too nervous. Putting candles on the cake, they commemorate this special day together. Can see that both of them are happy from the bottom of their hearts. Kim KyuJong proudly held up the decorative piece which says ‘Congratulations for your fan meeting’.

# Finished preparation for going up the stage!
Finished the preparation for going up the stage of Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng fan meeting. Heo YoungSaeng loses his mischievousness, showing his serious side. Kim KyuJong did a salute and shows his confidence.

# Explosion of Emotions!
Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng sang ‘I love you. Sorry’ and ‘Never Let You Go’ respectively. Their stage manner have not gone rusty and the audience let out their exclamation at their deep emotions.

# Thank you!
Finished their 1 hour fan meeting, both of them greeted their fans. Even though they overrun the 1-hour, the regretful expression of both of them can be seen. Kim KyuJong to be acting, Heo YoungSaeng to be solo singer, they promised they will stand in front of their fans again as soon as possible.

DJ JUN @ Music High 101209

Video Credit: poohmuhigh@YT