Thursday, November 11, 2010

SS501 Saitama Special Concert 'Snow Prince'

I forgot to post it here when I watched it. Now, i remembered~!! Haha XD I loved this because after almost 5 years, they sang Snow Prince. Oh yeah -- I really can't explain, but, you know what I mean. Keke~ It's so funny and cute.^^ Please do not take advantage of the vid. BUY THE ORIGINAL DVD, kay? Support SS501.

Hyun Joong focus

Young Saeng focus

Kyu Jong focus

Jung Min focus

Hyung Jun focus
Video Uploader: ts501hk @ YT

MV As A Man by Gummy (Kim Hyun Joong & Jung Ryeo Won )

Right. I just saw this and posted it here because leader is looking smexy in this vid. keke~

Video Uploader: ygfammv @ YT

[Video] Park jung Min @ Gimpo Airport Back from Japan 101111

Video Uploader: therainaftershineMV @ YT