Friday, September 2, 2011

[News] SS501 member Park Jung Min at GUCCI 2011 Taipei Fashion Week 110902

Gorgeous O__O
Eng Trans:

GUCCI 2011 Fall/Winter show in Taipei
Regenerating the good old classic days
GUCCI Asia-Pacific region F/W big show’s gorgeous appearance while celebrating the important moment of its 90th anniversary

This year’s GUCCI Taipei F/W fashion show was held in Taipei new fashion landmark Le Meridien Hotel, inviting foreign models to showcase 55 sets of men and women clothing. In addition, the Milan show floor of the ‘China Supermodel wave’ has continued to spread to the show floor of GUCCI Taipei F/W fashion show, China supermodel Wu Shuang Te specially flew from Shanghai to Taipei, giving his first catwalk show to GUCCI F/W fashion show in Taiwan to authentic the original luxury show in Milan and thus adding more talks for this fashion event.

-Omitted, not related to Jung Min-

In addition, male lead actor Ke Zhen Dong from the recently popular movie ‘You are the apple of my eye’ directed by Giddens, idol drama ‘Food Lover’s Dream’ male lead actor Rhydian Vaughan attended the fashion show. It also adds a cool highlight to this fashion party with two handsome men gathering at the same venue. Adding on to South Korea popular group SS501′s member Park Jung Min surprise appearance, flashes from camera and spotlight were constantly seen at the scene.

-Omitted, not related to Jung Min-

[Video] Musical Goong Press Open Practice 110831

Kyu Jong's appearance made me skip a heartbeat. Our dear price is so gorgeous :">

Credit: Musical Goong
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Hyun Joong Visits Kyu Jong at Musical Goong Practice! 110903

Oh my gosh! This is brotherly love, of HyunKyu style ♥ I'm missing them even more! Why can't they just visit each other altogether?!! Lol~ I want a DoubleHJ moment ^^

Source: @G8plan (2nd photo as tagged)
Credit: KPOP Express

Kim Hyun Joong visits Kim Kyu Jong at the ‘Goong’ set!

SS501 members shows affection for one another. SS501′s leader Kim Hyun Joong visited their center Kim Kyu Jong at the ‘Goong’ set. G8plan tweeted a picture of Hyun Joong and Kyu Jong who seen n the picture.
G8plan tweeted, “Last night, Hyun Joong visited Kyu prince and Goong team at practice room~ Thank you for the drinks.”
In the picture Kyu Jong is looking at Hyun Joong while talking, they are both smiling. It shows that even they are currently having their solo activities their brotherly love for each other never fades.

[Videos] Kim Kyu Jong's Musical Goong - Open Practice

Aaahh~ I remember Hyung Jun's musical "Cafe In." I miss blogging about it that when I saw this vid, whoa! Deja vu!! Lol~

Source: TV Daily
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Source: Play DB
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[Photos Caption Translation] Kim Hyung Jun’s Summer Festival Behind the Story

This is so adorable. Rain-calling guy. Kkk~ The photos are amazing!! ^_^

Photos source: JUNUS Official Page (
Translation: ONLY JUN (

Kim Hyung Jun’s Summer Festival Behind the Story

안녕하세요~ 김형준입니다!!! 늦더위에 다들 건강하신지요~? 전 여러분과 함께 즐겼던 섬머페스티벌의 뜨거웠던 감동이 식지않아 큰일이네요 어쩌죠….^^;;Hello~ This is Kim Hyung Jun!!! Everyone is in good health in the late summer heat~? The intensive touching/moving feeling which I felt from having Summer Festival with together with everyone has still not subsided. This is a serious matter. What to do…,^^;;

그래서 준비했습니다! 
So I made preparations!

형준이가 말하는 섬머페스티벌 “ㄷ..뒤..뒷” 이야기^^;;;!!!! 함께 떠나보시죠~!!!
As what Hyung Jun says, Summer festival “Be..beh..behind” Story ^^;;;!!!! Let’s go and have a look together~!!!
일본 팬 분들을 만나러 형준이가  일본에 도착을~ 했습니다~!!!! 원래 전 비를 부르는 남자인데;;; 동경 첫 공연 빼고는 날씨가 모두  좋았던 것 같아요~ 아 좋아라!!
To meet Japanese fans, Hyung Jun arrived in Japan~!!!! By nature I’m a rain-calling guy;;; Except for Tokyo first performance, the weather were all very good~ Ah good!!
동경 첫 공연 비오는 날 인증샷! 나는야 비를 부르는 사나이~~ 으악!!!!!!!
Rainy day for the first Tokyo performance, evidence shot! I’m a rain-calling man~~ Ugh!!!!!!!