Wednesday, January 25, 2012





Hello! Please ignore that one. I was kidding. Lol. Well, HALF kidding.
If you haven't noticed, my blog is beyond OUTDATED and even if I do post, it is a gazillion years away from the previous one. I know I should be more responsible in posting updates since this is a FAN BLOG and since I swore to myself that I shall keep myself posted with every news about the boys (Hyun Joong, Young Saeng, Kyu Jong, Jung Min, Hyung Jun) every single day. But obviously, I am not. And if you visit my blog often for updates (I thank YOU for that, if ever, by the way ^^), I apologize. It just so happened that I am a student, like most of you, I suppose, are, and I am super busy with school works - like, super ultra mega busy you can't even talk straight at my face properly because my mind is focused on thinking about deadlines and theories. XD If you have just visited my blog JUST NOW, thank you. Omg what on earth am I talking about? (lol)

Anyway, I have started the sentence, THIS BLOG IS UNDERGOING A SERIOUS RENOVATION. Well, it WILL undergo a renovation. It is the new year and I was thinking about it while staring at my homepage. There is NOTHING new and fun (EXCEPT FOR THE BOYS SUPER DUPER HOT PHOTO UPDATES. XD) in here. I mean, look everywhere! Do you see any blinkies somewhere? None, right? So, for the new year, it's a new blog, a new face. I am not doing this to catch attention, no! I am doing this because I am bored with my own blog. Yes, I am. (AGAIN, EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT SS501 IS WHO I UPDATE. XD).

For the meantime, I will add/remove icons, photos, edit pages, change layouts WHILE, hopefully, updating. I told you, I am busy and my ANCIENT laptop cannot download overloaded, oversized photos anymore. >_< You must be thinking, why is she even writing this? She could have just started doing what she is going to do instead of broadcasting it here in her blog. My answer would be, BECAUSE THIS IS MY BLOG AND THIS IS PUBLIC. Plus I really wanted to blab about something in here before I do the "renovation" so here it is! It is long, isn't it? BLABBER ME. lol

Should I write what I was planning to do to this blog of mine? Alright. Here are the new things you can possibly find in here SOON:

-SS501 sketches (they're my own. I draw. ^^)
-Improved and updated SS501 VIDEOS page
-Improved and updated SS501 MEMBERS page
-Improved and updated addresses of where to send love to SS501
-Improved and updated links
-Improved BLOG (layout)
-Birthday/occasion/event photos
-Improved sidebar
-Fan fictions (they're my own as well. I write. ^^)



Okay? :) The boySS have been very busy with everything lately. With Hyun Joong promoting his career in Japan, Young Saeng to be starring in a seatcom and releasing his second album in February, Kyu Jong's appearance as an actor in a drama, Jung Min's activities all over Asia (lol), and Hyung Jun's acting career, we all HAVE something to be proud of. I admit, I brag about SS501 to anybody, ANYBODY, not in a "Oh hey! My idol is better than yours! Yours suck" kind of way but in a "Members of my idol group is everywhere because of their solo activities but they still remain as one" kind of way. It feels great :)

Let us not forget the very reason why we became Triple S in the first place!
I know I won't :')

Ja! So many words already. XD Sorry for this long bullfrog post of my blog. Expect more blabbing about SS501 in the future. Kekeke~ *bows90degrees* Thank you for visiting again! ^___^

All the love from,