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DJ Jun on Music High 110126

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[Fancams + Fan photos] Kyu Jong & Young Saeng AND Story in Japan 110122

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More BoBo Videos of Jung Min and Hyung Jun!

Thanks for the uploaders! Haha! You all know who you are :))

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Hyung Jun's Upcoming Solo Album Details

Chinese translation: 哈娜 @
English translation:
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 Korea popular male idol group SS501 member
Kim HyungJun (Maknae)
Anticipated Japan solo activities!!
The forerunner of current K-pop hot wave
Male Idol Group who own the honour of the top popularity in Japan
SS501 member Kim HyungJun (Maknae)
Full of anticipation decided to start solo activities in Japan!!
Maybe you have seen him in SS501
Please anticipate for a brand new Kim HyungJun!!

Kim Hyung Jun
1st Solo E.P.
2011.3.23 Release!!
Movie Disc
2940 yen (incl tax)
[First limited edition special]
Making of MV video clips
Music Disc
CD only
2100 yen (incl tax)
[Bonus TRack]
2 other Japan Main Title song
Photo Disc
Picture CD
2100 yen (incl tax)
[First Limited Edition]
Luxury 16 piece photo set

Pre-order at Kim HyungJun Japan official website or the following websites:

Hyung Jun and Jung Min shared a BoBo!

Apparently, a BOBO is a Hangul word for 'tiny peck' or a smack on the cheeks. Haha! Watch this! Tom and Jerry LOVE!!

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[Video] Hyung Jun before and after the last performance of Cafe In by PrettyBoy

The last performance. What a success for Hyung Jun and all the casts and crew behind the Musical Cafe In. For those who have seen it, I'm sure they are very very happy with their performance. Yeee~ envy much. Haha! But worry not my fellow Triple S who didn't get a chance to see Baby in the stage... I'm sure a DVD will come up. Please purchase and support Hyung Jun and Cafe In all the way!! 

How I will miss tweeting and blogging about Cafe In. This is the last. Hopefully there will be more of Hyung Jun and musicals in the future! :))

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Hyung Jun feels that Jung Min will feel uncomfortable without him

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-2nd paragraph onwards-

Kim Hyung Jun appeared on stage surprisingly with the song ‘Rainbow’ that Park Jungmin wrote full lyrics for as he aroused much excitement from fans.

After the song ended, Kim Hyung Jun joked around as he made this one sentence, “Jungmin will feel uncomfortable if I’m not by his side and so I found my way here”, laughing to it.

However jokes aside, he added, “This is Jungmin’s first solo debut and I wanted to be with him together. I render him my support for his successful solo album”.

-all other paragraphs ommitted, repetitive of Jungmin’s album style & comeback on music programs-