Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kim Hyung Jun Sings "Magic Girl" on Music High 101105

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[PHOTO] Kim Hyung Jun November 2010 Calendar

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[INFO] Kim Hyun Joong Coming to Singapore as an Ambassador for The Face Shop 101104

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Korean actor Kim Hyun Joong, of Boys Over Flowers & Playful Kiss fame, will be in Singapore from 1st – 3rd Dec as ambassador for THEFACESHOP.

Venue : Sky Garden @ IMM
He will be making a store visit and meeting with fans.

[NEWS] Park Jung Min's Schedule of Activities

Park Jung Min Will be an MC in Inkigayo 101104

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Idol group SS501 member Park Jungmin who is now doing solo activities aside from SS501 has undertook the role of an MC for SBS live ‘Inkigayo’ ever since his last in 2005 during debut period.

On the 3rd in Japan Tokyo’s Arena Hall, Park Jungmin had successfully completed his recording for ‘Seoul-Tokyo Music Festival 2010′ as the selected MC for this event. This ‘Seoul-Tokyo Music Festival 2010′ will be broadcasted in mid-December through SBS ‘Inkigayo’.

On this day, Park Jungmin collaborated alongside Nam Gyuri* and Big Bang’s Daesung as the MCs for this event, and also flaunted his incredible Japanese language skills as he interpreted the words of fans well and exact. A related spokesperson from Japan hinted that he “initiated many pleasant and interesting jokes throughout the entire while and made full use of his tactfulness”.

Last September 17, Park Jungmin had already signed on with Japan Yamaha Group’s Yamaha Music Entertainment and declared his invading into Japan. And again, he had also signed on a full-time contract with Taiwan’s foreign agency CNR Media (CEO = Na Kwang-hun) and joined hands with Taiwan’s Sony Music as he takes on the invadement of the Greater China.

Park Jungmin who has declared his invadement into both Japan and the Greater China will be releasing his first solo debut album on the upcoming November 25 and begin his domestic activities. In this time’s album, hit song composer Shinsadong Tiger will be participating in the works where it further increases the level of anticipation.

He will be returning to Korea on 5th and also meet with his domestic fans on November 27, 8PM at Seoul’s Kwangwoon University.

*Instead of Nam Gyuri, it should have been Park Gyuri of KARAa

Park Jung Min as a Solo Singer 

Park Jung Min will release his 1st mini album on the 25 November and start his full scale activities. After SS501 contract with their management company DSP ended on June this year, the members has individually moved on to different agencies, starting their actor, musical, radio DJ and various activities. Among them, Park Jung Min will first appeared as a singer.

Park Jung Min is currently getting the full support from popular composer Sinsadong Tiger. Sinsadong Tiger is the composer of Secret’s ‘Magic’, BEAST’s ‘Shock’ and T-ara’s ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ and etc. Currently he is composing the main title song for Park Jung Min’s mini album and also took on the producer role.

According to his management company CNR Media, Sinsadong Tiger is composing suitable songs for Park Jung Min which doesn’t deviate much from SS501 image. The whole album’s style is mainly based on dance music. According to related personnel, ‘Has trust in Sinsadong Tiger’s talent and sense, has request to bring out Park Jung Min’s new image as a singer’ and ‘Has been undergoing vocal training and dance practice for solo come back, currently is at the final stage of recording.’

Park JungMin solo album, other than Korean, also will be recorded in Japanese and Mandarin. It is expected to release in Asian region. After his music activity started, he will hold his fan meeting at Seoul Kwangwoon University with his fan on 27th.

Park Jung Min revealed via his management company: “Feel very nervous, hope to meet with fans soon. Please anticipate future activities from singer to actor.”

Kim Hyung Jun Confessed His First Kiss

OMO! A soon as I saw this tweet from iamsom @ Twitter, I immediately clicked on the link with shaking hands. Hahaha. I'm a SUPER BIG BABY BIASED FAN that's why. Keke~ Anyway, while reading this I'm like smiling the whole time because, just imagine Baby doing this that you can actually see, it's so sweet and he's so sensitive. Haha! "Kissing his girlfriends with shaky hands". So cute! Lucky girl, she's our Maknae's first kiss. So jealous right now. Haaah! 

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Kim Hyung Jun, “First Kiss When SS501 was Active” Shocking Confession

SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun confident confession about his first kiss has become a hot issue.

During MBC Every1 pre-recording of the truth game with the question “When is your first kiss”, Kim Hyung Jun replied “When 20 years old, I had my first kiss”. In response to this, Eun Ji Won asked blatantly, “By any chance, it happened when SS501 was active?”, to which Kim Hyung Jun honestly replied, “Yes”, hence shocking everyone.

Additionally Kim Hyung Jun said that “Will not forget the first kiss even until I die.” On a cold winter day, after reading out to (his) girlfriend the letter he had written, had his first kiss while trembling and therefore managed to confess in a romantic way. His younger brother, U-KISS’s Ki Bum, upon hearing his brother’s shy confession, stated “I still thought that you haven’t had your first BoBo”, expressing his hurt by his elder brother’s betrayal (?).

Meanwhile, U-KISS’s Kevin expressed that he has yet to have his first kiss, and have not even have a girlfriend yet.