Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kim Hyung Jun @ Ghost: Invisible Love VIP Premiere

Kim Hyung Jun attended the VIP Premiere of 'Ghost : Invisible Love' in Seoul Wangshimri CGV Theater.

'Ghost : Invisible Love' which starts Song Seung Heon and Japan's most popular actress Matsushima Nanako is a remake of the Hollywood movie 'Ghost'.

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[CNR Notice] Park Jung Min's Album Release + Fan Meeting Postponed

2010 11 23 (Tuesday) @ 22:06 PM

안녕하세요 CNr Media 입니다.

대한민국 비상 상황으로 인해 11월25일 예정되어 있던 박정민 음반 발매 및 11월27일 음반발매 기념

쇼케이스 & 팬 미팅의 일정은 연기 되었음을 알려드립니다.

즐거운 마음으로 여러분들과 함께 하여할 음반 발매와 행사 일정이지만 현재 상황으로는 순직하신 분들을 위해

애도하는 마음과 사태가 안전하고 신속하게 마무리 되기를 기원하는 것이

박정민군과 소속사인 CNr Media 직원들의 바람입니다.

갑자기 이루어진 상황으로 인해 각 업체등과의 의사 소통이 어려워 팬 미팅과 관련 된 모든 전반적인 상황에

대해서는 금주내로 정리 하여 다음 주 월요일 재 공지로 알려 드리도록 하겠습니다.

팬 여러분들의 넓은 마음으로 이해 부탁드립니다.


Dear Park Jung-Min’s fans, this is CNR MEDIA.

We are very sorry to inform you that due to today’s North Korean rocket attacks,

we have decided to postpone Park Jung-min’s upcoming “Come-Back” Single album release (Nov. 25th) and Fan Meeting Showcase (Nov. 27th).

After serious discussions and meetings, we have come up with this difficult decision. We are more than sorry to have to declare this sad news to all of you.

Jung Min’s “Come-Back” stage is supposed to be a gala event to share with all of you. However, concerning present political tension between 2 Koreas, it is definitely not a good timing for Jung Min to celebrate his new album release.

Once again, we apologize for having to postpone album release and fan meeting. We know that all of you have been waiting to see Jung Min’s new performance. Jung Min also has been working extra hard just to present you with his best performance….

Dear fans, please be patient and let’s pray for regional peace and stability together. We will let you know Jung Min’s most updated schedule as soon as possible. Thank you very much.

各位親愛的海外粉絲大家好,我們是CNR MEDIA.

在這裡我們很遺憾的要向各位宣佈一個消息! 由於今天下午北韓對南韓的炮彈攻擊事件,造成南韓國內政治情勢緊張.目前國內各項演藝活動以及電視演出日程皆受到影響.因此本公司決定暫緩推出朴政珉的單飛新專輯(原定25日發售)同時暫時取消27號的首爾場粉絲見面會.


CNR MEDIA會隨時為各位報告政珉的最新消息!! 請大家繼續為政珉加油打氣!!

from: CNR Media (

SS501's Kyu Jong and Young Saeng to meet fans in Hong Kong next Janury 101124

English Translation:
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[News][2010.11.24] SS501's Korean Wave sweep through Asia, KyuJong YongSaeng meet fans in HongKong next January

Korea popular male group SS501 members Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng, will start their Asia fan meeting tour starting from Seoul Korea, they will also meet their fans in Taiwan, Thailand, HongKong, Indonesia and Japan. HongKong will be their 3rd stops for this trip, which is scheduled to hold on 8 January.

After KyuJong and YoungSaeng signed on to join Korea top female singer Lee Hyori's agency B2M Entertainment, this is their 1st fan meeting in HongKong. 2 top idol singers will specially come to HongKong to meet with fans, mainly to thank their fans' continuous support for all these time, after this they will start their solo activity.

Definitely intimate personal daily life clips to be exposed

The HongKong fanmeeting of KyuJong and YoungSaeng early next year, is definitely a big good news to Greater China, HongKong and Macau's TripleS (SS501 fans). Other than live singing performance, KyuJong and YoungSaeng will also have direct conversation with fans, playing games and also will reveal their oversea tour and personal daily life video clips. Fans will be able to see a completely new image for both of them.

KyuJong is SS501 member, in year 2006, he acted in a 'b-boy' role in Music Channel Mnet's Hip-Hop Musical 'Break', with his exceptional acting and dancing skill, he became famous overnight in South Korea , his popularity increased even tremendously after SS501SS501 lead singer, with his beautiful and pleasant voice and unique 'Prince' qualities, mesmerized and attracted lots of fans* in Asia. (*万人迷 has a literal meaning of means a person who is incredibly attractive, trendy, cool and loved by millions of people).
recorded 'Boys over Flowers' OST 'Because I am stupid'. As for YoungSaeng, he is
Extra session in Seoul similarly full house

Although SS501 members belong to different agencies, however the 5 members are still deeply and madly loved by South Korea and Area region fans. For KyuJong and YoungSaeng's Seoul fan meeting, the ticket for their first session on 4 December was sold out within 10mins, under the pleas of the fans, they immediately added another session, the tickets were sold out in 5mins also. Their ticket sales this time has top in many charts including No. 1 in 'Auction Ticket Sales Chart'.

Thereafter, the pre-sale for 11 December tickets in Thailand and 22 January first session ticket in Japan were also sold out almost immediately on the same day, they have even added a 2nd session in Japan immediately to fulfil the needs of fans. From this could see the vast fans anticipation and support for these 2 idols and SS501.

KyuJong and YoungSaeng will be the first to visit HongKong after their group members sign on with different management agencies, it is believed that they will cause a stir in HongKong and fans will also rush to admire these 2 idol.