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[Photos] Hyung Jun Becomes a Pro-Gamer Season 2

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[Fancams] Jung Min @ Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate Recording 110112

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[News] Kim HyunJoong Gets the Baton from WonBin, Being Selected as Model for HangTen 110112

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Singer actor Kim HyunJoong has been selected as the new face for a casual clothing brand.
Kim HyunJoong was chosen as the new model for casual leading brand HangTen Korea which WonBin had been actively modelling for until last year.

HangTen Korea’s Director Mr Jung YongHa said about their reason for their choice, “Our brand image and Kim HyunJoong’s popularity with general public compliments each other so we chose him as our model.” He added “Carrying a warm sensibility and trendy charm at the same time, we think that he will help in showing a diverse fashion style.”

He added “We are also looking forward that with a World Hallyu star, it will be beneficial for us by increasing the level of awareness of our brand.”

Henceforth, HangTen will start shooting the Spring/Summer pictorial, and for the 1 years time, they will show a comfortable and classy casual look with Kim HyunJoong. Shooting with a female model, they will also have lovely couple look concept for couple.

Meanwhile, Kim HyunJoong had some time for recharging after he finished drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’ last year and he will be returning as a singer with a solo album this spring.

SS501 Tweets 110111

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2011-01-12 @ 11:22pm
@mystyle1103 I saw your performance in youtube. Well done. You are going towards 3 country languages now! ^^ Finish the Japan fan meeting successfully, and call me often if the phonecall is free, it’s expensive in USA kekeke

2011-01-12 @ 5:06pm
@eunjinsocial Noona!!!!!!^^ heehee Glad to see you here~~~~~

2011-01-12 @ 4:31pm
@JungMin0403 Do well for the recording!!!!! !!!! !!!! ^^ Won’t be able to go over since YoungSaeng hyung and I have schedule/work TT Will go next time heehee!! Hwaiting!!!!

2011-01-12 @ 4:16pm
@HyungJun87 I will go and watch on the last Sunday~~ heehee

2011-01-12 @ 3:49pm
@HyungJun87 Already? TT TT

2011-01-12 @ 3:47pm
@HyungJun87 Hyung!!! Hwaiting~~~ ^^

2011-01-12 @ 3:22pm
@mystyle1103 It has not ended yet alright? You didn’t even come to watch,,, TT-TT

2011-01-12 @ 2:58pm
@HyungJun87 You’ve worked hard keke

2011-01-12 @ 2:52pm
Now, muscial “Cafe-in” performance will be ending next week, Hwaiting till the end!

2011-01-12 @ 10:49am
Wearing Hangten’s refreshing jacket, Mr Kim HyunJoong looks like so prince-like. Visit Hangten outlets now~

2011-01-12 @ 10:46am
Meeting of Hallyu star Mr Kim HyunJoong with hangten!! Mr Kim HyunJoong’s look at Hangten’s 2011 Spring photoshoot studio~

2011-01-12 @ 12:35pm
@eru_Ndrew Happy new year to hyung too~~ke When are we meeting~~

2011-01-12 @ 12:35pm
@Actor_ParkJiBin Hyung is outside now~~keke

Hyung Jun Forms a Game Team for Progamer Season 2

Source: Nate
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 Hyung Jun becomes a Pro-Gamer Season 2, Hyung Jun forms Game Team! Start!

Earlier last year, Hyung Jun's participation in MBC reality TV program 'SS501 Hyung Jun becomes a Pro-gamer' had not only received high viewer ratings, but he had also captivated viewers' hearts with his indiscriminate sociable personality in becoming a pro-gamer despite the setbacks he met. With the encouragement from game fans and viewers, he is finally making his return with Season 2 SS501 Hyung Jun forms Game Team.

A year ago, in order to become a Pro-gamer, the youngest member of SS501 takes on many professional gamers with painstaking efforts. This time, in Season 2, with a team formed by a national player as the team's leader and an amateur player, more intense and heated games of war is expected to unfold.

In order for the success and establishment of Kim Hyung Jun's name in the Pro-game team, he will be directly involved in the management and upkeeping of the game team, from the choice of players, game practices to seeking out matches and competitions, thus revealing his strong ambitions, especially in the selection of game team members through open auditions to select 7 people, perhaps also uncovering key players of substantial, hidden talent and ability.

Fundamentally, a game entertainer should prepare the e-sports team with the pro-gamers for game skills, hidden talent and gifts, possibility of improvement, as well as selecting and planning for more new paces/moves ahead.

After a year being an honorary pro-gamer, the endlessly developing SS501 Kim Hyung Jun who is the leader of the game team! As the Pro-game team leader, how will Kim Hyung Jun show us the ways he deal with the newly assigned challenges in the establishment of the pro-game team? The first episode will be broadcast through MBC Game Channel on the 21st January 2011, Monday at 5PM.

Young Saeng to Make Solo Debut this Febuary

Source: allkpop

SS501’s Heo Young Saeng finally revealed his plans for his solo debut.

According to his agency, B2M Entertainment, Young Saeng will be releasing a special album by February at the earliest, and hopes to officially begin his solo activities by then.

Representatives spoke with Star News on January 11th and revealed, “Heo Young Saeng will be taking his first step as a solo artist. Since he’s the lead vocalist of SS501, he’ll be working with a strong dance track that showcases his powerful vocals.”

The singer is currently focusing on his album production while aiming to show his fans a different and deeper side to his voice that fans weren’t able to hear in SS501’s songs.

[Video + Trans] KyuSaeng in Hong Kong FM report by Apple Daily 110111

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Title: SS501 feed and even hug fans
Caption: [Because I am Stupid]
South Korea popular group SS501
2 members day before yesterday visited Hong Kong
to have fan meeting together with fans
Over thousand fans met their idols
Shouting madly
KyuSaeng: Hi everybody (Mandarin)
Saeng: I am Heo Young Saeng (Cantonese)
Kyu: I am Kim Kyu Jong (Cantonese)
Other than chatting
Also made food to feed fans
And also helping them to apply hand lotion
Caption: [I love you, I am sorry]
Taking the opportunity, YoungSaeng even promote
for his to be released solo album

[News] Kim KyuJong, Heo YoungSaeng Publicly Promises “SS501 5 members will comeback together someday” 110111

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Group SS501′s members Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng attracted attention when they revealed “Someday, all 5 members will come back together as one” during their fan meeting in HongKong.
Chinese media Fensiwang reported on 11-Jan “Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng said in front of their fans that SS501 will be coming back together again and so asking fans not to worry”.

According to the news report, both of them who recently held a fan meeting in Hong Kong, revealed their thoughts that they felt regretful that the fans weren’t able to see all of SS501 members, they told the fans, ‘Currently, we are going only going separate ways for our own development, but we have not disband so don’t worry’.

Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng said ‘The dreams that each of us have is different, even though we have moved to different agencies, that doesn’t mean that we have disbanded. Someday, you will be able to see SS501 with all 5 members together.”

Meanwhile, the fan meeting on this day was packed with fans displaying their popularity. They started their opening stage with Korean drama “Boys Over Flowers”  popular song ‘Because I am Stupid’, both of them greeted the fans in Cantonese, showing their sincerity.

They also had a harmonious time where they personally made toast and coffee and feed some fans to it. After Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng fed the fans to the food, the fans have to rate the taste, and Heo YoungSaeng lost the game and had to drink wuhuacha (a type of tea) as a forfeit.

At final performance of the fan meeting, Kim KyuJong came down from the stage to hold hands with the fans and sang his own solo song “WUSS UP”. Heo YoungSaeng sang pop song “Love Like This”. The moment when both of them touched the hands of fans and giving hugs, loud cries of envious can be heard everywhere among the audience.

[News] Heo YoungSaeng Kim KyuJong hope to venture into big screen 110109

Source (Newspaper Scan): ELF_Asia Facebook
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This winter 'hallyu' wind continues to blow, SS501 2 members Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong visited Hong Kong. The most expensive ticket for tonight's fan meeting fetch up till HK$980, but it doesn't reduce the passion from fans to snatch for tickets. SS501 members has separately signed on to different management agencies and continue their development, but they still keep in contact with each others. Kim KyuJong think that it is not really difficult, and do not deny that when the 5 of them were together it was more lively. Heo YoungSaeng think that it is like going back as a new comer, but has confidence to adapt to it. Both of them had expressed that other than the singing career, they also hope to venture into acting, Kim KyuJong mentioned that he most admired Jacky Chan and Andy Lau.

Visiting Hong Kong once again, YoungSaeng revealed, previous time he had visited Lan Kwai Fung, but because there were too crowded, so just stayed for a short period and left, so he hope that he could visit there again for this trip. He also mentioned that his threshold for drinking is normal but he has no problem drinking 2 cans of beer. Ask whether in future whether both of them will group together as a group? KyuJong said: "Actually both of us have our individual plan, I wish to venture into acting, but will not neglect my singing career." YoungSaeng will be releasing his solo album next month, after that he wish to act, and also wish to expand to the big China region market. YoungSaeng has once stayed in Japan for few months, he admitted having activities in foreign countries would missing home, other than language barrier, culture difference is also one of the problem.

Both of them talked about each others good points, YoungSaeng praised KyuJong for being easy-going, also was the middle man among SS501 members, KyuJong pointed out that YoungSaeng is very considerate towards others, and very willing to listen to others voice.

Top Left caption: Heo YoungSaeng (right) and Kim KyuJong (left) still keep in contact with other members
Bottom right caption: Kim KyuJong admires Andy Lau & Jacky Chan.
Botton left caption: 2 'million lovers'


[Article] 2 SS501 Members to hold Manila fan meeting by Manila Bulletin

Credit: Manila Bulletin

MANILA, Philippines — K-pop fans in the Philippines are delighted to welcome two members of popular boy band SS501 who will visit Manila in February.
Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng will hold the “Kyu Jong & Young Saeng and Story in Manila” fan meeting and showcase tour on Feb. 5 at the Forum 2 of the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC).

The Philippines is one of the stops in the duo’s Asian tour along with Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea.

The duo will be the first K-pop stars to visit the country this year.
Some 100 VIP ticket holders will get the chance to personally meet Kyu Jong and Young Saeng after the fan meet through a handshake session.

In addition, 100 Green section ticket holders can also win autographed posters. All ticket buyers will bring home a souvenir, according to  the people who are bringing the two K-pop stars to the Philippines.
In June last year, SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong along with boy band BEAST performed at Araneta Coliseum.

In a promotional video for their Manila fan meet, Kyu Jong and Young Saeng said this is the first time that they will visit the Philippines and they are quite nervous. They said they have prepared a lot for this event and are encouraging fans to support their fan meet.

DJ Jun Sings "Let's not Break Up" on Music High 110114

I miss Junnie's sweet soulful voice!! Ahh~ chinchaa :))

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